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CreditQ provides you a complete peace of mind in business dealings with the help of its innovative solutions which includes reporting Business Credit Defaulters, identification of defaulters, and Credit Information Report. It informs, educates, and warns businessmen from defaulters, it also increases the scope of settle payments.

CreditQ Helps You Settle Payments from Business Credit Defaulters

CreditQ offers business credit monitoring services that help MSMEs and businessmen in the payment settlement and report their business defaulters.

If you’ve a growing business or running an established venture, you may have experienced problems in handling debts or you may foresee a struggle in getting your money back from the vendors. Whatever the case, business defaulters need to be listed on credit reporting platforms so that you can seek help in getting your money back.

How to Take Control of Your Business Finances?

As a businessman, you can invest, clear off your debts, and earn more money to grow your business. For MSMEs, it can be tricky when it comes to managing finances, but it’s important at the same time!

Reasons Your Business Credit Score Just Dropped and What to Do About It

If you’ve got a habit of checking your business credit score often, you should know how your business credit score can change over time. It is proportionate to the change in your business credit report. While you may get excited with an increase in your business credit score, you may be disappointed noticing a drop as well.

How Important Is a Maximum Business Credit Score for Small Business?

CreditQ helps MSMEs and businessmen report their business credit defaulters and further helps them settle their money from the debtors. You can check your credit information report and score on the platform and analyze it to improve your financial rapport in the market.

How Do Business Credit Monitoring Services Work?

In times of cut-throat competition, the need for credit monitoring services is relevant. For MSMEs and small businessmen, it’s important that they know about their financial worth in the market and familiarizes themselves with certain factors to improve their rapport among lenders and investors.

The Pros and Cons of Buying an Existing Business | CreditQ

Being an entrepreneur, you understand the challenges of running a startup. There’s a lot to overcome in terms of expansion and stability, and you have to do everything from the scratch, in the right way. However, some businessmen beg to differ and take a different route altogether, i.e., buying an existing business. At least, it’s a relief for them to escape the painful startup period.

Providing a Financial Wellness Program to Employees Can Benefit Your Business

Running a business merely on checking business credit reports and listing payment defaulters to make things right is not enough. You need to think of an overall strategy that helps your business and the people associated that includes your employees in the first place.

Protecting Your Business from B2B Defaulters | CreditQ

In a business landscape, it’s common to avail the credit facility or lend credit to other businesses. However, you need to be cautious enough to know if you’ll get your money back from your vendors and suppliers, or you’ve to list them as business credit defaulters and seek professional guidance for payment settlement. If your vendors and suppliers treat you like a bank to manage their business finances, you’re likely to go through some hard times to settle payments with them.

How to Build a Strong Relationship as a Business Owner? | CreditQ

If you’re an entrepreneur, you would know the benefits of having solid and strong business relationships. They reap fruits in times of need. Whether you want people to contribute to your business growth or need cash to sustain the course, you need to build strong and impactful relationships with your vendors, suppliers, and investors. Not to mention how a good relationship with your lender can help you get out of the blues.

CreditQ- Solution for businessmen from business credit defaulters

As the number of business frauds increasing day by day in India. Businessmen lose control of the business in the market. They can’t trust the new client because they don’t know about the background. So they need a solution to this issue and now all the businessmen have solutions.

CreditQ presents a comprehensive Credit information report. There are many aspects highlighted in the report which would be vital for the members in taking a decision about dealing with that business or client.

How to Build Business Credit When Paying Your Business Expenses? | CreditQ

If you’re in a business, there’s a high probability of you knowing the importance of maintaining good credit. It does not happen overnight. It takes time, and you’ve to make efforts to build business credit. It becomes tough to monitor credit when you’re in the process of paying for your business expenses. You’ve got a lot on your plate, like paying off your dues, reducing the debt amount, monitoring credit given to others, and checking the cash flow cycle now and then.

How to Improve Your Business Credit Management? | CreditQ

For any running business enterprise, it’s necessary to maintain a healthy cash flow cycle. It’s equally important to have a smart credit management strategy that helps you avoid risks and financial debacles. If you’ve given funds to other businesses, you may want to make the right move by improving your business credit management so that you keep up with the market demands and never run out of cash.

What Should You Know About Business Financing? | CreditQ

If you’ve got a smooth cash flow cycle, it all looks good for the future. Having a good business credit score allows you to streamline your business operations. Also, you’re not obligated to any creditors. Business financing is a wide area to study, and you need to develop expertise in understanding it.

Why is a Buyer-Supplier Relationship Important in Business? | CreditQ

It’s relevant to understand the role of credit information bureaus when starting a buyer-supplier relationship. You can check your vendor’s business credit report provided by any leading credit information company before joining hands with them. You can get a fair idea about the business and if your business relationship will turn fruitful in the future.

Improving Your Business Future: Tips to Help You Improve Your Business Credit Rating | CreditQ

If your money is stuck with your supplier and you are finding it hard to recover it, you should seek the help of credit information bureaus like CreditQ. It can help you settle payments with your debtors through a streamlined payment settlement process. You can also benefit from its business credit management services that aim at building harmony between a supplier and buyer’s working relationship.

How to Prepare Your Business for Another Pandemic Wave? | CreditQ

Besides these tips, you can always make courtesy calls to your debtors and ask for payments. It's good to have enough cash in hand.

Many businesses are gradually reopening and trying to stay afloat amidst the pandemic. However, the world continues to fight the COVID crisis. If your business has experienced a slump in the last few months, it’s time that you prepare ahead of time. It can help you prevent unexpected risks as and when another pandemic wave hits.

Lockdown Learning How to Level Up Your Business Financial Know-How | CreditQ

Many businesses have been affected by the pandemic. Some managed to survive, while others had to shut down completely.

Besides these tips, you should also learn about business credit management. Make friendly calls to your vendors and suppliers. Share if you’ve any business updates. Talk to your employees and give them a roadmap. All this will benefit you in the long run and turn your lockdown blues into financial success.

Did You Make Your 2021 Business Financial Checklist? | CreditQ

We can say that the year 2020 was unpredictable. However, you should reflect on your financial habits and learn what you did right and where did you miss drawing the line. All this can help you budget better in 2021. You can start by learning about business credit management or how to scale up a business from scratch.

Try to maintain a good business credit report in India. You may need lenders and investors to support your business.

The Importance of Credit Management in Business | CreditQ

Whether you're an experienced player or new to the business arena, you should know how to manage credit and know credit control tactics.

Learning credit management tactics can help you avoid uncertain financial situations. Besides, it allows you to stay on top of your game as you know how to ensure smooth cash flow. Business credit management is not only applicable to your customers paying on time; you may also owe others money.

Credit Management Techniques to Safeguard Your Business from Defaulters | CreditQ

Recovering bad debts is tricky. You have to make proper arrangements to ensure you don’t miss time to collect payment from your debtor. Not only do you have to take care of documentation, but you also have to find tricks and techniques that work in your favor. During the payment settlement process, you may need to keep your cool as it’s about maintaining a long-term relationship with the other party.

Every business aims at maintaining a smooth cash flow cycle so that its operations remain undisturbed. Most business owners not take an interest to check the cash flow cycle on daily basis. They only focus on the profit gain.

Can Credit Management Functions Be Replaced by Robots?

Credit management is a vast field and requires an expert’s eye in credit checking and debt collection. With the internet making things easier for everyone, credit management functions are handled by efficient software. However, it still needs human resources to use the software to the best of its capacity.




Every business aims at achieving financial freedom sooner or later. It offers the liberty to work on your favorable terms. Whether you focus on expanding the business or launching a new venture, you must develop habits that lead to financial stability.

Why Your Business Needs Strong Credit Management Practices?

Every business aims to achieve milestones, one after another. In their quest of finding business solutions that work, they go above and beyond the normal to ensure they are on the right track. Here, it’s relevant to talk about business credit management techniques that cover how a business should grow.

Start protecting your business by improving ways to prevent unauthorized people from coming in. Stay away your business from business credit defaulters and reach to the heights. CreditQ become guards your business whenever you register. So don't give the chance to defaulters and sign up today.