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Updated by Joanna James on Feb 18, 2021
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5 Good Reasons Why You Should Visit Thailand – An Entrancing Nation to Explore

Thailand is a country that attracts a multitude of visitors. There are many good reasons to visit this nation such as to savour its delectable food, enjoy the weather and beaches, mingle with the locals and so on.


To savour the delectable food

Thai food is popular around the world, but to savour truly authentic dishes you must make your way to Thailand. Thai food features a delicious combination of flavours, spices and fragrances that will tantalise your taste buds. Thailand's ubiquitous street-side outdoor stalls will be a delight for foodies as they serve up delicious and inexpensive meals that you can enjoy alongside the locals. However, this country's culinary attractions do not end there as you will also find excellent international food at a host of restaurants; options include Indian, halal and sushi restaurants just to name a few.


To enjoy the great weather

If you like warm weather you will be in your element in Thailand. This nation is usually sunny with balmy and appealing weather conditions. Irrespective of whether you desire to bask on the beaches or explore street markets in the sunshine, Thailand will not disappoint. This pleasant weather also means that you can explore the various parts of the country throughout the year without having to wear layers of heavy clothing. In all probability, you won't need to wear a jacket in Thailand, except for January when you may feel like donning a light sweater or jacket.


To mingle with the amiable locals

You will find that the people of Thailand are almost invariably nice and personable. Most Thais are continually smiling, happy, good-natured and polite individuals. If you need assistance, they will always make the effort to help you, whether it is to translate a statement into the local language or provide directions to a place that you desire to find. Once you strike up a friendship with a Thai, they are likely to remain your friend forever. Additionally, Thailand is also a relatively safe country to travel to for foreigners adding to its appeal.


To relax at the wonderful beaches

Thailand is rightfully renowned for its outstanding beaches which compare with the finest in the world. Irrespective of whether you desire seclusion, perhaps to spend quality time with your loved one, or to mingle with fellow tourists on a popular beach, you are likely to find what you seek here. Some of the outstanding beaches in the country would be Maenam Beach in Koh Samui, Thong Nai Pan Noi in Koh Phangan, Sunset Beach at Koh Lipe and popular Pattaya Beach. A choice of accommodation to consider from where you could easily visit Pattaya Beach would be Citadines Grand Central Sri Racha which provides the option of staying at a pleasingly located service apartment in Sriracha.


To experience the verdant jungles

If you happen to be a nature lover, you will be enthralled by Thailand's thick lush jungles. If you visit the Khao Yai National Park, you will have the opportunity to hike through dense jungles and spot elephants. On the other hand, in the environs of Chiang Mai, you will be able to experience one of the renowned treks that will take you through the jungle to engrossing local hill tribes. Many of the jungles of Thailand will offer thick forests, stunning views, attractive waterfalls and interesting kinds of wildlife to encounter.