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Updated by Prysm Systems on Aug 27, 2021
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Video Walls | Interactive Display | Touch screen Display

Interactive Video Wall is a powerful display option that sees your message or multi-touch screen displays designed for application Commercial grade retail. See how Prysm solutions are changing the way we work. Schedule time to visit us at one of our worldwide customer experience centers.


The Technology CEOs Want in Their Company Boardrooms

What kind of company boardrooms solutions are CEOs looking for? Here’s what we’ve heard they would most like to improve about the technology in their company boardrooms. Traditionally, company boardrooms have been stiff and stodgy places, designed for one very specific purpose: to bring people together for highly structured, formal meetings.

Role of Interactive Display in Motivating Effective Education

Education is the foundation of the future. In this article, we will enlighten the ways how an interactive display can make education more effective. Gone are the old-school ways of teaching on a board and marker. The future is about video wall display, and all major schools are now implementing these ways to give a new direction to teaching. In the past decade, there have been many changes in the ways, teachers teach and the major one is the introduction of the interactive display.

Prysm Has Introduced Launch Plus for Flexible Video Conferencing

There was a time when adding flexible video conferencing in the corporate environment was just a far dream. Thanks to a major advancement in technology merged with Prysm’s video conferencing software free, users can now add a seamless video conferencing experience into their important meetings. As COVID-19 has made it quite difficult and dangerous to gather in a small conference room with people to attend a meeting the recent advancement like Prysm launch plus video conferencing software can make things easier for people who are still struggling to come up with a reliable way to keep their conference going on.

Video Wall Display: Taking Your Presentation to The Next Level

Presentation is a vital part of every corporate. Rather than having presentations on regular screens, having a video wall display can make the presentation more effective. This article puts lights on how video wall displays can take your regular presentation to the next level.

Quick Guide to Video Wall Display: How to Get the Most out of Them

A video wall display has become significantly popular in recent years. With different technologies emerging every year, understanding the ways of using them can be complicated. This article is a guide to understanding video wall displays and how to get the best output.

How to Make Visual Presentations Impeccable?

Presentations are the key element for professional growth. This article puts light on how you can take your visual presentations to the next level. Making an excellent presentation is a skill that needs constant development. Visual and dynamic presentations are used in almost every professional workplace and even in educational institutions as well.

It Is Time to Upgrade Your Boardroom Solutions with LED Display

Determining the right time to upgrade the boardroom can be a challenging decision. After all, companies want to make the most out of the investment they are about to make. However, at some point companies have to modernize their huddle rooms with the latest LED boardroom solutions to ensure they are moving ahead with new technologies and taking the new set of opportunities they bring to the table. It is time when you leave the displays behind enter into the era of LED display and enhance your boardroom solutions experience center.

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Wondering why your security and network operations center should be updated with LPD wall display? If Yes, then you are at the right post. Learn how LPD wall displays contribute to making your experience center both effective and efficient. A network operation center is a special place in an organization where the organization and its staff monitor and manage the database, firewalls, networks, and other external services around the clock. As the network is like the lifeline of the company, they want to protect it at any cost. In most cases, the network operations center is the first line of defense against a cyber breach.

Enhance Your Free Video Conference With Revolutionary Features

Are you looking for free video conference software that can transform the way your teams interact and operate conferences? With automatic framing, you can simply eliminate the requirement for manual framing. If there is no automatic framing, then there would be a lot of hassle to include everyone in the range of the camera. This adjustment takes too much time. So, when you are choosing a free video conference software make sure it has a group/auto framing feature. It would automatically adjust the view of the camera if someone leaves or joins the conference.

Can Video Walls Used as a Medium to Enhance Customer Engagement?

There are plenty of video walls available that offer interactive features. Such functions can be highly beneficial for the business regarding customer engagement. Customers can use the touch screen display to attain desired information. You can customize the features as you want and let the customer know what they want on their own. Under Armour has found a way to bring next-generation interactivity into its corporate headquarters through a massive touch-screen video wall display—an impressive focal point featuring dynamic content, news feeds, streaming events, and videos.

How LPD 6k Display Technology has Changed the World

An industry-best, 178-degree viewing angle allows content to be viewed from almost anywhere, maximizing room utilization. Unlike tiled video walls based on LED and LCD platforms, the LPD 6K display has a minimal color shift or change as the viewing angle increases Use Case Flexibility Let your video walls be your brand ambassador when needed, but also the workhorse to help teams make decisions faster during meetings High.

Video Conferencing Software: A Better Solution for Virtual Meetings

Video conferencing refers to the process of face-to-face interaction of two or more people who are virtually connected through audio and video. There is no requirement to be in the same place and one could get the in-person experience. A computer connection with audio and video facilities along with video conference software is a must for holding digital meetings.

Advance Display Solution: A Key To Successful Executive Briefing Center

Taking you back to 2008, executives used to gather in a big executive briefing center to discuss projects, investment, outcomes, and profits before they seal the deal with a handshake instead of digital thumbs up. Today, thanks to digital advancement, every aspect of our work can be placed online.

Why Should You Invest In Video Conferencing Software During the Pandemic?

Video conferencing software is replacing the need for physical meetings during the difficult time of pandemics and it is the time when you should also invest in one. The following post will help you to understand how video conferencing has become an ultimate solution for remote workers. Explore the content to learn more!

What Are the Types of Video Walls Technologies: Which One Is Right for You?

Since the emergence of video wall technology an abundant impact has been made on how information is conveyed and presented in different events and environments. Video wall displays work like a great multi-monitor setup for business conferences, educational settings, trade shows, and much more. These displays exhibit any sort of content on a broad screen using single or multiple inputs.

A Definitive Checklist to Be Prepared for Your Next Video Conference

The majority of organizations around the world are becoming reliant on video conferences to manage business operations remotely during the prevailing pandemic. So, if this is the new normal, how about we provide you with a comprehensive checklist for your next video conference to redefine your experience? This post is all about it. Let’s dive deeper!

LCD video walls– known as one of the signage trends are all set to take over the market projects ranging right from big entertainments, retail, hospitality to education and gaming, they are spreading their wings everywhere.

An effective & efficient security operations center is the most crucial element for an organization. Thinking why? Well, it enables us to promptly observe information of the surrounding situation and to decide what is appropriate as per the situation. Then take steps according to the circumstances.

Organizations and businesses around the world have implemented preventive measures to avoid the coronavirus. A key strategy for many of them has been the use of cloud meetings and team collaboration solutions instead of in-person meetings/working. Owing to the massive disruption caused by the virus, many companies have forced their workers to stay home.

What Is the Difference Between LCD And LED Video Walls?

Both Technologies LED and LCD are in the phase of growth where they will adapt to the change with time and demand. Currently both LCD and led video walls use the Liquid Crystal Display technology and a series of lamps at the backend to produce the image we see on the screen. What sets these two technologies apart is that lamps at the back of LCD video walls are fluorescent, while LED video walls use emitting diodes.

Conference Technologies That Have Potential to Revolutionize Your Collaboration

Are you familiar with different kinds of #conference #technologies? Nothing is constant, there is always a need for a push for better growth and #development. Latest technologies facilitate interaction and collaboration in positive work culture.

How to Choose the Video Conferencing Software for Your Business?

Looking for a way to connect your remote workers? Fortunately, technology has graced us with some of the most amazing video conferencing tools that have the potential to deliver the end-to-end experience- something that audio conferences can never match. Considering the ongoing change across the globe, businesses have started to look for relevant video conferencing software that can fill the connectivity gap left by the pandemic.

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Is deciding to install a video wall all it takes to build a performing security operations center? No, so what are the factors that one should consider before selecting and installing a video display in SOC? An effective security operations center (SOC) keeps a company away from the clutches of the hackers who are constantly looking for an opportunity to break in.

Security is more than just processes or tools. Achieving full-proof security can be easily possible if teams make effort in making a security operations center. This will not only keep your data safe and secure but also able to meet security needs in critical situations. Read this article and understand how you can build robust SOC without spending huge budgets.

What Are the Applications and Advantages of LCD Video Walls?

This article discusses the most prominent applications and advantages of LCD video walls. If you are also looking forward to incorporating them as a considerable investment then, Prysm System is a one-stop destination for you. The company offers lasting solutions that can make communication seamless for you.