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Why Lists Are Like Blog Posts

26 Tips for Writing Great Blog Posts

Do you blog? Feel like you're trying to reinvent the wheel time and again? Looking for some ideas to simplify your content creation process? What follows are 26 tips, from A-Z, to help you create optimal blog posts every time you sit down to write.

What makes a great blog post? | Sarah Bessey | Mary DeMuth

I'd like to introduce you to my friend Sarah Bessey. We went to Haiti together, and we shared a room. (She doesn't snore!) I learned a lot from her, and I'm so grateful we've had the chance to break and share bread, particularly poignant surrounded by poverty.

yWorld 101: What Makes a Great Post?

yWorld is a community where your posts have a strong impact on your rating. A great post starts with content you've created, whether it's detailing a project you've been working on or sharing your expertise with others. Here are some tips to help you get started: CopyBlogger's Golden Rule: "Content needs to provide a significant benefit to [your] readers.

What Makes Great Blogwriting?

Photo courtesy of Capitan Giona "Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." - Oscar Wilde A well written blog is a beautiful thing to read. When I hit upon a blog with great writing, I can spend hours digging into the archives, learning, laughing, getting to know a writer.

What Makes A Great Internet Marketing Blog?

If you follow our Mannix Marketing company blog, you know that we have been sharing our internet marketing brain trust with our clients for, oh, let's say, the last 7 years or more, and we know what makes a great internet marketing blog. The emerging concept of "inbound marketing" is not new to us at Mannix.

What Makes Blog Posts Great And Unique

It is not a secret that some articles speak better than others. But what makes them better? Writing is a skill you can try to master your whole life, it is an ongoing process. A good way to learn is to learn by example.

What Makes a Great Blog Post? [Infographic]

By Filed Under: Blogging Tips Sometimes it's hard to remember that great blog posts are often simple in construction. Here's a little reminder. Sarah Arrow is the managing editor of internationally renowned Birds on the Blog, listed by Forbes (3 times) as one the top websites for women in the world.

What makes content go viral: The anatomy of a post that got over 500,000 likes

This month, I was kindly invited to speak at a conference in Las Vegas. In the audience of my panel session were two people, Marc and Angel Chernoff that I've admired for a long time.

Intrigue me now...: What Makes a Great Blog?

Hi, guys! After some long debates with myself whether to "spam" my blog or not, I'm popping the question here as well. Basically, I need a little feedback from you even if it's just a couple of words on what makes a great blog for you?

a macgirl in a pc world

What makes an effective blog post? A task in the teacher blogging challenge asks bloggers to identify an effective blog post and think about the characteristics that make it so. I read a blog post a short while ago that I believe is effective, written by Sylvia Martinez about the tendency to blame new technology for a range of human shortcomings.

QUICK LESSON: What Makes This Blog Post So Great?

Sometimes it's helpful to look at other great marketers and copywriters, and analyze what they do. I dug up this post today because I think it provides a quick lesson about the workings of an effective blog post.

What Makes Great Blog Content

You probably noticed that I was M.I.A for a while. For those of you who don't know, I was admitted to the hospital last week and lasted 3 days there. Fortunately, they found what was wrong with me and they fixed it.

What makes a good blog?

If you think there is nothing to a great blog, you might want to think again. While anyone can set up their own blog on the internet, it does take a bit of skill along with hard work and dedication to make your blog great - and avoiding some stupid blogging mistakes beginners make.

What Makes Great Content Great | Zazzle Media

Those of you who may have read my debut to the Zazzle blog a few months ago will know that I touched upon one of the most common problems that content marketers, like myself, often find themselves up against on a daily basis; the ability to come up with great article ideas that will help you to get ahead - and most importantly, stay ahead - of your competitors.

Good Web content examples and what makes them work

Web content can make or break a website - no matter how good the design is. Most designers know this from first-hand experience. So it wasn't surprising when WDD visitors who read How to spot and avoid web copy that kills websites demanded a follow-up showcasing good web content.

6 Things That Separate Good Content from Great Content - #OMS12

If you are part of the online marketing or content marketing industry you have undoubtably heard of Joe Pulizzi (@juntajoe) and his company the Content Marketing Institute (CMI). Joe has been a member of the content marketing community for over a decade, and has made it his mission to help brands create quality content and distribute that content through multiple online channels.

Examples of What Makes Good Content

Jane Copland has a bitter post over at SEOmoz arguing that too many bloggers and speakers advise "creating good content" without going into the specifics. Jane calls it a new form of snake oil salesmen, and while I can share her distaste for those who blog without knowing what they're talking about, I find the whole post somewhat unfair.

What Makes Good Content Marketing Great?

Content marketing-using content to promote our product or service-is a favorite promotion method of today's bloggers. Many of us are in the content business, so content marketing makes sense. The activities that come under the umbrella of content marketing are broad.

Why Content Goes Viral: the Theory and Proof

Not all great content goes viral, but content that does go viral is great. Although we can't guarantee that any piece of content will take the web by storm, we can make sure that a piece of content has what it takes.

What Makes A Great Infographic? 8 Experts Weigh In

As you may have noticed, using infographics for content marketing is an incredibly popular tactic right now. Infographics are being used to illustrate a range of different information, including new employee announcement, data visualization, humor and education. However, with the widespread use of infographics in marketing increasing every day, there is growing concern about maintaining [...]

What Makes Great Web Content

All webmasters should be updating the static content on the pages of their websites. Internet users have become very savvy and now notice very soon after landing on a webpage if the content they are about to read is worth spending time on. They determine very quickly whether it contains what they have come looking for.

Make Your Content Make a Difference

Content, content, content. It's an obvious part of any interactive experience. In fact, you've probably heard content is king, or queen, or some sort of royalty. Yet, content is elusive. Often, you don't realize your content isn't cutting it until it's too late. Does any of this sound familiar?

Creating Viral Content? The Secret is Get Contagious...

What makes content go viral? It's a tough question, but when you look around, there's some people who are able to craft contagious content every single time. What's their secret? Do they know something you don't? The answer is Yes! They do!