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Dehumidifier. Industrial dehumidifier, Dehumidifier for indoor swimming pool.

We are a dehumidifier supplier in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman & Qatar. Our products include portable industrial dehumidifiers and swimming pool dehumidifiers. Besides, we offer indoor pool dehumidification, portable & commercial dehumidifiers. We are in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras al Khaimah, & Umm Al Quwain.
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Voltage stabilizer, voltage regulators, air coolers, desert coolers, & evaporative coolers.

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We are one stop solution provider for all kinds of air dehumidifier systems. Our gamut of products includes portable dehumidifier, industrial dehumidifier, indoor pool room dehumidifier, heavy duty dehumidifiers, commercial dehumidifier.

Welcome to CtrlTech. We are one stop solution provider for all kinds of air dehumidifier systems. Our gamut of products includes portable dehumidifier, industrial portable dehumidifiers, indoor pool room dehumidifier, heavy duty dehumidifiers, commercial dehumidifiers. Our home dehumidifier products range includes CD-25L, CD-12L, DS and Albert models. Industrial dehumidifiers includes CD-85L, CDM, AD-780 & DH series best dehumidifier. Swimming pool dehumidification system includes SPD, AP, CDP series model. For humidity control of large spaces like warehouse, commercial pools, auditoriums, we offer our FSD series of warehouse dehumidifiers.

Industrial Dehumidifer In Dubai,UAE | Commercial Dehumidifier |CtrlTech

CtrlTech the dehumidifer in Dubai, UAE even deal with in the commercial dehumidifier.

Many industrial processes required industrial dehumidifier to provide dry air or low humidity environment to catalyst production processes, to improve equipment functionality, to avoid corrosion and to provide healthy working environment for workers. For example in pharmaceutical drug production, slight high humidity might change composition of drug. Industrial dehumidification system or commercial dehumidifier also uses in furnished goods storage facilities. CtrlTech offers wide range of portable industrial dehumidifier having capacity from 50 to 1200 liters per day. CD-85L heavy duty dehumidifier is designed as per industrial applications requirement. We also offer FSD series Floor mount large dehumidifier for large spaces like airplane hangar. SPD series ceiling mount ducted dehumidifier are designed for spaces like production areas.

Pool Dehumidifier In Dubai UAE |Swimming Pool Dehumidifier |CtrlTech

Looking for swimming pool dehumidifier? CtrlTech are best pool dehumidifier in Dubai, UAE.

Indoor swimming pool which you built for your luxury can be a taxing preposition if you don't consider pool dehumidifier at the time of finalizing your indoor swimming pool design. Dehumidifier for pool room is must have equipment to reduce humidity generated by water surface of swimming pool. In cold climate when you use heated swimming pool then situation become worse without swimming pool dehumidifier since evaporation rate from hot water surface even faster. High humidity in indoor swimming pool room cause rusting of metal, fugues, mould and bad smell due to which health of occupant get compromise. Hence indoor swimming pool dehumidification is important aspect of indoor swimming pool design. Indoor pool dehumidifier sizing is mainly depend on size of swimming pool and temperature of pool water. Swimming pool dehumidifier sizing also depends on other factors like air temperature, number of occupants, fresh air intake etc.

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For portable home dehumidifier in Dubai, UAE contact the best delears, Ctrltech.

High humidity at living spaces can not only damages property but it can affect health of occupant. Humid places are paradise for growth of fungus, mold and mites which can cause allergies. Bad smell, wet floor, swelling of wooden furniture’s, continuous sneezing & cough are some of the symptoms of high humidity at home. CtrlTech offers portable dehumidifiers which are specially designed for home application. CtrlTech air dehumidifier equipped with hygrostat, humidistat, large condensate tank, tank full indication, hose pipe connection point, on and off delay timer. CD series unit are best dehumidifier for home, office and hotel application.

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Get connected to best industrial warehouse dehumidifier in Dubai,UAE. CtrlTech deals in all kinds of commercial dehumidifiers.

Low humidity is one of the major requirement for warehouses which are storing material that can change its properties or get contamination under high humid environment. Warehouse dehumidifier helps to maintain low humidity environment. Food storage warehouses commonly use large dehumidifier to reduce humidity to avoid development of fugue and mould on food. Warehouse dehumidifier also use in storage area where sensitive equipment like surgery apparatus, medical diagnosis equipment, IT servers etc. It is very important to choose right type of warehouse dehumidifier. These large dehumidifier can refrigerant or desiccant type.

Dehumidifier | industrial Dehumidifier | Pool Dehumidifier UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar & Oman

Industrial dehumidifiers is must have equipment in film storage and processing, seed drying, leather storage applications. Industrial dehumidifiers are mainly working on condensation or desiccant principle. Condensation type industrial portable dehumidifier remove water from air by cooling air up to dew point at which moisture condensate into water.

It is very important to create regulated humidity environment during various industrial manufacturing process or product storage to maintain quality of product. Industrial portable dehumidifier are extensively use in various industrial applications. Storage of electronic components need low humidity environment where industrial portable dehumidifiers come into picture. Printing industry required controlled humidity space to avoid changing of ink colour.

SPD Swimming pool dehumidifier for UAE. – Dehumidifier | industrial Dehumidifier | Pool Dehumidifier UAE, Saudi Arabi...

Very important aspect of swimming pool design is to consider efficient swimming pool dehumidifier. In Indoor pool room area high humidity generated due to evaporation from open water surface of swimming pool. Evaporation get accelerated if pool water is heated which gives rise to high humidity in indoor swimming pool room area. Hence Swimming Pool Dehumidifier Sizing is directly proportional area of swimming pool. to High humidity in pool room not only damage your property but also it can affect your health too.

FSD warehouse dehumidifier for humidity control. – Dehumidifier | industrial Dehumidifier | Pool Dehumidifier UAE, Sa...

Achieving low humidity level in large spaces with help of warehouse dehumidifier is major challenge while designing ventilation for warehouse. Warehouse spaces has high heights and hence high volume. To achieve desired humidity, floor mounted dehumidifier need to have high air flow capacity. For warehouse instead of going for single dehumidifier large capacity, we should choose multiple warehouse of smaller capacity. This will give you quick dehumidification.

CDM-90L Series – Dehumidifier | industrial Dehumidifier | Pool Dehumidifier UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar & Oman

Many Industrial and commercial applications need commercial dehumidifier to carry out processes and to store product so that its properties get preserved. For example dehumidifier industrial is commonly use to reduce humidity in tea production since tea leaves are highly moisture sensitive and if they absorb moisture during storage, packaging and blending then its flavour and colour might change. Proper dehumidifier capacity can avoid loss of sheen, bad smell, spots and stain on leather during its storages, packaging and production of leather goods.