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Christianity is the largest religion but the most persecuted. These persecutors see the Christian faith as archaic and oppressive.

Essential Tips for Writing a Christian Book - Frank Heelan

Christianity is the largest religion but the most persecuted. These persecutors see the Christian faith as archaic and oppressive. Despite that, many faithful Christians stand up against these oppressors by preaching the Lord. These Christian believers enlighten the minority of God’s Word, bringing them back to their faith and seeing the truth about Christianity. Preaching the Gospel is the most important work a Christian can do to get the Kingdom of God to the corners of the world. Preaching comes in many ways; it can be through sharing, praying, and even in writing. 

“Paw”-some Characteristics of Cats You Should Know - Lynda Hamblen

Imagine being in a world without cats? It would be a little less fun and wonderful. Cats have their own way of contributing happiness and life not just to the planet but also to the worlds of humans. From their furry bodies to their captivating eyes, they can definitely make every little thing in life more bearable and beautiful. For some, they may just be another species that make up the animal kingdom, but for others, they are more than just animals or pet because they are home.

Why Should You Read Fantasy Literature - M.A. Haddad

There are many benefits a book can give to readers. Each genre serves different advantages. One of the most sought-after genres in today’s generation is fantasy. It may seem like it’s not for all. Some might find it a little too shallow and some find it a little too much. However, if you look into the deeper meaning and purpose of the storyline, you can always find something good out of it. You will find yourself wanting more. That’s one of the many reasons why you should give fantasy novels a try.

Six Ways to Cope With the Death and Loss of Your Cat - Lynda Hamblen

For many pet owners, particularly cat people, it is normal to feel sorrow and grief after the death and loss of a beloved pet. Like grief for our loved ones, grief for our pets can only be dealt with over time.  Here are some healthy ways to cope with the pain of losing your cat:  

Irv Lampman - Angels and Mysteries | Author

Irv Lampman was born and raised at Deerfield, Wisconsin, on a small farm about fifteen miles east of Madison. With big influence from his mother, Dorothy...

The Amazing Powers of Prayer - Frank Heelan

One of the most habits Christians do to keep their faith strong is praying. There are many reasons why prayers are so powerful. It gives you a way to connect to God. There are many effective ways on how you can successfully do it. One way is to make sure that you are really praying with all your life. Prayer is a talk with God, and when you talk to someone, you begin to address the person. However, when you are talking with God, you need to address Him properly. That would be the best way to start your prayer. 


What do we do while waiting imaginatively in a time of Covid? There are many things that you can do to maximize your time waiting.

The Ultimate Importance of Conversation - Carol Wilson-Mack

Communication is a fundamental aspect of life. If we do not communicate and converse with one another, then life would be boring and pointless. Conversation gives meaning and significance to our lives. Because of this, we need to emphasize the great importance of having conversation more often. Patchwork by Carol Wilson-Mack is an amazing work of literature that particularly does this. This book highlights the enormous importance of conversation in our lives as humans belonging to the same community and world. In general, Patchwork encourages to find a way for us to bridge the gap between generations by sharing helpful information through conversation. Just as this literary masterpiece by Carol Wilson-Mack points out, there are plenty of good reasons why conversation is important.

Speak to just about every walker, camper, hunter, or nature lover you know of, and most likely, they will begin to tell you about the numerous positive effects it has on their overall wellbeing. Mike Honeycutt, a critically-acclaimed author and an avid outdoorsman, hunter, explorer, and survivalist, can ultimately attest to this, as seen in his books.

Who do you turn to when life gets hard? Without a doubt, your answer will be God. God is not only our Father; He is also our refuge. God's promises are stronger than any earthly solution.

iframely: Botanical Reflections

Book Overview Botanical Reflections With life’s ups and downs, Botanical Reflections can be the prescription for you to help your days be more enjoyable.

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Have you been thinking of writing a mystery book but has drained out with ideas? In search of story-worthy ideas, writers tend to experience creative blocks. However, this does not mean that creative ideas are not there—they are just blocked with barriers to inspiration. One’s internal creativity can be blocked for days or weeks; for some, they can even experience it for years. There’s no reason for you to be worried about it. You can be exposed to a myriad of inspirations. And, this blog will help you find them.

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Inspiring readers is one of the most important and substantial factors a book can do in various aspects of a person’s life. It can do so much to readers, such as motivating them to do better in life. Depending on how the author wants the readers to perceive information, a book can greatly make significant changes in one’s life.

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Everyone can write a book, but not everyone can produce an amazing one. Whether fiction or non-fiction, it always takes knowledge, experience, passion, and attitude to create praiseworthy literature. Carol Wilson-Mack is an established author who knows to combine these things in writing her books.

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You can easily get attached to the charisma cats have. You can find this charisma in Lynda Hamblen’s book, William and Tibby Forever. It is a story that follows the story of two cats, William and Tibby, who was nurtured by their owner. This narrative deals with loss and discovery, telling a cat’s view of life on earth and in heaven.

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By definition, children’s literature is a written material to entertain children. However, it is not just there for entertainment; it serves so much more. Like what books do to adult readers, children’s books give so much life to young readers. That is why learning to value books at early age should always be one of the parent’s top priorities. It can give children so many benefits; it includes preparing them for the future.

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How do we know that there is a God? The truthful answer is we cannot know for certain, but the Bible has penned many truths that point to the Creator’s existence, God. The beauty and order you see in the universe suggest that someone greater is behind everything. Despite this, God and His Glory is remaining a mystery.

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Words are important to the imagination and words express feelings, thoughts, ideas, and information. With this in mind, it is necessary to promote the growth of children’s vocabulary in order to improve language and reading skills required to excel in school.

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Most of the bookworms out there have maybe read more than one book from the romance genre. This makes romance one of the bestseller books. It constantly publishes bestseller books. You will surely find several readers who prefer romance books, despite the myriad of choices they are exposed to. As the genre’s title is called, it presents the love story of two people who come together. Usually, they would overcome adversities to obtain a happily ever after ending. Some authors would even spice up the narrative by adding other genres.

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The year was 1978. I was twenty-five years old and Rafella was eighty years old. Rafella at the time was living with my parents in Van Nuys, California. I had just returned from the East Coast after spending two years working as an executive sales representative for Lear Siegler. I really didn’t have any idea what I wanted to do for a profession. The East Coast position was a great advantage for me; however, I felt that I sold my soul to alcohol and the devil himself. So, I moved in with my parents to reconstruct my perceptive of life.

Creating Good Endings to Fantasy-Adventure Books: A Step-by-Step Guide - M.A. Haddad

The fantasy-adventure genre can be the most enjoyable novel to read; nevertheless, writing stories for this theme is as fun as reading them. If you have been a long-time fan of it and you’ve decided to write your own book for it, then this blog will surely help you. As much as you think of it as enjoyable, you can never deny that pressure can also come. Also, there are certain measures for you to follow for you to come up with a compelling output. These measures should be applied from scratch to finish. This blog will assist you with one of the most important parts of a book, the ending.

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Your mental health is one of the things you need to take seriously. Fortunately, you can do many fun things to keep your mental state as healthy as it can be. Outdoors activities are excellent for this. Not only does it improve your mental health, but other health aspects, including physical and spiritual. So, if ever you get a chance to have a free time, and you want to improve your wellbeing, you should consider going out. This blog will give you ideas on what you can do for outdoor activities.

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We all know the importance of worldbuilding to the fantasy genre, and writers shouldn’t take worldbuilding lightly. The fictional world touches all aspects of your story, including the plot and the characters. Without the fictional world, the readers— even you— will never know the culture your characters come from. We’ll never know what he’s really like. Or how his mind works. Your characters must be understood on a much deeper level more than anything. On the other hand, the plot will be stagnant without your fictional world.

The Ultimate Checklist for Writing a Psychological Thriller Mystery - Rick Vasquez

The psychological thriller genre is one of the fast-paced novels you can find out there. It is full of suspense that can make readers’ heartbeat rise. With its high stakes and shocking twists, you can surely get a different kind of experience. There is a reason that genre is greatly appreciated by many; it takes readers to another place. Thus, if you are planning to write one, you should go for it. This blog can help you get started.