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What is the cost of making an app like TikTok in India? What are the details of this?

Formerly known as "TikTok - Make Your Day", TikTok is the hottest and most popular app out there today compared to all music video apps. TikTok launched in September 2016 and is now active in 150 countries in 75 languages. The success rate of the TikTok app is increasing exponentially every day, and it is predicted that this remarkable success will make the TikTok app trending # 1 in app stores by 2020.

How much will it cost to make an app like Big Basket?

Online grocery stores are growing rapidly and have become extremely popular. The emergence of technology has made the lives of retailers much easier by allowing them to sell food products online, including groceries, vegetables, fruits, beverages, commodities and much more. using these successful platforms. The popularity of these platforms is increasing the customer base day by day. From picking carts, people have moved on to add options to the cart. If you are curious to learn more about the cost of developing grocery apps, here we explain all the in-depth factors that play a vital role in cost estimation.

Why use Big Basket?

User Location Tracking - keeps customers informed of future delivery dates for items they want
⦁ Safe payment options and cash on delivery options. Choose to use a Large Basket wallet or even pay Sodexo for it.
⦁ Get everything you need, when you need it; home delivery based on a choice of delivery time for customers.
Do you want to develop the BigBasket Clone application?

Since online grocery apps offer free shopping experience, this is the reason why it is most popular among users. With the BigBasket, shopping and managing basic needs has become much easier and it avoids roaming here and there for errands.

If you are also planning to invest in the retail industry, this blog will surely help you write up the necessary features and estimate the cost of the grocery app like BigBasket.

As a leading provider of enterprise mobility solutions for over 10 years, we'll guide you to the facts about the product and the market. An online grocery delivery mobile app is typically found on the Android and iOS platforms.

Big Basket Enterprise Mobility Applications is India's largest marketplace featuring more than 14,000 items, including fruit and vegetables, baby care products, beauty and hygiene products, household products, and more.

Online grocery stores generally operate on different panels. These panels allow the administrator to efficiently manage the application. We offer Grofers Clone Script, Bigbasket Clone to help our clients achieve beneficial results. Our cloning script consists of the panels mentioned below.

What is the large basket? and how much does it cost to develop an app like Big Basket?

Panels of grocery apps like Big Basket:

User panel: -From user profile to order management, everything is taken care of by our user panel. It manages the quality of service and identifies concerns to improve the overall performance of the application. Our user panel includes many features such as:

User Profile: - Follow the seamless approach and log in using your credentials to maintain your profile on the grocery app.

Browse Products: - Select a particular product from all food and grocery categories with a detailed description.

Schedule Delivery: - User panel allows customers to schedule delivery at their convenience. We offer different delivery time slots and allow the customer to place the order at any time.

Order Tracking: - Get real-time order tracking details and keep up to date with order status. It provides real-time location and helps you with tracking details.

Multiple Payment Options: - Make payment most reliably and securely using our multiple payment options.

Offers and discounts: - Take advantage of the best offers and take advantage of the most advantageous discounts and offers tailored to your order.

Review and Settings: - Write the shopping experience review and manage settings while keeping the full review page using the user panel.

Admin Panel: -

The administration panel takes care of the representation of information using the display screen under the given circumstances. It is also known as the back end and the control panel. The admin panel allows it to create new articles, categories, links, and much more.

Dashboard: - The dashboard allows the application administrator to manage and track all orders and activities using a single screen.

Manage Payment: - Manage all payment models using the admin panel most transparently and take the grocery industry to the next level.

Assign an order: - Secure all orders, deliver on time, and execute in the most professional manner using the admin panel.

Manage Customer: - Admin Panel helps connect the app with customers and keeps them engaged while ensuring top-notch services.

Manage the store: - The administration panel allows you to manage all the orders and the number of customers while managing it efficiently.

Offer excellent services: - Admin panel ensures that all activities and orders are handled most efficiently.

Grocery delivery sign: -

The grocery store delivery panel supports all selected units or quantities of orders. It gives the user the option of choosing the items ordered or having them delivered to the desired location. It sends users a delivery request notification, along with the order number and delivery details.

This panel makes it possible to manage all cancellations and to accept the request of the drivers if the place of delivery is far from their route. It allows the drivers to chat and call instantly if there is any problem during the delivery of the order.

This panel helps to manage the released delivery status and sends the notification to the user in the same way as our Grofers cloning script. The online grocery app offers a variety of products to choose from. This helps to get the delivery confirmation on time with full reliability.

App Similar to Bigbasket, Grofers is one of the largest online grocery app stores in India. They allow users to shop in the comfort of their own homes.

Main advantages and features of online grocery shopping

Key Benefits Grocery Apps Offer Businesses and Consumers

Simple grocery apps have proven to be a blessing for entrepreneurs and consumers alike. We should be looking at some of the professionals who create BigBasket as apps or any e-commerce software that structures such apps.

247 Days Availability- A smartphone app for grocery delivery is readily available anytime, meaning consumers can shop anywhere in the world and from anywhere.

Efficient :-Grocery shopping apps will save you a lot of time as you don't have to go to the supermarket to pick out the items you need. Simply position in the order request to deliver accordingly to the desired area or location.

Knowledge of customer reviews:-The apps allow consumers to share their substantive comments and reviews, which will undoubtedly help improve the services.

Attractive sales and discounts:-There has been a lingering challenge since the number of grocery apps has increased which allows a venerable open door for the customer to get attractive deals and offers.

Online order tracking:-Thanks to the app, consumers will now be able to track their requests online and know the estimated delivery date.

Easy to pay options ;-In addition, consumers benefit from benefit payment options that allow them to pay online or agree on the cash on delivery alternative.

How much does it cost to create an application like BigBasket?

Okay, saying the cost of building apps like Bigbasket or Grofers, the customer based necessities, and the functionality of the apps we can cost is not a simple job. Creating a feature-rich mobile app for food delivery is not as easy as it sounds and creating a highly adaptable mobile app is a complex process. Therefore, one has to enter as a partner with a capable and mobile app development company which can also create user-friendly online grocery app with complete kit.

The total cost of developing an app like BigBasket or Grofers is determined by the design of its complexity, the platform you select and the nation as developers and the expenses of the Grocery app which differ based on l 'location or region. For a single device, the approximate cost of the grocery delivery service would be between $ 10,000 and $ 30,000. And divided into several development variables according to the demands of businesses and consumers. The cost of apps like BigBasket is based on the following basic and high level apps, even under the previously mentioned circumstances.

Important factors that influence the cost of development are:

App design: App design plays an important role in encouraging and attracting the customer to use the app. This greatly influences the time and cost of full development. With a more attractive design, more users will like the app, but it comes with a more overall development cost. Businesses have their UI / UX designs simple and appealing to customers based on their budget and requirements.

App size: The type of features and functionality decides the total size of any type of mobile app. As the complexity of the two elements increases, the cost of the application increases dramatically. Businesses must therefore make their decision intelligently by selecting and including only the essentials according to their budget and target customers.

Development cost: Since development depends on the functionality, design, and functionality of the app, developer experience and location also play a big role in deciding the overall cost of the app. Their experience affects development time and hourly costs vary depending on location.

Application Platform: The type of application platforms planned for application development has a large impact on the overall cost of the application. The technology used and the hourly development rates for Android, iOS, and hybrid apps vary widely. Therefore, even here, business owners have to decide what kind of platform is required for the app based on their target customers.

If the search for the best app development company in Bangalore, India is underway to build an app like Big Basket, contact fugenx at to embark on the path to building brand and success.

How much does it cost to build a Mobile Application like Netflix?

Online streaming right now is on another level due to apps like Netflix. Rich content, easy access, and a smooth user interface are some of the features that power these apps. Video streaming apps are the new trend isolating TVs these days.

In the first quarter of 2020, the app's total revenue was around $ 5.76 billion. Netflix also has more than 167 million subscribers worldwide. Are you looking at the numbers? An application carrying such figures will always occupy the 1 position.

You will make a rewarding choice if you choose to build an app like Netflix. As the app development process begins with an Android application development company in india , there will be a dedicated team of app developers.

According to Statistics :Netflix has 71% of the global video-on-demand streaming market and alone it captures 63% of the market in the india Looking closely, it can be said that Netflix spent around 12 billion on content creation and licensing in 2018. According to the report, that number could reach 15 billion in 2021. This has led audiences to nearly 140 million. around the world to subscribe to Netflix.

Netflix is crushing competition from industry giants by providing fresh and in-demand content to audiences, which has marked a specter in the entertainment industry where Netflix has broken the mold of how television is made, watched and evaluated.

So how much does it cost to develop an app like Netflix?

To develop an app like Netflix, it must include the features below

Sign up and login

User profiles and authorization

Audio streaming setting

Find and organize options

Movie playlists

Integration of social sharing

Push notifications

Screen mirror

The cost of developing an app like Netflix depends on various factors. Let us deepen our knowledge of the total cost.

In the beginning you have to come up with an idea like Netflix - the idea should involve a strategy that will get people to stick with it and get involved in it so much that they will get it on their PCs and phones as well. Also, attracting people depends a lot on how your marketing strategy is placed.
The cost of building an application as NetFlix varies depending on the type of platform you choose to develop. This app like NetFlix will be developed for Android and iOS, so costs may vary. The cost of developing Android apps like Netflix will be lower than developing iPhone apps
App design: It is very important that you know that the easier your app is to use, the more people will like to use it. Netflix is very easy to use and has separate sections for adults and children that can be used very easily. So, keep the app design as simple as possible, so that you can save a little for your future avenues.
The cost of developing an application like NetFlix varies; the overall size of an application is determined by its functionality and functionality. This shows up in the multiple extension fees. An application like NetFlix includes data on a large number of films, shows, comedy programs, etc.
How much does it cost for Netflix to also block on included features?

VIDEO SHARING OPTION :-The very first answer to starting a streaming service like Netflix is to enable the video sharing option. With this must have feature, you can also share live TV recordings.
In addition, it is possible to share recordings from many other sources. This will not only give you a fantastic encounter, but also incomparable content.

Social media coordination: integration with the power of media :Almost everyone today has social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. You can specifically impact your recordings on your supporters through your application. The video streaming application allows you to share all the profiles of the social network on a single platform.
Message Pop-Ups: to educate the user
Message pop-ups are very popular with most entrepreneurs who have an app for their business. If you can use pop-up messages properly, it can work wonders. It will be a great way to contact customers. You can form an association with your audience and also inspire them to make the movement you are looking for.

Once you use it correctly, the pop-up message helps you:

Increase offers through item advancement, new shipments or certain selective arrangements.

Improve meeting with customers.
Help convert potential app customers to known customers.

Help send money transaction receipts instantly.

Drive customers to other presentation channels, for example, online networking channels, etc.

STREAMING LIVE VIDEO :As you embark on your journey to build apps like Netflix, the developer should incorporate the option of live video streaming.
It can also be live recordings on YouTube and Facebook. You have to estimate the cost of developing an application like Netflix with a developer taking into account the contribution of such features.

MEMBERSHIP TO IMPROVE USER RETENTION :-If you search for when Netflix premiered, will you find 1997? From its inception, the video streaming app paved the way for profit while continuing to intrigue its customers.But how did the app manage to do this? App makers offer many types of memberships to their target audience. So now when you want to know the cost of developing an app like Netflix, you can get the same as well.
With these memberships, subscribers will always receive a relentless stream of substance. They will also have the option to download material if they wish. It is also possible to balance the average cost of developing an application with such approaches.

DASHBOARD: THE OWNER OF THE APPLICATION:-The dashboard allows the app owner to properly manage customers. It even allows you to tackle many substances and emissions on the app.

Not only can you configure message pop-ups correctly using the dashboard, but you can also manage profits tactfully with its help. Currently, it is the proprietary alternative of the customer profile application.

You receive a general overview to properly control the application.

Conclusion :The exact cost of creating a mobile application like Netflix cannot be estimated. However, with the parameters mentioned above, you may be able to make a rough estimate of the total cost. The fees vary depending on your choice of technique for developing mobile applications. Developing a custom application of video streaming application can cost you a considerable amount of money. However, on Appy Pie, low subscription plans are available for $ 15 per month only.

How much does an app like Paytm cost?

As the world moves towards digitalization, mobile payment technology has been one of the biggest beneficial factors in India, especially after the demonetization of the government. From large businesses to small merchants, everyone has embraced the adoption of mobile payments. Mobile wallet or mobile payment system are smartphone applications in which users can store their bank details (debit / credit cards), a convenient or easier way to complete transactions with just a touch of the phone.

Nowadays, payment apps are booming in app stores or Google Play stores with its advanced digital features. One of the highly demanded and widely used payment wallet apps in India is Paytm.

Understanding the benefits of mobile wallet apps, Fugenx, the leading mobile app development company in Bangalore, has designed a blog, which tells you about the benefits of a cloned app like Paytm, what are its features, technology and cost of developing the application.

How much does it cost to develop a Wallet application like Paytm?

Paytm is the largest Indian online top-up company located in India, where the company was initially admitted by One Paytm with a fair mobile top-up, which was later expanded to online shopping, Paytm marketplace, wallet, and many others. Booking bus tickets, paying utility fees, and at the same time getting money after serving in Paytm wallet to climb the victory steps. Since India became a digital cashless India, the market need for online charging app and mobile app development companies in India are growing more and more due to digitization. The Paytm mobile app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows users.

Main features of the Paytm web and mobile application (for users):

FuGenx, the leading mobile wallet development company in Bangalore specializing in developing successful e-wallet application with innovative features and advanced technologies, takes into account various facts related to Paytm mobile application technology, such than

Registration / Login by email and mobile number with OTP
User profile with transaction history
Add money to your Paytm wallet using online banking, debit card, or credit card
Send money to other Paytm in canning QR codes or phone numbers
Pay bills such as gas, water, and electricity bills
Recharge mobile phones, data card, metro card, and SRD
Pay fixed, broadband, and postpaid bills
Pay tuition/college fees with the insurance premium
Coupon code
Ecommerce Marketplace (optional)
Main features of the Paytm web application (for administrator):

User Management
Portfolio Management
Digital payment module
Coupon code and cashback module
Customer support and feedback module
If you are planning something close to Paytm, you should focus on the wallet function to get started… and go from there. Paytm did the same:

App Design:-The most important thing is that a wallet app should be crisp and precise. If people get lost / don't know how to use your app, they won't trust you with their money.

Application platform (Android, iPhone):-The cost of application development varies from platform to platform. And if you are targeting a local / semi-urban / rural market, we suggest you start with an Android app.

App Size:-if you target a market where your users have a good idea of ​​the competition, app size becomes important. A heavier application can cause your users to switch to a direct competitor. Always try to keep things as light as possible, to have the upper hand. Nobody likes their phone memory to be full:

Application features

It is defined as the total number of basic or advanced features developed in the e-wallet application like Paytm.

Add technologies

To advance an app/fashionable and provide an attractive, secure, and safe environment for app users, FuGenx, the leading mobile app development company in Bangalore, combines the app with technologies such as Blockchain and the cloud to make you competitive, among other things.

FuGenx model for an application like Paytm development

Application Design - Simple, Medium, and Rich
App Integration - social sharing, messaging / chat features
Access control - Email-id, social media, use of OTP via the contact number
Basic features - news feed/activity feed, rating/review, user profile, image manipulation, barcode / QR code
Advanced features - Geolocation, data synchronization, reservation calendar, a camera integrated into the application, push notification.
External functionality - OTP read, call or message in the app, secure data travel, connect to third-party API
Admin Panel - User control, usage analysis, intercom support, cash report, reports
Payment wallet - added bank details, discount/reward features, UPI link, and many more.
FuGenx provided a graph to estimate the cost of developing an e-wallet application:
UX / UI design (40-60hrs $ 1500 - $ 3000)
Technical documentation (about 50 hours, - $ 1500 to $ 2000)
Front-end and back-end development (500 hours - $ 10,000 to $ 20,000)
Test (70 hours approximately $ 2000 - $ 6000)
It may also vary depending on geolocation
India: $ 20 to $ 60 per hour
Depending on our model and the features mentioned above, the cost of developing an e-wallet app like Paytm can be between $ 15,000 and $ 50,000 and may fluctuate with other mobile app development companies.

Conclusion –

If you are looking for a mobile app development in bangalore. FuGenx is one of the mobile app development companies in bangalore developers to develop your business innovative ideas into practical applications, we have a high level of designers and developers to 100% customer satisfaction.

Hire our Top mobile app development in bangalore to serve the best apps for your business.

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