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Updated by Joanna James on Feb 17, 2021
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9 Best street food spots in Bangkok – A gourmet’s tour in Bangkok

There are two reasons for Bangkok's popularity as a travel destination. One is food, and the other one is shopping. Not everyone can afford to shop, but anyone can taste the yumminess of Thai food.


Raan Jay Fai

While you can dine at a Bangkok hotel 5 star luxury, you should also dine at StreetSide food stalls. Raan Jay Fai is one such food stall that offers a range of delicious Thai food. The stall can be easily identified by the long line of people awaiting their turn. Unfortunately, you can't make reservations here. The place is run by a female chef who furiously and skillfully cooks all the food in a wok. You get a lot of options, but nothing can match the crab Omelette paired with drunken noodles.


Thipsamai Pad Thai

This is where you can enjoy the best pad thai in Bangkok. Made from an old recipe, pad thai at Thisamai is the best Thai dish ever. The recipe was passed down to son from mother who got the recipe from her mother. This food stall still uses the old cooking method of cooking over charcoal so as to not tamper with the flavour. You get several options here, but the best one is the one with shrimp, crab, squid and eggs. Thipsamai is located right next to Raan Jay Fai and is an easy journey from Pathumwan Princess Hotel.


Prachak Pet Yang

To sample the best Cantonese style duck, visit Prachak Pet Yang. The meat is garnished with spices and herbs, and it's slow-cooked. The main item on the menu is the noodle dish, but you need rice and a side of cucumber salad if you order duck.


Som Tam Jay So

Located in Silom business district, Som Tam Jay So is another food spot you must visit. Locals visit the stall for som tam. This is an Isaan dish made of fruit, sugar, fish sauce, garlic and chilis. If this is your first time sampling the dish, you should order a side of marinated chicken to balance the flavour.


Taling Chan Floating Market

This is a classic feature of Bangkok. Taling Chan Floating Market is a bunch of longboats selling fresh flowers, fruits, fried fish and a variety of other seafood.


Wang Lang Market

Visiting this market will seem like an insane thing to do at first, but you should visit if you want a total tourist experience. Inside the market is a collection of food stalls selling every type of Thai food. Som tam, teriyaki pork, grilled sausage, coconut milk jelly desserts and pandan kuehs are some of the street food items found here.


Nai Mong Hoi Thod

The Chinatown food stall is like a machine that's been producing hoi thod for decades. Hoi thod is a pancake-like omelette made of seafood. You can eat it with oysters or mussels, or you can order both. This spot is also recognised by Michelin Bib Gourmand.


Mae Varee Fruit Shop

Found a few minutes away from Thong Lo station, Mae Varee is popular for its sticky mango rice. The mangoes used to make the rice are fresh and adequately ripe. The other ingredient used to make the rice is fresh coconut milk. Rice is coloured using natural ingredients like tea; you can order whatever colour you like. It's best to eat the rice when it's still warm. The plate of rice is usually topped with roasted beans and coconut sauce.


Nang Loeng Market

Located in the Dusit district, Nang Loeng Market is another famous food spot in Bangkok. The market is over a hundred years old. The small alleyways are lined with street food stalls offering a plethora of food items. While you cannot possibly sample all of them, try to sample a little from as many shops as possible.