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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
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Top Facial Massages to Experience – Give Your Face the Care it Deserves

While many focus on a body massage as part of their spa day or wellness retreat, equally important is to get the right facial massage. Here are some of the top massages for the face which will not only help you relax but rejuvenate your skin as well.


Classic Facial Massage

This is the most frequently offered facial massage that is widely taught at beauty academies and schools and which is readily available at spas too. It features a variety of gentle movements across the face be it deep stroking, pinching, kneading or tapping. For those with ageing skin, this treatment is ideal; the massage stimulates the dermis, which in turn, helps with the creation of collagen that will revitalise the skin. Depending on the spa, different active ingredients are used and can include hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, while some will utilise specialised products like the BABOR Skinovage range.


Collagen Lifting Facials

Due to the ageing process, collagen levels in the skin reduce which leads to a lifeless and rather "tired" appearance that can be more pronounced in the face including fine lines showing up. This form of facial massage stimulates the natural production of collagen which will lead to the skin looking more radiant as well as smoother and plumper. While this treatment can be found at a luxury day spa in Sydney or a wellness centre in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales, do ensure that pure collagen extracts are utilised.


Organic Facials

An organic facial seeks to harness the healing power of all-natural ingredients which will provide your face and skin with the needed vitality and rejuvenation. Offered at specialised wellness centres the likes of Elysia Wellness Retreat, such facials use products that feature powerful antioxidants and botanicals from nature. The great thing is, such products offer benefits for different skin types and requirements; be it for oily, dry or sensitive skin or if one's skin needs a detox or brightening, the right type of organic facial can be found.


Ampoule Facial

This is similar to the classic facial, though the key difference is that concentrated fluids are used which intensify the healing process; this can offer diverse benefits to your skin from hydrating and detoxifying to destressing. Special skin ampoules with a specific serum that have a high concentration of active ingredients are used for such treatments. The deep hydration for your skin from this facial is the ideal foundation for subsequent facial treatments or even a homecare routine.


Kobido Massage

Translating to "The Ancient Way of Beauty", the Kobido massage is also known as the Japanese lifting facial; when it comes to oriental facial massages, it is said to be the oldest documented type. There are 47 different techniques used in this type of treatment which targets 16 superficial muscles in the face; the techniques are applied to not only the face but the scalp and neck too. It helps to provide relief from aches and pains, while improving skin tone, stimulating collagen production and offering a glowing appearance.

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