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Your roof is one of the most essential infrastructure of your home so it's important to know as much about it as you can before you replace your roof. For more information, check out this roofing company that I have personally used for my roof replacement if you are in the DFW area.

Here are some helpful tips that I have learned from experience, helpful advice from my family and some internet knowledge.


Do your own roof inspection before calling a roofing company.

Do your own roof inspection before calling a roofing company.

This is a slightly dangerous step so only do this if your roof is at a safe slant and you have a spotter. You can look at your roof from the street for any obvious signs of damaged, or missing shingles. For a closer look, you will need a ladder and to get on your roof. Again, safety is key and your roofing company will get on the roof for you if you do not feel safe.

ROOFING DALLAS-FORT WORTH - how to get homeowners insurance to pay for a new roof

I personally used this roofing company located in the DFW Area. They taught me a lot of this list and would walk you through the replacement of your roof.


Research the roofing material of your dreams.

Research the roofing material of your dreams.

There are so many different material available to us now that have so many pros and cons depending on your own personal preference, demographic and geography. It can make your head spin. For example, if you live in a very hot and arid area like Arizona you will want to get the concrete/clay tile. Most tiles/shingles will be made out of different material that will range in price range and effectiveness and longevity.


Make sure you are not home during installation.

As you can imagine, the roof replacement is super loud and can be quiet annoying if you are trying to have a quiet day. If you have dogs, do yourself a favor and take them with you. Neither myself or my dogs left the day they were working on our roof and I think we lost a few years of our life. They barked the whole time, whined, and my nervous dog was either under me while I was walking or on top of me when I was sitting.


Focus on Quality

Do not pinch your pennies when it comes to replacing your roof. This is a huge and important infrastructure for your home that will be protecting you and your family for minimum 15 years depending on your roofing material. Most roofing companies have access to different tiers of shingle quality, make sure you ask to see that.


Ask about roofing material removal

How will you dispose of your old roofing material, ask your roofing company about removal of debris. If they do, ask about how they dispose the material. It was important to me that my asphalt shingles were recycled because they do not break down naturally. If they do not, ask if they have a recommendation or an affiliate company.


Contact your Insurance Company about coverage, if applicable.

You will want to use this information when you are talking to your roofing company. They will keep this information in mind when doing your inspection. Make sure you have the roofing agent with your during your insurance adjuster walk through, they will be your advocate.