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Types of Blog Posts - A List Ideas & Suggestions

5 Types of Blog Content You Should Be Writing About

There's a reason I'm so romantic about blogging - it works. I've seen it for myself and I've seen it for my clients. For instance, I have a client that has only been blogging for a few months. Just last week, they received a lead from their website for a service that they had just blogged about a few days before.

6 Types Of Blogposts That Will Get Your Retweets Through The Roof

1.) Write Actionable List Posts To Get More Retweets Buffer this The first type of posts I have seen perform extraordinarily well here on the Buffer blog are actionable list posts. The reason for this is very simple: If you have a "7 Tips To" post for your readers available, they will know exactly what they are going to get.

The 34 types of blog post that work wonders for Econsultancy

We've been blogging at Econsultancy for the past six years and it has been great for our company. I have long held the view that all businesses should have a blog. Our blog now accounts for two thirds of site traffic and has claimed lots of valuable search placements on Google, which we'd otherwise have to buy.

9 Types of Posts that Make Blogging Easier

Did you know that you can pretty much boil down every type of blog post into one of nine archetypes? It's an incredibly useful thing to know, since it means that you don't have to reinvent the wheel every time you want to write a post.

25 Types of Blog Posts That People Love to Click and Read

This is part of the Developing Great Blog Content Series. Check out the other posts!] We've gone through 20 blog posts in this series that have helped you create the strategy and methods required to get the best blog content in front of your viewers, readers, and community.

5 Types of Blog posts that get Results

When you are blogging for business, you're not just writing nice articles in a vague hope of getting more sales - you want to see results. In a previous article I've talked about the overall purpose of your blog and what you want to achieve.

5 Extraordinary Blog Post Types that Will Grow Your Audience Faster

If you're working to build your blog's audience, you can't afford to waste time writing mediocre posts that don't say anything useful or help your readers out. You have to focus on what works and learn from techniques other successful bloggers have used to create huge followings.

12 Types of Blog Posts You Need to Stop Writing

"Add more content!" That seems to be the battle cry these days. Keeping your blog as updated as possible does make sense. Although some argue that quality matters less than quantity, while this is true, I can say without a doubt through my own experiences, that if you have more content, you're going to get more traffic than if you have less content, as long as you maintain quality.

64 Different Kinds of Blog Posts to Keep Your Writing Fresh

There are probably more (and chime in with your favorites), but here are 64 different types of business blog posts you can use to keep your blog, your writing, and your imagination fresh: Acronyms - Even if you don't like acronyms, know that most readers do like them.

31 Types of Content for Every Day of the Month

Before you jump to making an editorial calendar, you'll want a broader overview of what your content schedule will look like. Get prepared to answer two key questions: when to post and what to post. When to Post Start by setting goals that you want to achieve on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis.

52 Types of Blog Posts that Are Proven to Work

Blogging is not only about putting together 400-2,000 words of text and publishing them on your WordPress site. As a blogger, you can choose from a much bigger variety of possible blog post types (and content in general). Let me be honest and admit that I've wanted to compile this sort of list for a long time.

8 Creative Types of Blog Posts

If you own a blog you know the importance of keeping your blog fresh and your audience interested. It can be challenging to come up with blog posts that won't bore your visitors and is interesting enough to keep them coming back.

20 Types of Blog Posts

Anyone who writes for a blog on a regular basis knows it can be hard to keep things fresh. So I was happy to come across a list of "20 Types of Blog Posts," in ProBlogger, by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett.

10 Common Types of Blog Posts

Looking for a blog post? Here are 10 common types that might inspire you. 1. Do a blog stroll Create a list of interesting links to other Web sites and blogs related to your topic. 2. Round up of news or opinion Pick one newsworthy subject and write a paragraph about it.

5 Blog Post Types That Will Increase Reader Engagement

You have a blog with great design and awesome content. But why is audience engagement so dismal? How do you know if your prospects are reading your blog posts? Why is it that some blogs generate tons of comments, but your posts receive none? Small business blogging is not just about providing content.

The Five Types of Blog Posts

Blog posts come in many different forms and lengths. If you want to keep your blog fresh and interesting, you should post often. Creating different types of blog posts will keep your audience interested. It will also keep you from being bored with your blog.

Getting to Know the Common Types of Blog Content

For your professional blog, you can use multiple types of blog content, although you probably want to limit yourself to one or two. The type of content you choose isn't the same thing as the subject matter, topic, or tone. Those are limited only by your imagination and talent.

Five Types of Blog Posts that Get Comments

More comments on your blog posts can lead to a blog following, a brand community, better communication between you and your market, more shares and of course, more business for you. So how do you increase engagement and encourage readers to comment with their own thoughts?

6 Types of Blog Content and How to Maximize Social Media Reach for Each

When you think of a blog post, you probably think of something that's written. Text content, however, is only one of the six types of content that you can create for your blog. If you want to have a successful blog, you need to start creating the other five types of content, both to stick out and to accommodate different learning styles.

10 Types of Blog Posts You Can Write Today or Any Day

There's no doubt that when writing blog posts quality is more important than ever. But sometimes you just need to get a post out today. You might feel like you need to spend days researching and writing high-quality posts. Sometimes you may want to spend that time, but you don't have to for every post.

5 Types of Blog Posts People Love to Share

Editor's Note: Ana Yoerg is a lover of all things relating to content creation and branding. Her clients include Opera, Wikia, Mobile Theory, Rumgr, VegasTech, and, a project of the Annenberg Foundation. The following post is from the Pivotal Pod blog and is reposted with permission.

22 Creative Types Of Blog Posts You Can Write About

By Pauline Cabrera 434 Views As a writer, there's inevitably a day where you might think that you've nothing to write about. It seems that nothing inspires you. But when this day comes, it'll be very helpful if you know the different types of blog posts.

14 Types of Blog Posts Visitors Love

Here's a checklist to provide inspiration!

5 Types of Blog Posts ι JM Marketing Solutions

Here's 5 types of blog posts to help you keep it interesting for your readers. How to. Everyone wants to learn how to do something new. Give them a good "how to" article, step-by-step instructions ... 5 Ways to do ... or 5 Tips. Show that you know what you're talking about.