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Parenting and Teaching Tips

These lists are about parenting tips a parent can follow when his/her child is enrolled in an online school. The list also elaborates some tricks and tips for teachers who are new to online classes. As this is the era of online schooling, You will find many blogs related to it and you will get more acquainted with the concept

The Role of a Parent as Learning Coach in Online Schooling: |

Personalized learning through an online school requires the support of a parent. Because a good learning coach can not only help students to excel academically but also make digital education happy and enjoyable for them. As a guardian/parent, you need to know your role well as a learning coach before you take up 100% online schooling. So, this is an attempt to acquaint you with the role of a parent in the academic journey of your child as an online student

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Online learning instills great qualities in a learner. From time management to effective communication, these qualities help students to prepare themselves for the upcoming stages in life.

K8school, India’s first recognized online school now brings in this opportunity of a lifetime for your loved one.

Witness the joy of your child’s transformation as a successful online learner with our pioneer online platform

How to Make the Most of Your Virtual Learning Space |

The pandemic has showcased the importance of a virtual learning space like never before. This challenging time revealed the vulnerability of traditional schooling platforms. And also highlighted a pathway towards a more stable alternative.

As online schooling has proved its potential during the virus outbreak, many parents and students are consciously opting for 100% digital schooling.

So, before you make a full-fledged transition to a virtual platform, let me guide you towards the key points of a virtual learning space through this article

Does the over importance given to examination kill education? | Tech Behind It

The importance of examination cannot be belittled as it shows the success of instructional delivery. While imparting education to students we assess the success of the learning goals through periodic examination. Through these exams, we also identify the strengths and weaknesses of students. Unfortunately, over a period of time, these aims…

Meaning & Benefits of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation

Continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) means evaluating a student’s performance to gauge the essential domains of development. It is a continuous process planned periodically in the form of tests and assessments. Broadly, this process focuses on the development of the essential domains namely cognitive, affective, and psycho-motor.
Why was CCE needed in the Indian Education System? Read this blog to know more...

7 Tricks of Online Teaching | Tips and Ideas | K8 School Blog

With the advance and the dynamic needs of this changing times, education, in all its forms, seems to be always in a victimizing zone. The students face constant struggles to attend the classes and virtually meet and consult with their teachers. However, the worst struggle of this system is faced in online teaching by the teachers.

Here are some hand-picked cheery tips & online teaching ideas that can improve teaching efficiency in an online medium.

Promoting Gender Inclusiveness through Women Leadership |

This Women’s day, let’s live the idea of gender inclusiveness and acknowledge our women-power for their courage and unprecedented support
Because, gender inclusiveness is not just a concept to promote equality for women, but a tool to empower one-half of the world’s population and nurture skills like leadership.

The role played by females during the pandemic has proved to the world that a gender-inclusive society can defeat even the greatest threats to human survival.

5 Ways of Teaching Students What Empathy Means | Youth Ki Awaaz

The concepts of empathy and sympathy get jumbled up a lot of times. In most cases, students often get confused up between the two terms ‘empathy’ and ‘sympathy’.

Empathy simply refers to the ability to acknowledge and understand an individual’s emotional state or situation. In easier words, empathizing can be referred to as considering things from someone else’s eyes and mental state. For instance, an individual empathizes with someone when he/she tries to put his feet in the individual’s shoes. It is primarily the sense or feeling that one gets after imagining himself/herself in someone else’s circumstances or situation through which he/she is going through.

The article describes the types of empathy, how to identify empathetic student and how to teach empathy to students. Read this article to know more