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5 Must-Try Dishes in Dalian – Savour delectable delicacies of Dalian

Dalian is a modern coastal town in China's southern tip of Liaoning Province. This beachside town is famous for its seafood-inspired cuisine! Here are a few dishes you should try on your next trip to Dalian.


Steamed Sea Bream

Sea Breams are a type of fish popular in Dalian. The dish involves steaming the fish alongside ginger, spring onion, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and slices of ham. The ingredients get steamed for around 15 minutes; the meal is delicious with a glass of red wine.



Scallops are a popular food item. It is typically prepared steamed with a host of other ingredients such as shallots, lima beans, different types of sauces and wines. Once cooked, it is served with egg whites and vegetables such as carrots. This fresh and light dish is easy on the palate and the stomach.


Dongbei cuisine

Dongbei dishes come from the northeastern regions and usually considered very rustic, but hearty. It is a popular type of cuisine among people in the area. This type of food utilises every part of the animal and fresh produce to minimise wastage. It is characterised by heavy tastes and large portions of food. A dish called the 'braised dish' is quite a favourite meal in the frosty Dongbei area and is a popular dish served in Dalian as well. The dish includes pork, mushrooms, several types of mushrooms, vermicelli noodles and whatever other vegetables on hand. These are cooked together to form a stew type of dish. This is a popular meal during the colder months of Dongbei and Dalian districts.


Men Zi

Men Zi is a famous and traditional snack food originating from the Qing dynasty and eaten in Dalian and other parts of the surrounding Liaoning regions. Men Zi is made from starch derived from potatoes or yams. Other ingredients added include coriander leaves, garlic, salt, soy sauce, and water. The mixture is then combined and deep-fried until a crispy coating is formed. The snack is popularly eaten in Dalian with tahini, a sesame seed paste. Pre-made Men Zi can even be found in the frozen food section in the supermarkets.


Yan Xu Bing'zi

Also known as Salted fish and corn pancake. This tasty dish consists of fried fish served with a crispy corn pancake. The dish originated from the fishing communities in Dalian. According to a story the dish was created for the fisherman heading out to sea in the mornings. As the men would miss their lunch, the fish got served alongside their breakfast. The pancake is made from a fermented dough of bean flour, wheat flour and cornflour. The fish is preserved in a mixture of scallions, ginger and salt and then deep-fried and eaten with the pancakes. To this day it is a popular dish that has come down through generations of families and found in many restaurants in Dalian, as well as street-side shops. While staying here have a look at the apartments for rent in Dalian. Quite a few options are available such as the Somerset Grand Central Dalian.