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Facebook, Big Data, and the Demise of Zynga

Zynga is the Silicon Valley equivalent of Lauryn Hill. The company rose fast. It seemed brilliant, though there were always signs of trouble. The public spotlight did not help. And then things started to go terribly wrong. The company, which makes social games like FarmVille, was founded in 2007.

Move over Mediterranean-a vegetarian diet is equally good for health

The Mediterranean diet has been getting a lot of press as being the very best for health. But there's another diet that appears to be equally good: a vegetarian diet. A study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found that people who ate a vegetarian diet were 12% less likely to have died over the course of the five-year study than nonvegetarians.

This 16-Year-Old Created A $15 Cell-Phone-Sized Device That Can Detect Cancer, Explosives

You may remember 16-year-old Jack Andraka from our stories about his work developing a cheap, accurate pancreatic cancer center and more recently, a tricorder that will compete for the Tricorder X Prize.At this year's Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Andraka won the competition last year), he presented another project: a handheld device (known as a raman spectrometer) that can be used to detect explosives, environmental contaminants, and cancer in the human body.

Obama faces hypocrisy charges at China summit after data mining revelations

The Sunnylands summit was billed by the White House as an opportunity for Barack Obama to his confront his new Chinese counterpart with a litany of American complaints about hacking and cyber theft. The revelations of the past few days about the Obama administration's own electronic surveillance and cyber operations have done a lot to blur the sharp, bright edges of this gameplan.

Gamification Done Right

Developers tend to cringe at the term "gamification," regarding it with a level of contempt they reserve for words favored by business types. Other examples include "the link economy," "monetization" and "synergy." If you're unfamiliar with the concept, gamification is a design approach that applies game mechanics to otherwise non-game scenarios.

What happened when I had my genome sequenced

In the almost year-long lead-up to having my whole genome sequenced, I have no fears about it. Or at least just a couple of tiny wobbles that I easily dismiss. I've gone through a rigorous, informed-consent process that has explained some of the conditions I may have, the predispositions to certain diseases that I may uncover.

You drink a lot because you're supersmart, study says

Go ahead, order that second beer: You deserve it because you're so smart. According to the greatest study in the history of science (we're only slightly exaggerating), smarter people tend to drink "more frequently and in greater quantities" than their duller, drier peers.

World's Wind Turbines to Cross the 300 Gigawatt Mark

The world will have enough wind turbines to generate more than 300 gigawatts of power - the equivalent of 114 nuclear power plants - by the end of the year, industry figures show.

København er kåret til verdens bedste by - igen

Det trendskabende magasin Monocle har kåret verdens 25 bedste byer. Copenhagen Dreaming, synger bandet Love Shop - og skal man tro det trendy magasin Monocle er København stedet, man skal drømme sig hen. © Colourbox - Perfektion er uopnåeligt, men København er det bedste bud på det lige nu.

Jerome Karle, 94, Dies; Nobelist for Crystallography

Jerome Karle, who shared the 1985 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with a former college classmate for creating what is now an essential tool in the development of new drugs, died on June 6 at a hospice in Annandale, Va. He was 94. The death was confirmed by Isabella Karle, his wife of 71 years, on Thursday.

Yahoo Offer to Buy Contact Startup Xobni Is at a Price of $30M to $40M

According to numerous sources close to the company, Yahoo is offering to pay $30 million to $40 million for the maker of address book apps and plugins. That's below the more than $40 million raised by the San Francisco-based startup from a variety of venture capitalists, including First Round Capital and Khosla Ventures.

The Curse of the Network Effect

Ethan Stock lived the Silicon Valley dream. He had recently sold his company to eBay and emanated the tanned skin and relaxed composure you'd expect of someone who just cashed a big corporate check. But as we sat across from one another in a Palo Alto coffee shop, I was surprised by what he said next.

If You Like Hall & Oates, Try Fitz and the Tantrums

Each week, Val Haller, a music-obsessed baby boomer and the founder of the Web site, matches tracks from her generation to those of her 20-something sons' generation. I know every lyric to every Hall & Oates song. How could this be? I believe it is an old-fashioned phenomenon.

Genomics Impact on U.S. Economy Approaches $1 Trillion

Credit: U.S. Department of Energy/Office of Biological and Environmental Research Despite a slow economy, business in genomics has boomed and has directly and indirectly boosted the U.S. economy by $965 billion since 1988, according to a new study. In 2012 alone, genomics-related research and development, along with relevant industry activities, contributed $31 billion to the U.S.

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The Fight for Black Men

There is an easy way to meet Joe Jones, and a hard way. Let's start with the easy way. If you and I were at a cocktail party, I'd introduce you to a tall, bald, black man, standing a shoulder above most everybody else.

Rupert Murdoch, Donald Trump, Idi Amin, Joseph Stalin Celebrate Heat Victory

KAMPALA, REPUBLIC OF UGANDA-Calling themselves the Miami Heat's biggest fans and saying that the team embodies everything they love, billionaires Rupert Murdoch and Donald Trump, former Ugandan president and mass murderer Idi Amin, and Joseph Stalin celebrated the Heat's Game 7 victory over the Spurs Thursday. "Let's go Heat!"

In Silicon Valley, Meditation Is No Fad. It Could Make Your Career

Repeated studies have demonstrated that meditation can rewire how the brain responds to stress. Boston University researchers showed that after as little as three and a half hours of meditation training, subjects tend to react less to emotionally charged images. Other research suggests that meditation improves working memory and executive function.

Cat Looking Out Window, Bird Form Unbelievably Intense Fifth-Of-A-Second Bond

ADRIAN, MI-An extremely intense bond that lasted just 0.2 seconds, but which was filled with a range of deeply intertwined and conflicting emotions that included fear, hunger, curiosity, rage, and even-on some level-love, was reportedly felt Monday between Lionel, a tabby housecat, and a pine warbler.

Americans Buy Green to Save Money, Not the Climate

If you care about saving the climate, there's good news and bad news this week, courtesy of a voluminous new report on Americans' personal and consumer behavior in relation to global warming that's just out from the Yale and George Mason research teams on climate change communication.

Can Silicon Valley Save the World?

Not content with dominating IPOs on Wall Street, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are taking their can-do, failure-conquering, technology-enabled tactics to the challenge of global poverty. And why not? If we can look up free Khan Academy math lectures using the cheap, kid-friendly computers handed out by the folks at One Laptop per Child, who needs to worry about the complexities of education reform?

Gone in 90 Seconds: Tesla's Battery-Swapping Magic

Earlier this year, Tesla Motors ( TSLA) Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk unveiled a nationwide network of super-fast charging stations to refuel the company's all-electric sedans on long-distance trips. The really nice thing about these charging stations is that they're free. Free!

Connected home startup Control4 files for an IPO for up to $60M

Decade-old smart home startup Control4 filed for an IPO on Monday, which could see it raise up to $60 million if it goes public. Control4 makes software that connects home devices and appliances including lights, door locks, video cameras, and security systems. The company says in its filing that it's connected 120,000 homes with its smart software, and generated $109.5 million in revenue in 2012, with a net loss of $3.7 million for 2012.

Annoying Emails Work Way Better Than You'd Think: A Lesson From the Obama Campaign

Some Tech staffers had dismissed email as old-fashioned and uncool, without understanding how indispensable it would be in saving the campaign. The most important metric wasn't the size of the Email List but how many were converted into donors and volunteers.

Why do people hate TED so much?

I realize that as the author of a listicle titled " 10 TED Talks They Should Have Censored," I may not be in the best position to tackle this subject, but it seems like the snark and mockery aimed at the annual TED talks -- currently being held in Long Beach and Palm Beach California, and their TEDx offshoots around the world, has reached a fever pitch, and there's something of a pro-TED backlash brewing.