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Free SharePoint Webparts

A list of all SharePoint Webparts which are free downloads.

Project Progress Monitor

SharePoint Project Progress Monitor makes monotonous SharePoint lists more visual, allowing you to display numerical data visually in the form of percentage-based progress bars. Fully customizable settings allow for your choice in foreground and background colors, bar length, and where to display the actual, numeric percentage.

BoostSolutions Foundation

BoostSolutions Foundation is a core component that is included in every product produced by BoostSolutions. To ensure that the BoostSolutions software are functioning as expect, the module MUST be installed on your server. However, by default the module is shipped with software installation package, and users don't need to download and install it separately.

BoostSolutions End User Viewer

This free SharePoint tool displays the total number of end-users in a SharePoint Site Collection or Farm and allows admins to delete inactive user accounts

Digital Clock Web Part

ASP.NET, Sharepoint, MOSS, Web Part, Server Control, SPS, Sharepoint Services, WSS, Digital Clock, World Clock, Sharepoint 2010

List Marquee Web Part

KWizCom produces Knowledge-Worker components and tools which enable end-users, deployment managers and IT professional to better utilize and deploy Microsoft-based solutions with products such as Sharepoint Web Parts, Sharepoint Wiki, Sharepoint 2007 Wiki, Calendar Web Part and Sharepoint Calendar.

Site Navigation Tree Web Part

KWizCom produces Knowledge-Worker components and tools which enable end-users, deployment managers and IT professional to better utilize and deploy Microsoft-based solutions with products such as Site Navigation Tree Web Part.

User profile Checker

The web part checks the user's profile for properties that are marked as "required" and if a user didnt fill in one of them, he is prompted to fill it in: You can also choose to have the user prompted by a message box, or just automatically redirect him!

Combining Multiple Web Parts in SharePoint 2013 to create a Tab Pages WebPart - Ashok Raja's Blog

The much awaited multi WebPart Tab Pages WebPart for SharePoint 2013 is released. Download this WebPart and add it to your SharePoint page to combine multiple Web parts to behave like Tab Pages. This WebPart accepts WebPart titles as input parameter and convert those Web Parts to Tab Pages.

Tab Pages WebPart

In this blog post we can see how to create multiple Tab Pages in a single web part in SharePoint 2013 with jQuery Easy Tabs Plugin .In SharePoint 2007 or SharePoint 2010 we would have used easy tabs script to combine multiple web parts into a single tab control

Feature Manager Web Part

As there is no Manage Feature functionality in the public facing SharePoint 2013 site of Office 365, it virtually rules out the possibility of viewing the list of features activated in site and site collection level.

Twitter Timeline Feed WebPart

This Twitter Timeline Feed WebPart for SharePoint 2013 is based on Twitter API version 1.1 which has many breaking changes when compared to Version 1.0 of API. Twitter have already started blackout test on Version 1.0 of API form 5 th March 2013 onwards.

Flip book WebPart for SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2010 - Ashok Raja's Blog

In this post we can see how to transform the content of a SharePoint 2013 / 2010 Announcement library to a flip book with jQuery booklet extension. This article makes use of jQuery booklet extension developed and shared by Grauvogel, which has the capability to convert each div into a page.

Metro UI style Live Tiles Web Part with Metro JS and jQuery in SharePoint 2013 - Ashok Raja's Blog

In this article we can see how to create a Metro UI style live tiles web part in SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2010. This web part is based on Metro JS, one of the popular open source jQuery plugin for Metro UI based UI rendering

Carousel WebPart with Nivo Slider

SharePoint Frontier - Slider / Carousel Web Part for SharePoint 2013 is built upon Nivo Slider, which is a very popular jQuery plugin for Image carousel with overlay text and plenty of configuration options. This Web Part supports all the options exposed by Nivo Slider.

News Ticker Web Part

News ticker web part in SharePoint 2013 combines jQuery and vTicker plugin for jQuery to provide a perfect news (announcement) ticker for SharePoint Intranet applications. This article is a part of SharePoint intranet web part series which I was blogging for quite some time.

jQuery Data Tables Web Part

jQuery Data Tables Web Part for SharePoint 2013 is an implementation of the popular datatables jQuery plugin in a SharePoint web part with List data. In this post we will be creating a web part which contains a repeater control that binds data from a SharePoint list and renders the necessary table structure required for datatables.

Access Denied Web Part

In this blog post we can see how to block a User or User Group from Accessing a Share Point 2013 or Share Point 2010 site without disturbing the security permission.

Twitter Feed Napa App

This post on Napa App provides step by step detailed instructions to create a jQuery based Twitter feed Client Web Part in SharePoint 2013. The App explained in this blog post is a SharePoint-hosted App which supports only Java Script CSOM.

SharePoint 2010 Announcement Slider

Slider web part with text and image is one of the common requirements for most of the SharePoint 2010 intranet applications. There are multiple jQuery plugins available to create a Content Slider. In this post I'll share how to use bxSlider in SharePoint 2010 visual web part to display the items available in default Announcement list.

Change Password Web Part for SharePoint 2010 - Ashok Raja's Blog

In this post let us see how to create a password change web part for SharePoint 2010. This code sample is targeted towards windows authentication against an Active Directory. A little background before moving to the actual web part. In windows authentication mode, the user credentials are validated against Active Directory.

Basic SharePoint-Google-Maps-WebPart for SharePoint-Lists

Project Description This JavaScript-Solution improves the standard-functionality of SharePoint-Lists. It displays a new Menu-Link in the standard Menu-Toolbar of a SharePoint-List (which contains addresses / coordinates). By clicking this link Google-Maps will be displayed under the SharePoint-List.

Google Map WebPart from SharePoint List - Home

Farm Feature (Server Install required)

Sharepoint 2010 Resource Booking WebPart

A List of available resources and a Web Part to show and make bookings. Ensures that there are no double bookings. I had a request to build a simple generic, configurable, weekly resource booking web part for Sharepoint 2010.

Sharepoint subsites webpart

The SubSites webpart we have available as a free download will not run on Office 365, this is because it is not developed as a sandboxed solution. Sandboxed solutions is a requirement if you want to deploy webparts to Office 365.