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5 Must-Try Dishes in Hanoi - Dishes that will make you fall in love with Hanoi

This multicultural city is a delightful location to explore on foot and one other main lure of Hanoi is its remarkable cuisine and here is a list of dishes you simply must-try while in Hanoi.


Cha Cha - Turmeric Fish with Dill

This is almost as popular as the national dish in Hanoi and when you try it you will understand why that it. The dish is a white fish that is prepared with garlic, turmeric, peanuts and spring onions and then topped off with Nuoc Cham Sauce. The dish is served with either plain rice or noodles that comes with peanuts and chopped spring onions.


Mien Xao Luon - Glass Noodles with Deep-friend Eel

If you are in East Asia you are going to get used to seeing a weird rage on food on your plate. This dish is also rather unfamiliar as it is served with deep-fried Eel. This is a dish that is ideal for seafood lovers. While Eel anyway comes with the dish you can request other types of seafood to be added in order to make it more nutritious and filling. Apart from the meat, the dish is served with fried banana blossoms, fresh herbs and bean sprouts. Some restaurants will also serve a delightful spicy peanut sauce which makes the perfect topping for the Mien Xao Luon


Bun Thang - Rice Vermicelli with Chicken and Egg

This dish is a popular dish in Hanoi among the locals and the tourists alike as the ingredients are not very unfamiliar. The dish is a rice vermicelli dish that comes with chicken egg and at times with pork. You can find a lot of locals have this for lunch as it gives a balanced diet. Many restaurants also have this dish as it can be customised with different add-ons as you prefer. Even though the broth is rather simple it is actually made with over 20 different ingredients and takes quite a lot of time to prepare it.


Banh Cuon - Rolled Cake

Banh Cuon is a popular roadside dish that you find across many street vendors in Hanoi. It is a dish that is perfect for breakfast as it does not have a lot of strong flavours. The dish is made with ground meat which includes chicken, pork, shrimp minced with mushrooms, onions and Vietnamese Ham. The filling is then wrapped in a think sheet of steamed rice flour. Since there is not much flavour on the dish as it is, you can dip it in a sauce of your choice to make it more delectable. If you are staying at Somerset Hoa Binh Hanoi or any other Hanoi apartment hotel you can get the rolled cakes for taking away and enjoy it in your own room after a tiring night out!


Xoi Xeo - Sweet Sticky Rice

This is one of the favourite dishes of the locals as it is perfect for any time during the day. Anyone who has visited East Asia has tasted sticky rice but Xoi Xeo has a completely different combination of flavours and it is also customisable depending on what you would like as your topping. The traditional Xoi Xeo comes with a paste of mung beans, soy sauce and dried shallots sprinkled on top.

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