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Updated by Joanna James on Feb 24, 2021
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Top Ways for College Students to Avoid Procrastination – Stay Focused & On Track

While learning is certainly rewarding when at a college or university, students are also faced with the dreaded "P" word which they would be no stranger to; procrastination! Here are some ways to overcome it be you studying at university or online.


Manage Your Goals

Studying in college can sometimes be a hectic time with one having to juggle deadlines, exams, assignments, social events and other responsibilities. With so much to think of and do, students can feel a bit overwhelmed and when this happens, procrastination may set in. One way to avoid this is to divide your tasks and set small manageable goals which will be easier to focus on. Such short-term goals will be easier to complete and you will also have a sense of accomplishment which will help you to keep going.


Stay Motivated

Losing motivation is one the major factors that can lead to procrastination; this can happen when one loses sight of the purpose of studying and its practical benefits be it increasing employment opportunities or pursuing a dream job. Those engaged in online learning will understandably be more prone to demotivation since they may not have a personal interaction with fellow students or lecturers. It's thus important to remind oneself why you are studying a course in the first place and the practical long-term value than just merely meeting course requirements.


Have a Proper Space

The space and environment you study in also play a role in helping you stay focused though in some cases, it can lead to procrastination too! If there are many distractions around, you may be more inclined to put off studying. With that in mind, create a space where you can focus and finish the set academic tasks. The environment is important too be it at a university or hotel management institute; campuses including those belonging to the likes of the Asian Institute of Hospitality Management enjoy ideal locations which not only offer ideal settings to study but all the needed facilities as well.


Get Proper Exercise

The saying "a healthy mind, in a healthy body" is something not to be taken lightly; in fact, being active can help you get out of feeling lethargic too. Be it due to being overwhelmed or spending long hours poring over notes and studying, your mind can get tired and lead you to procrastinate. Getting in some exercise is an ideal way to get the blood pumping as it were and help you just take a break. Such activity has been shown to benefit cognitive performance and you will be more energised for your next study session as well.


Ask Friends for Help

Sometimes, studying or facing the challenges of higher learning alone can feel daunting and, in such instances, one may tend to give up and procrastinate. That is why it's also useful to ask your fellow-classmates and friends for help. Group study sessions can be useful in this regard and the interaction, as well as the motivation-factor, can all help to drive one to complete academic tasks or study for exams. While the ideal setting for this is face to face, in today's world, video conferencing and group chats can also be used.

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