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05 Things Not to Miss While You Visit China – Beauty of East Asia

China is a country that's rich in diversity; however, it largely remains mysterious for many people, possibly due to language barriers. Nevertheless, the country is visited by many tourists each year and here are some of the things you mustn't miss when in China.



A trip to China is never complete without seeing its cuddly bears – the pandas! It's the only place on earth that you can see so many of these furry creatures in one place. Pandas are native to China and are considered a national treasure. Make sure to schedule a visit to Chengdu Panda Base in your itinerary to see these adorable animals thriving in an environment that resembles their natural habitat.


Drinking Chinese Tea

Chinese are' teaholics' in nature and drinking tea is a tradition that runs centuries back in this country's history. Tea means a lot to the Chinese people and it has been found that the average Chinese person consumes around 400 cups of tea annually. With over 800 types of Chinese tea, this isn't that surprising either. A cup of tea in China is much more than an addictive beverage; it brews lifestyle – you'd find that there are many tea houses scattered across the country where people gather to socialise, be it friendly meetups or business meetings. You could also visit a teahouse in Xi An China. Hotels in this country are also known to offer their guests a variety of Chinese tea; so, make sure you have your share during a holiday spent in China.


Eating Hot Pot

Hot pot is one of the most famous dishes in China and you'd find it in any restaurant, regardless of their rating. This is usually a rather hot and spicy dish, but it is eaten throughout the year and is loved by tourists from near and far. Also known as steamboat or soup-food, this is made from a traditional cooking method that has originated in China ages ago as a poor man's dish. The modern dish is cooked using a variety of East Asian ingredients and one can dip anything of their choice into this soupy dish including vegetables and seafood.


Artefacts from the Past

The ancient Chinese people believed in the afterlife and that is probably why the Emperor of the Qin Dynasty was buried so many years ago along with thousands of terracotta statues of warriors. These warrior figures are thought to have been buried along with this Emperor in the hope of protecting him during his afterlife. These incredible sights are found in Emperor Qinshihuang's Mausoleum Site Museum, which is located approximately an hour's driving distance from Grand Park Xian.


Square Dance

In China, you'd sometimes come across small dancing groups, mostly comprising of retired and middle-aged people. It is an exercise routine that can be found being performed in parks, squares, or plazas in the country. Square dances perform their routines to a variety of music genres, but mostly Chinese pop songs, both old and contemporary. Dancing for exercise is deeply rooted in Chinese society.