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Updated by Joanna James on Feb 22, 2021
Headline for Must Pack Things for your trip to the Maldives – Take everything you may need for your holiday getaway
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Must Pack Things for your trip to the Maldives – Take everything you may need for your holiday getaway

Packing everything you may need for your holiday and packing everything you may want are two different concepts. So make you only pack things you may need rather than everything you may want! Check this out when packing for your Maldivian tour.



Yes, the Maldives is an island paradise, but that doesn't mean you should pack your whole luggage with swimwear! So, take 2-3 swimming suits for your tour, and if taking beautiful photos with the magical ocean backdrops is what you intend to do, make sure these swimsuits are bright colours!


Everything you may need to stay protected from the Sun

It's a country located very close to the equator, so you can't avoid the sun at any cost. But, you can still stay protected! Do not forget to take your sun hat (the bigger, the better), sunglasses and sun cream. You may also buy sun cream at Maldivian shops out there, but they can sometimes be overpriced


Workout clothes

Are you planning to spend your holiday at a Maldives family resort the likes of Niyama Maldives? Why not try the gym or the yoga space with your family members? Pack your sporty clothes too (with shoes) since you can't forget about fitness no matter how relaxing your vacation is going to be.


A scarf (a must-have)

Yes, you may pack all your mini-dresses and long flowy dresses and they will be comfortable and perfect for all your photographs too. But, don't forget to take a scarf wherever you go, especially when going out. The Maldives is a Muslim country following a modest dressing policy. You are expected to cover your knees and shoulders when visiting public places.


Beach bags and dry bags

A beach bag will be very useful to you to put your makeup, travel documents, and stationary when you are heading to the beach. Take a dry bag, especially when you are heading out for sea adventures so that you can be sure that your valuables (including electronics) don't get wet while you have fun with the waves.


An underwater camera

Diving or snorkelling experience will not be complete without photography (or even videography) coverage. Get a GoPro (or ask one from a friend) before you visit the Maldives and take it with you for all your underwater adventures. If possible, get a red filter because that'll make all your underwater snaps look much more natural and colourful.



Well, you don't need to worry too much about shoes when visiting the Maldives. Even if you just walk barefoot on the island, no one will say anything or judge you. Take a good pair of sandals and some flip-flops and that will be more than sufficient!


An adapter

It's a minor thing, but very important! Your hotel may provide an adapter, but there's nothing wrong with bringing your own one as well. Hotels will not provide more than one, so if you need more, bringing your adapter when you come is your only option.

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