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Updated by Joanna James on Feb 23, 2021
Headline for 5 of the Best Museums and Contemporary Art Galleries in Guangzhou – For the art and history buff…
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5 of the Best Museums and Contemporary Art Galleries in Guangzhou – For the art and history buff…

Guangzhou is commonly known as a city that is based around manufacturing but due to its affluence, the city has a developing art scene and has many contemporary galleries and museums one could visit.


Libreria Borges Institute of Contemporary Art

This Institute of Contemporary Art started as a simple bookshop which was established in 1997. It then developed into what it is today which is the space that hosts art-related events and activities. The space is open for different artists who want to exhibit their work and they have even hosted artists who wish to show videos of their work coming to life. Libreria Borges Institute of Contemporary Art is a great space for art students to spend time as they will be able to explore different avenues for their future.


Vitamin Creative Space

The name Vitamin Creative Space gives you a very modern and lively location but this creative space is actually located in an old department store that has fruit and vegetable stalls. The creative space is actually popular all across China and it was established in 2002. The founder of the space have been the ones who have been managing it and they are Zhang Wei and Hu Fang who are artists themselves. Not located too far from the city centre which has the hotels and lodging such as Somerset Bio-Island Guangzhou, the Vitamin Creative Space is an intriguing location to visit during your stay in Guangzhou even if you are not an avid art lover.


Guangdong Times Museum

Since the opening of Guangdong Times Museum which is a non-profit museum, created by Rem Koolhaas and Alain Fouraux the museum has been able to communicate the message of innovation with urban planning and discipline. The location of the museum is rather mysterious and exciting at the same time as it is located on two different floors of one building. The ground floor and the top-most floor of an apartment building are what is shaped into the Guangdong Times Museum which can at times be confusing for visitors who are unaware of its location.


Redtory Art and Design Factory

Redtory used to be a food factory that was converted and developed into what you can see today. If you are looking for places to stay in Guangzhou while being able to explore the art scene in the city, it would be best to find a location in close proximity with Redtory Art and Design Factory as it hosts small events, classes, and other workshops for artists and craftsmen. It is one of the most diversified locations when it comes to the art scene in Guangzhou.


Observatory Society

The motto of the Observatory Society is to "redefine artistic freedom with a low-cost alternative". The co-founder Anthony Yung started the establishment in 2008 with an idea to promote collaborations between artists and countries that are encouraged by the same notion. The location of the establishment was formerly used as a hair salon which is also promoting their idea of finding solutions for creativity with low cost and practical solutions. There are extraordinary exhibitions that come together at the location which are worth a visit if you are in the vicinity.