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05 Exciting Things To Do In Habarana – The Wilderness Oasis in the Cultural Triangle

Habarana is located in the dry zone of Sri Lanka. A rustic village of stunning beauty not far from historical Anuradhapura, Habarana is a top tourist destination for wildlife safaris, exploring the wonders of Sigiriya and more as you will discover amongst these top things to do in Habarana.


Plan To Visit The Sigiriya Rock Fortress

Located just 24 minutes from Habarana, the Lions Rock Fortress of Sigiriya is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built-in the 5th century as a stronghold, by King Kashyapa, the fortress is centred on a monolithic rock in the middle of the jungle. The infrastructure there far exceeds the time, boasting skilful plumbing systems, gardens and pools on the summit of the rock and meditation caves built with self-cooling systems. Tipped to be the eighth wonder of the world, exploring Sigiriya is amongst top things to do in Habarana. For the best attractions on the island, you can book your holiday via one of the reputed travel agents in Sri Lanka. Many like Walkers Tours offer a variety of Sri Lanka experiences to choose from.


Savour The Thrills Of A Safari At Minneriya

The Minneriya National Park is a corridor for herds of wild elephants. During the high season which falls in August, visitors are treated to sights of hundreds of elephants, big and small, migrating across the lush jungles of Minneriya. The park is serviced by the Minneriya Lake, built by King Mahasen in the 3rd century. There is a very interesting story behind the legend of the lake which your tour guide will be happy to narrate. The park is made up of wide-open greens, scrub jungles and marshes. Apart for gaping in awe at the elephants you can see crocodiles, monitor lizards', a variety of birds and other exotic animals' endemic to Sri Lanka's rugged dry zone. Jeep safaris can be booked at the park's entrance but for the best experience book your Sri Lanka holiday through a reputed travel agent.


Explore The Dambulla Cave

The Dambulla Cave or Rock Temple is a series of shrines located within caves on a huge rock in Dambulla. Located less than half an hour from Habarana, this attraction is on the list of all Sri Lanka tour operators. The Dambulla rock is home to a network of over 21 caves, which around the 1st century served as a sanctuary to an exiled king. On gaining his throne back king Valagamba paid tribute to his refuge by turning three of the caves into exotic shrines. Dedicated to the Buddha, each cave has its own allure. Giant statues, floor to ceiling paintings and a large cauldron of water which is forever serviced by an underground spring.


Ride Around The Village In A Bullock Cart

A bullock cart is a two-wheeled wagon made from wood, tethered to a bull. It is the common mode of transportation in the villages and was highly popular in days gone by for transporting people and goods. Bullock cart rides into the beautiful interiors of Habarana villages is quite the experience. You not only enjoy the ride but get to visit the simple villages made up of clay huts and smiling friendly people.


Take A Catamaran Ride

Continue your village experience in Habarana by taking a catamaran ride. The rustic wooden catamarans are made by joining two wooden canoes to a wooden platform. These serve as ferries in areas a bridge is not available. Passengers stand on the platform and are rowed across the river. A very enjoyable experience punctuated with beautiful scenery and pretty lotus blooms in the water.

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