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How to submit to speak at TFT12

If you would like to speak at TFT12 please follow the instructions in this video on how to submit to speak on




JIRA bug & issue tracker. JIRA is the leading issue tracking, bug tracking and project tracking tool for software development teams. 10-users for $10.

ChangeGear Express

Implement ITIL Best Practices Out-of-the-Box and Improve Efficiency of IT Service Management. Options include a change only edition and a service desk and change edition.

everything HelpDesk

The Free Help Desk for Open Horizons Members is the solution for the Open Horizons Community to streamline, organize, track,
and report on incident requests.

#TFT12 Aprill Allen: How to put the KM into ITSM - YouTube

Why is knowledge management important (KM)? Why is it a part of everything we do in ITSM, but it's the last thing we want to turn our time and efforts to? Aprill Allen of tells you how KM can improve your operations and gives practical help on how to write a good knowledge base article and keep the troops motivated.
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#TFT12 Mark Smalley: Reinvent IT service management and embrace 'occupy IT' - YouTube

IT service management is on the move. Under pressure on the supply side from suppliers of standard services like SaaS and on the demand side having to deal with increasingly IT-savvy and demanding users - I call this the IT Spring movement. So reinvent yourself and start the journey from supplier to business partner. Move up the value chain and preempt - no, embrace! - 'occupy IT'.
I'll explore the responsibilities on the business side of the demand-supply chain.
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#TFT12 Vladimir Ivanov: No time to work on improvements? Find it with Kanban! - YouTube

"No time to work on improvements? Find it with Kanban!"

How Kanban, Lean, Agile could be applied to ITSM? Vladimirs will share his practical experience from case of insurance company in Russia. He installed Kanban board as a tool for IT management team to execute IT Service Management programme.
Want to learn how to do it yourself?
We're already planning #TFT13 - submit to speak at

Alex Hocking

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.

70 years ago, Winston Churchill said: “To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often.” Today, technological change is happening at an increasingly rapid rate and if we are striving for perfection, we need to change often. Without the ability to change quickly and efficiently we are doomed to be left behind, overtaken, or gobbled up. How are we going to prevent this happening? Well by simply replacing “If Only” with “Next Time” we can become the ones at the head of the field gobbling up the competition.

Timezone: EMEA

Barclay Rae

ITSM Goodness: Never mind all the theory and industry debate about ITIL and Cloud and Mobile and BYOD and all that.
This session from Barclay Rae (ITSMTV's pundit, the Service Desk Inspector and ITSM consultant) is packed with lots of simple tips, ideas and reflections on how to be practically successful with ITSM.
Pies might also be mentioned.
Timezone: EMEA

Simone Jo Moore

Murders & Aquisitions - Leading Through Transition

It was a dark and stormy night and in the dimly lit boardroom of X-Con, the directors watched their Chairman gazing out the floor to ceiling window.
The room was filled with secret anticipation, the secret joy of committing the easiest and most unpunished of crimes.

The impact and management of people during a merger, acquisition or internal restructure. Simone will discuss the creation, preservation and destructive facets of why murders and acquisitions occur and the quandary in dealing with the resulting emotional turmoil.!home/mainPage

Twitter Profile - @simonejomoore!/simonejomoore
LinkedIn Profile:

Location/Timezone: EMEA
Usually Australia however for this conference I'll be joining in from Aquitaine, France!



Aprill Allen

Aprill Allen

How to Put the KM Into ITSM
Why is knowledge management important (KM)? Why is it a part of everything we do in ITSM, but it's the last thing we want to turn our time and efforts to? Aprill Allen of tells you how KM can improve your operations and gives practical help on how to write a good knowledge base article and keep the troops motivated.

Location/Timezone: Australasia


Matthew Hooper

Matthew Hooper

Bye IT we'll miss you!
Savvy business is making IT unnecessary.
IT is making itself irrelevant.
Breaking down 5 trends over the past 3 years I will show why IT as we've known it will no longer exist, and I will share my thoughts on the 4 paths of IT professionals by examining the service supply chain.
The 5 trends will be:
1) Cloud Computing
3) Outsourcing
4) App Stores
5) Software Mergers and Acquisitions

Timezone: USA


Richard White - The Customer Service Revolution & Why You Should Care

Richard White - The Customer Service Revolution & Why You Should Care

I don’t know much about ITSM, nor do I even know what ITIL stands for, let alone how to implement it. However, as the CEO of one of the top online customer service platforms, I do know a thing or two about customer service on the web. And the advent of social media combined with shift towards online, subscription-based businesses is creating a revolution in how companies staff, respond to, and value interactions with their customers. In this talk (an adaptation of my UserConf 2012 keynote) I’ll discuss how this revolution started, why we think it’s destined to succeed, and what your world looks like on the other side of it.

So come find out what’s going on in the neighboring kingdom of online customer service. Because with the consumerization of IT, it may be coming to a service desk near you sooner than you think.

Twitter: @rrwhite
Timezone: America/Pacific (PDT)


Kirstie Magowan

Sensible Service Management - Mistakes are just learning opportunities.
If you don't make mistakes then you probably aren't trying hard enough!
Take the opportunity to learn from some common mistakes that I, and many others before and after me, have made...then you can go on to make your own new ones!
In this presentation there are no silly questions...the only mistake you can make here is not asking them.
Come and hear some basic common sense, which is often not as common as it should be.
Click on my name, above, for more details.

Timezone - Australasia

@leowid & @mqtodd - @ToolsChat

It is @twylah @MQTodd @LeoWid hosting. Every Wed 10PM EST. Join us for a fun chat about new tools! :) #ToolsChat


#GetRealChat meets every Tuesday 9pm et to get real on topics related to social business, brand, leadership, measurement, media, PR, small business, entrepreneurship, blogging and more. We are transparent, have thick skin & the guts to challenge one another in our thinking with a goal of helping each of us learn, grow & make new friends along the way! Hosted by @PamMktgnut




Weekly Twitter chat founded by Kelly Lieberman (Twitter @tribe2point0) to discuss best practices, new uses, highlight brand usage, personal/professional use and share our passion for Pinterest. Join #Pinchat Wednesdays at 9PM ET




@JessicaNorthey hosts this fun & action filled Country Music Chat! Join #CMchat 24/7 Country Music Community w/LIVE chat Mon 8-9pCT.


Tuesdays at 9pm EST; discussions on customer service.

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