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Paranormal Equitments

Ghost Gear is a well-respected designer and supplier of paranormal investigative equipment. Paranormal investigative teams understand this is a close-knit community and we pride ourselves in service that supports our customers and our industry.

How to pick the right paranormal equipment

Picking out the right piece of paranormal equipment depends on your desired outcome. If you are trying to interact with the spirit, I recommend a device that allows the spirit the freedom to activate and deactivate it. If you are looking to catch or trap a spirit, I recommend one that is mobile and alerts you when it detects an EMF or other anomaly.

EMF Meters

Most paranormal investigators use EMF meters to locate and identify EMF sources that can mimic ghostly encounters. Some paranormal investigators use an EMF meter to identify ghostly experiences, but this does not rule out GMF as a contributing factor and gives false positives when there are GMF spikes.

DIY REM POD | Ghost detector equipment | Ghost Gear

DIY REM Pod is an paranormal equipment and a ghost detector. It was invented by a Russian scientist, Lev Sergeevich Termen in the 1920s as a musical instrument that was played by hand gestures around the antenna. You know what a REM Pod sounds like so you can understand why it wasn’t a hit.

Spirit Communication | Paranormal Equitment | Ghost gear

The Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC) device, being part of the paranormal equipment arsenal, has been with us for some time. Nikola Tesla created the tesla radio specifically to communicate with other worlds. He was successful in hearing voices, but he could not determine if the voices were spirits or broadcast from another planet.

3 Significant tool for Ghost Hunting from Ghost gear

"Ghost Gear is one of the Reasonable and Reliable paranormal analytical gadget providers. Whenever you've made an association with a soul, you should feel sure about your gear as you make the following strides in your analytical endeavors. Here are the 3 ghost hunting tools, which are easy to use:
1. EMF Lantern 2.Custom EMF Music Box 3.Custom EMF Radio Audio/Video Recorder

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The REM Puck is a modern take on the REM Pod by Gary Galka. Most investigators have some version of a REM Pod in their paranormal equipment bag.The REM Puck is an antenna-less modern take on the REM Pod. A modern design with an EMF and proximity sensing bubble that is 18 inches in diameter. It plays a playful melody when activated.

IoT and the Paranormal

Ghost hunting and the Internet of Things (IoT) are two great pieces ready to be joined. The future of paranormal investigating needs this to happen. Ghost Gear’s strategy is to create IoT devices that will further the field of paranormal investigation. We are already in the R&D phase of IoT products that are simply amazing.

How to Choose the Best Ghost Hunting Equipment to Find Spirits

Ghost hunting with REM pods is especially useful because it enables you to detect many forms of paranormal activity using a single compact tool. Instead of buying a separate motion detector and EMF reader along with a REM Pod, we recommend the Ghost Gear REM Puck.

A Brief History of Ghost Hunting | Part 1

Since the beginning of recorded history ghosts has haunted us. The religions of Assyria, Babylon, Sumer, and other religions considered ghosts to be created when someone dies. In Egypt, the belief is a continued existence of the soul after death with the ability to affect the living with the possibility of a second death. This included disembodied sounds, brief accounts of Ghost haunting tools and was a valuable resource for researchers of the time.