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Headline for Are pests causing you a problem? - Pest Management by Pinnacle Pest Control Inc.
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Are pests causing you a problem? - Pest Management by Pinnacle Pest Control Inc.

Pinnacle Pest Control will continually strive for a commitment to excellence in customer service, and the growth and development of our employees, both of which will be achieved through responsible management at all levels, continuing education, community involvement and the use of the latest technology available in the pest control industry.


Pinnacle Pest Control

We remove the problem, prevent re infestation and restore your home and safety.
With corporate offices in Sacramento and Local offices in the East Bay, Roseville, and Stockton, Pinnacle technicians are near you and ready to service your home or business.
Contact Us at 916-381-5793.


Entry Points of Pests - Pinnacle Pest Control Inc. | Sacramento Pest Control

Entry Points of Pests - Pinnacle Pest Control Inc. | Sacramento Pest Control

A. Doors & Windows
B. Wood Pile's
C. Roof Fascia
D. Gutters
E. Tree Branches Close to Roof
F. Gaps & Holes in Home Siding
G. Gaps by AC lines, Gas, plumbing
H. Worn Weatherstripping
I. Uncovered Trash
J. Animal Hutch
K. Storage Sheds
L. Left Out Pet Food

As shown above, are the very crucial points for pests to get into your home or office and it is impossible for you to every time maintain and keep the place pest free. But do not worry! Pinnacle Pest Control Inc. can help you with it.

Insect & Rodent Control Solutions - Pinnacle Pest | Pest Control in Sacramento

Pinnacle Pest Control offers a wide variety of home pest control services for our residential clients. So whether you need to eliminate a new insect infestation or require a preventative service, we can meet your needs quickly and economically.
We answer all your insect and rodent control needs and are committed to providing services in a chemically safe and environmentally friendly manner.

We are committed to our work. And as pest management company we are here to serve you on all aspects of pest prevention while using a safe and controlled amount of environmentally sensitive products.

Rodent Control Services | Pinnacle Pest Control

Why do I have Rodents?
If you are asking this question to yourself then let us help you answer and give resolution for it. Always on the hunt for food, water, and shelter, rodents commonly seek refuge during the cool temperatures of fall. They have a remarkable ability to adapt, and the smallest entry way into a home or business can turn into an accidental open invitation.
If you want to get rid of the Rodents now then contact us for Rodent Control at Pinnacle Pest Control Inc. now!

Bed Bug Service in Sacramento | Pinnacle Pest Control Inc

Are bed bugs not letting you sleep peacefully? There are several entry points for bed bugs to come from:

  • Bed Board
  • Sheets
  • Wall Cracks
  • Luggage
  • Backpacks
  • Clothing

Don't worry we got the solution for you to remove them from their ground.
Visit Sacramento Bed Bug Exterminators services at Pinnacle Pest Control and get a free assessments and quotes.