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Updated by Sirmaya on Jun 11, 2021
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Top Phases to Buy or Invest in DHA Lahore | Sirmaya Blog

The government of Pakistan has launched a relief construction package. Though, the government has permitted investors to invest in projects of construction without stating sources of income. Taxes on the transfer of property rights, developers, builders, etc. will also be reduced. This package will have a positive effect on the sector of real estate as well. Briefly, this package will boost the purchasing activity of the Defence Housing Society, Lahore. In the coming time, property prices for building and development will be higher. In addition, the stamp duty has been reduced to 1%, which means a 30-50% reduction in transfer costs.

The Best Way to Put a Home’s Unused Space to Good Use

The unused space in a home can be utilized for better looks and it also attracts the eyes of the visitors. Here are some tips to put the unused space of your house to good use.

What Are the Attributes of a Reasonable House?

To build an idea house is one of the wishes of every person. Here in this article, we shall explain some attributes of a reasonable house.

Table of contents:

  • What are the good features of an ideal house?
  • What are the most important rooms in a house?
  • What is important in a home?
  • What is your ideal house like?
  • What Are the Good Features of an Ideal House?

To find an ideal house is the most desired as well as a difficult task for a person. No matters what is the way to earn a livelihood of a person, but regardless of this aspect, a person wants an ideal house. According to market experts, there are certain features which make a house an ideal one.

The first thing is the location of the house. A house located in a fine place increases the value of the house as well as make it better to look for visitors. The structure and the material which is used in the construction also makes it ideal if it is safe. Moreover, the size also matters in this regard.

Attributes of a Reasonable House

Essential features that define your Dream Home

When traveling out, you would have noticed that the longest way out is the shortest way home. However, small or a not-so-classy a home maybe, but the family bonds that prosper inside the walls, give value to its net worth. No doubt, the tags of ‘modern house’, ‘luxury home’ add to the luster and glitter of a property. Also, listings with the words ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Gorgeous’ in the description sell up to 15% faster than otherwise! But it’s not just the name-tags or elevated price-tags that define your dream home; There’s more to it!
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Smart Ideas to Sparkle Up Your Home Vista

Some cheap little things will add a lot of appeal to our house. But we have to do it in a certain way, so that beauty of our living place will enhance. Check below some general ideas that no designer ever tells... Home Décor Ideas

5 uncommon Features That Make Your House for Sale Look Elegant

Making up your mind to sell house at elegant rates. Some features will increase the value of your house. And you can get a better profit. Check some common tips.

5 Ways to Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

Tired of living in small rooms and houses.
Majority of people are living in tiny rooms and apartments because they are easily available in cities. But here's a solution to make your small house and room look bigger and get more space.