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Important things to know about Queensland Australia – An exciting tourist destination!

Queensland needs no introduction as one of the most exciting tourist destinations in the world due to a variety of reasons that make it popular among locals and international travellers alike. Here are some of them!


The mere size is astounding

Queensland makes up of 1,727,000 square kilometres making it the second-largest state in Australia after Western Australia. Queensland is five times bigger than Japan, seven times bigger than Great Britain and two and a half times larger than Texas.


The population

Queensland is called home by more than 4 million people. There are a vast number of immigrants that make the population of Queensland which is what makes the state an interesting location to live as well as to visit. Majority of the population of Queensland lives outside the greater metropolitan area marked as Brisbane. Due to the large number of people who live in Queensland along with the tourists and travellers that visit here, there are so many hotels resorts and suites such as Avani Broadbeach Residences that have been built for convenience.


National Parks in every corner

Popular for a variety of reasons but one of the proudest facts about Queensland is the fact that it has more than 200 National parks located in the area which makes up to 6.5 hectares of land. Queensland is also home to more than a thousand different species of native vertebrates which are unique to the region. Lamington National Park, Noosa National Park, Springbrook National Park and Daintree National park are some of the most popular locations as well as the National parks that have the most security in order to take care of the environment, animals and nature as a whole.


Contribution to the system

Free education was implemented in Queensland in 1870 and the very first Labour government in the world is said to have taken office in Queensland in 1899. On the 18th of May 1907 was the first-day women were able to cast their first vote in Queensland. Along with the above four Queenslanders have become Prime Ministers in Australia first in the year 1908 and finally in the year 2007.



Most parts of Queensland gets sun for about 8 to 9 hours a day which is perfect for the day to day life as well as all the different tourist activities. The average minimum temperature in Brisbane is about 15.7 celsius and the average highest temperature is around 25.3 celsius. There is a bigger variation in the temperature when it comes to Mount Isa and Cairns which is 18.3 celsius to 32.4 celsius and 22.7 celsius to 31.8 celsius respectively. Due to the subtropical climate in Queensland, things to do in Broadbeach and other outdoor locations do not change a lot during the different months of the year.


International recognition

Queensland is a record holder in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest-running show. The popular theatre, Tjapukai Dance Theatre in Kuranda which has won multiple international and national awards has hosted the same show from May 1987 to July 1996. There have been more than 7000 performances that brought the theatre to life during this period and were witnessed by over 1.2 million visitors from around the world.