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Best Ways to Fine Tune your SQL Queries

Are you looking for an SQL Tuning for MySQL? Tosska has the perfect solution for you.

Improve MySQL Database Performance with a Hybrid Cloud Platform

Once the
dust starts to settle around COVID-19 and nations begin efforts to restore the
economy, companies will be searching for the best and latest in database
technology as well, since the goal i...

Top 7 Database Query Optimization Hacks – Tosska Technologies

Database query optimization is a technique through which the database performance is improved by writing thoughtful queries. During the development process, the data is less to work with. It’s easier to get results with less amount of data as compared to a large one. But the problem arises when there are loads of data flooding…

SQL Performance Tuning: Frequent Questions about Indexes

This blog answers some of the most frequent questions about indexes in SQL performance tuning: what they are, types & how they affect query performance.

MySQL SQL Performance Tuning: Great Monitoring Practices tips and tool

This blog offers 8 main database monitoring tips and practices for Database Administrators who perform MySQL SQL performance tuning for their databases.


Oracle SQL Query Tuner and Optimization Tools by Tosska Tech

Oracle SQL Query Tuner and Optimization Tools by Tosska Tech

Databases require maintenance and performance tuning from time to time, which is why there are multiple tools for monitoring and improving query performance available at present. Tosska provides some of the best Oracle SQL query optimization tools in this regard. These include the Tosska SQL Tuning Expert (TSEM™) for MySQL® and the Tosska SQL Tuning Expert (TSE™) for Oracle®. For further details about our unique, AI-powered tuning tools, visit our website.

5 Useful MySQL SQL Performance Tuning Recommendations by Tosska Technologies

everything else, indexes also come with a few shortcomings of their own.
However, this post will focus on query optimization while considering both
situations - those that contain table indexe...

Optimize Oracle Query Using the Best & Simplest Techniques

A database is a crucial part of the online operation of an organization, which is why it must be at its best performance at all times. For higher performance overall, Database Administrators analyze and optimize Oracle query from time to time to ensure streamlined and uninterrupted operations.

Tosska Technologies: SQL Optimizer for SQL Server: Deleting Old Backup Files

Creating and
maintaining backups are an essential part of a DBA’s responsibilities. There are
several tasks associated with backups, such as automation and execution of
backup command scripts.

Optimization in SQL to Improve MySQL Database Performance - Tosska Technologies

Preserving the performance of your database needs to be done properly. Otherwise, the entire organization suffers because of a slow database. Sometimes, all it takes is one poorly written statement to make database execution utilize an excessive amount of resources and make the administrator realise…

Underrated Ways to Improve Oracle Database Performance - Tosska Technologies

No database admin wants to answer phone calls from customers complaining about slow database performance. To improve Oracle database performance, take some time out for performance tuning. It helps you recognize the shortcomings and make sure the infrastructure is capable of handling increased loads…

Creating an Index in Oracle, and the Best Way to Make Use of It

Are you unsure why indexes are important for database performance? Read this blog for a better understanding of them and how to create an index in Oracle.

MySQL Database and SQL: Learn More About Query Attributes -

One of the main reasons behind the existence of query attributes is their use in adding metadata to statements. The metadata offers an additional context in MySQL database and SQL , such as the information about the location within the application of...

5 Methods to Delete Duplicate Rows for Optimization in SQL by Tosska Technologies

Database professionals have always talked about the importance of
following certain techniques to ensure optimization
in SQL. Some examples include the necessity of constraints (such as
primary key...

Determining Blocking Queries in SQL Query Performance Tuning -

Database objects are often locked by processes, leaving other processes to get blocked. Locking is important as it forces every single transaction in SQL Server to undergo the ACID test, enforcing integrity in the process. Here, we will uncover some useful...

Update Methods that Improve MySQL SQL Performance Tuning - Tosska Technologies

Sometimes, database users have to add data to a table from other tables. There is more than one way to do this - and we will explore all of them in this blog. We will also look at how these affect performance during MySQL SQL performance tuning. These methods are all carried out with the help of the…

Distinguishing Between PL/SQL and Oracle SQL Tuning for MySQL

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