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Updated by Joanna James on Feb 21, 2021
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6 Must Pack Things to Your Trip to Auckland, New Zealand – Make Travel Easy

New Zealand is quite famous for its gorgeous mountains, beautiful beaches, and lush green forests and is quite popular as a country that's packed with rather a lot of recreational activities. To get the maximum enjoyment out of these endless possibilities, it would do well to pack wisely.


Waterproof Phone Case

Phones help us to keep connected and often give us a sense of being near your loved ones – especially when you're travelling in a far-fetched destination. That being said, one should also note that electronics are quite vulnerable for damage; more so when travelling rather than going about your usual routines back home. During your small expeditions, they may probably come in contact with water, dirt, and other debris and a universal waterproof phone case is the solution to keep your phone from getting damaged.


Travel Insurance

Good travel insurance will protect you from potential mishaps – most often than not, your journeys will be free of hassle and would go as planned – but it wouldn't help to take chances; in case you become a victim of theft or medical problems, or an unanticipated trip back home, you wouldn't want to bear all the costs associated solely by yourself as it would prove to be expensive. Travel insurance will definitely take care of you.


Portable Charger/ Power Bank

A small portable charger would be quite handy and a lifesaver during your travels around New Zealand – especially if you've planned to take day trips far from your Auckland city hotel, which makes it a tad bit difficult for you to stop during mid-day at your accommodation property such as Avani Auckland Metropolis Residences to recharge your phone. Make sure that you invest in a charger that could charge multiple devices on the go – and something cute and travel-friendly as well.


Travel Backpack

You definitely need to bring a day bag of some kind, especially if you're hoping to go hiking and exploring (you wouldn't want to carry all your things with you now, would you?) A backpack would certainly keep your back and shoulder away from tension and pain of carrying large baggage. Make sure that you choose a backpack that is large enough to carry the essential that you need with you each day including a rain jacket, a bottle of water along with some snacks, money, and even a camera.


Neck Wallet

If you've had one or two scares of misplacing your valuables at your travel destinations, it would bid well to invest in a neck wallet. You can keep all your extra cash, credit cards, and your passport in it, hang it around your neck, and even conceal it under your clothes if you're unable to keep an eye on it.


Packing Cubes

For those people who'd love to stay neat and organised, packing cubes will be a delight when travelling to a far-fetched destination. They aren't bulky or annoying to handle – in fact, they'll make storing and locating your essentials easy and transferring things to and from your day bag a hassle-free experience. These zippered pouches will assist you to breeze through your travel schedules without a hitch.