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Updated by Clariti . on Feb 18, 2021
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Best business collaboration and communication ideas for 2021

Best online collaboration tools/ideas/suggestions that you should try in 2021.

5 signs your company is ready for ‘connected apps’ – Clariti

The connected apps or unified communications market has been growing rapidly in the last 10 years. The global market is projected to reach 36.45 million by 2026, with a CAGR of 10.5% as more and more companies adopt cloud-based solutions. These numbers indicate that connected apps technology is here to stay. Though there are many good reasons to go for connected apps, here are some of the classic signs your company is ready to take the next step in communication.

10+ business tools for your startup – Clariti

In this blog we have shared the best business tools that a startup needs in 2021.

Can you be productive when you use Teams for work? – Clariti

While tools like Teams have brought the convenience of chatting and video conferencing in one place, employees still have to deal with many other work-related tools.

15 best team communications tools for businesses in 2021 – Clariti

Here is our recommendation for communication tools every business should consider as they make their selection this new year.

Top 8 cloud-based ‘to-do’ apps to stay ahead in 2021 – Clariti

When your to-do app is integrated in your working environment, it will help you focus your attention on the most important tasks, avoid stress and become more productive.

How connected apps can help companies increase productivity and reduce costs post pandemic

Now, during the post lockdown, companies are eyeing more dedicated, reliable, and comprehensive solutions that will allow them to reduce cost and support remote workers in the long-term.

7 Productivity Tips for Small Businesses – Clariti

One of the most important parts of owning a small business is ensuring that your productivity throughout every area of your business remains consistent. Any time there is a drop in productivity in one area, it has a domino effect on all other areas of your business.

How social media in the workplace can help employees and businesses – Clariti

Potential loss of productivity is the main concern for businesses when it comes to not allowing social media in the workplace. A study on workplace productivity points out that employees spend about 77% of their time on social media while on the job. While you may think that companies are doing a great job by curbing social media at workplace, it is actually counterproductive.

Effective business communication: 8 steps to a better conversation – Clariti

Whether you’re having in-person meetings or are trying to communicate one-on-one with your business team members, communication is a challenging, but important element to a successful business.

12 crucial strategies for promoting team collaboration – Clariti

Teamwork is the essence of success on whatever project you undertake. Deciding to let everyone work in isolation spells doom to your efforts long before you get started. For that reason, you need to implement strategies that can foster team effort.

Manage your emails with Clariti’s multiple inboxes – Clariti

Clariti will not only help you manage all your emails from one place, but can also do additional activities like chat from email, flag, instant share, create a to-do or group related information into topic-based threads.

Top 10 communication apps for your small business – Clariti

These apps will help your business break through the communication barrier.

Top 5 Microsoft Teams’ alternatives – Clariti

What other alternatives to Microsoft Teams can you consider? Keep reading to find out.

12 best online collaboration tools in 2021 – Clariti

Every tool is different, and it brings its own advantages to the table. Thus, it becomes important to sort out the features for each and make an informed decision.

Effective Team Collaboration in 2021 – Benefits, Strategies, Tools – Clariti

With increased adoption of cloud-based SaaS tools, companies now have many tools available that they can use to enable seamless collaboration.