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Top 10 Places to Visit in Salalah - Experience the beauty and history of Salalah

Salalah is teeming with a variety of attractions both within the city and its outskirts. Here are some of the best places to visit in Salalah while in Oman.


Mughsail Beach

One of the most popular attractions in Salalah, the beach is renowned for its turquoise blue waters, sandy beach and the dramatic cliffs that surround the landscape. An ideal place for swimming, sunning and lazing about. There are several huts on the beach ideal for a picnic or barbecue.


Wadi Darabat

Wadi Darabat is a verdant valley that has a river running right through it! The many surrounding hills have cave openings to explore. During the monsoon, the Wadi is a popular site for many tourists and locals and is a much-favoured hiking trail. The scenery here is perfect for a picnic. There are quite a few restaurants and food stalls with items such as shawarma and ice cream.


Sumhuram Archeological Park

This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was once a primary trading point for frankincense over 2000 years ago. It is located 25 miles away from Salaha, on a hilltop overlooking Khor Rori a freshwater creek that runs right through the site. There is a museum as well as an archaeological site that is still undergoing excavations.


Sultan Qaboos Mosque

This is the biggest mosque found in Salalah and is in the city centre itself. The mosque structure is massive, the decorative element is a unique blend of Arabic and modern art types. The interior is made to inspire humbleness and virtue among the worshippers during prayer time. Luckily non-Muslims are allowed to visit the mosque and take in the beauty of this place of worship.


Taqah Castle

Situated in the lovely fishing town of Taqah, this castle is a top attraction in Oman. Having being built in the 19th century, this is a relatively new castle, however, the site is full of archaeological and architectural wonders. Its backdrop is worth a visit, as the castle stands splendidly, surrounded by pristine beaches and the rocky landscape.


Al Baleed Archeological Park

The park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an open-air archaeological museum. It is situated near the Arabian Coast close to the Haffa souq. Rented vehicles are allowed on the premises. Visitors can explore the remnants of ancient mosques and museums found on the site grounds.


Museum of the Land of Frankincense

This Museum is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a great to experience the essence of Omani culture and traditions. The museum is part of the Al Baleed Archeological Park. The displays are remarkable and they will transport you back to the bygone ages, where Oman was the heart of the of an ancient frankincense trail.


Al Husna Souq

One of the best places to visit to get your souvenir fix! You can find traditional types of clothes, food, spices, trinkets and many more unique items. Bargaining is welcomed and vendors are respectful and courteous.


Tawi Atair Sinkhole

Translated into 'well of birds' this beautiful sinkhole is lined with honeycombed limestone. A guide will lead you right down to the interior to explore its beauty. It is considered as the third-largest in the world.


Marneef Cave

Situated in the Shatti Al Mughsayl region is about 40 km away from the city centre. It was once voted in the top ten most popular attractions in the Indian Ocean. The location is dramatic, overlooking the sea and the Al Mughsayl fountains. It is a picnic spot as well! Accommodation is great in Salalah with many Oman luxury resorts to choose from such as the Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort.

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