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Updated by Luke Einerson on Feb 23, 2016
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Online Financial Coaching Tools

Here is a list of some of my favorite financial coaching tools.

Personal Budget Software - Finance Software for Windows & Mac

Personal home budget software built with Four Simple Rules to help you quickly gain control of your money, get out of debt, and reach your financial goals!

The Wheel Of Life - Finding balance in your life | Rylstim

Useful tool that would not just show how balanced your life is, but also help you make it more harmonious.

Google Scholar

Yes I know this may be weird to list as a financial coaching tool but the longer I am in the financial planning and coaching industries the more I value peer reviewed articles. I cannot think of anything that has influenced my way of working with others than my decision to create an evidence based practice model and Google Scholar is a great way to start that transformation.

Financial Coaching Strategies

This site is maintained by one of the few financial coaching researchers out there, Michael Collins. It has a lot of good stuff for new coaches (intake forms, training resources, research, etc.) and a newsletter worth subscribing to. These guys do a good job of helping you get started if you are interested in serving lower and lower middle class clients but they don't do a whole lot with folks outside that market.

AFCPE | Home

Most of you already in the industry likely know about AFCPE and the Accredited Financial Counselor designation but relatively few practitioners take advantage of the journal AFCPE puts out. While it isn't a coaching journal It is free and truly is one of the best journals related to financial coaching. Did I mention it is free!

My Budget Coach

This is a great site for coaches to volunteer their expertise.

schedule free text message (SMS) reminders from your computer - Oh, don't forget...

Schedule text messages Text messages queued up with will be delivered at the date and time specified, unless you specify " now", which will send the message instantly. Creative uses Remind anyone about an event at a specific date and time. Queue up birthday reminders months in advance.

stickK − Change Starts Now

stickK enables users to form commitment contracts to help them achieve their personal goals. These goals may be to lose weight, run a marathon, exercise regularly or quit smoking. This page is the home page


"This is how business should work. Incredible customer service." - Nick N. (via twitter) "I LOVE SmartyPig! I don't think I would have saved that much without the sort of 'set it and forget it' functionality of SmartyPig. Now I'm just addicted to watching my balance grow". - Jennifer V.

How to save money, Spend less, Reach savings goals. Easier than a budget and more fun | PiggyMojo

Helps you save money with a method that is fun, easy, social. Learn how to spend less, save more to reach your savings goals now. Better than budgeting.

The Owlfred Chronicles

Filed in All,Catapult, July 26, 2012, 7:00 pm byOwlfred Catapult is the latest evolution for OpenStudy. So, what exactly is Catapult? In a nutshell, Catapult is an incentive-based learning goal commitment by students which allows crowd-funding, peer support, and ultimately knowledge expansion.

Capital Reserve Study in the USA by Facilities Advisors, Inc.

Facilities Advisors, Inc. prepares reserve studies for country clubs, condo, homeowner, timeshare associations and many other types of organizations. The company has 30+ years experience with condominium associations & planned developments and 20+ years experience with timeshare associations and country clubs.