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Best Museums in Shanghai – must-visit when in Shanghai

Shanghai is not a city that is popular only for shopping and dining, Shanghai is a city that is also popular for the numerous museums you can visit to learn and explore a variety of topics.


China Maritime Museum

The China Maritime Museum is not just about exhibits and viewing them, it is an interactive museum which is perfect for adults and children alike. The Museum gives a detailed description of the nautical history of China along with the evolution of the naval ships that have been used for a variety of purposes. There are 3D models of some of the significant ships and there are photographs and videos of other interesting cargo ships and cruise ships. One main attraction in the Maritime Museum is the recreation of the Zheng He's Ship which was rebuilt with intricate detail to make it look almost exactly like the main design.


Shanghai Natural History Museum

The Shanghai Natural History Museum is one of the most innovative and attractive buildings in the city. The structure and building functions as a cellular structure in order to welcome the people and allow them to get into a mood of nature as they were entire into a world of natural history and sciences. Not located too far from most hotels in Shanghai such as Somerset Xu Hui Shanghai, the Natural History Museum is a popular location for adults and children to spend the day to learn and explore.


Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Centre

The Shanghai Urban Planning Museum is definitely the most popular museum among tourists as it is close to most accommodation and many a service apartment in Shanghai. The museum has an updated mini, scaled-down version of Shangai in all its glory and the exhibit gets updated constantly when changes take place so that people can see the city as it is. Apart from the updated new exhibits, you will also be able to see the old photos of the city before it was developed.


Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

For those interested in science, biology and space this is a museum you will find very interesting. There are many different displays and exhibitions that include model rockets, spacesuits, designs of the region's rainforest, mockups of the wildlife found in China and other parts of Asia and details and information about the local Dai Chinese people.


Shanghai Museum

The Shanghai Museum is a must-visit location for those who are interested in culture, art and crafts. There are so many different arts and crafts and artefacts on display you will be able to see new exhibits on a daily basis. Some of the most popular exhibits include The Ferryman of Ink and Crossroad; the belief of art of the Kushan Dynasty.


Shanghai Museum of Glass

The Shanghai Museum of Glass is located in an olf glass mankind factory which contributes immensely to the ambience of the museum. You will be able to learn about the tedious glass making process and the history of glassmaking in China. You will be able to witness some extremely unique and beautiful creations made out of glass. If you book in advance you will be able to attend a glass blowing class where you will be able to try your hand at the craft.