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Ian Aitchison

Secrets to Spectacular Self-Service Success

The theoretical benefits in offering self service to your customers are well known and often quoted in saving time and money and raising customer satisfaction. However the brutal fact is that when it comes to Self Service, the mantra "Just Build It and They Will Come" does not always apply. In fact, unless some specific approaches are followed, you are at great risk of fulfilling "Just Build It and They Will Ignore It".

So what's the secret? Join Ian Aitchison in this guide to what makes Self Service succeed or fail, embellished with examples from real world implementations, and sharing the ultimate top tips to ensuring your new Self Service can make a fundamental improvement to your Service Desk and to your customers' satisfaction and productivity.

Ian Aitchison is ITSM Product Director at LANDesk Software. He has worked in the ITSM industry for nearly 20 years, in that time assisting many large organisations worldwide with their ITSM programs, working in roles including Support Manager, Best Practice Manager and Technical Director.
He speaks regularly at industry events as an enthusiastic evangelist of both the power of LANDesk solutions and also the benefits of IT Service Management.

Timezone: EMEA

Barclay Rae

ITSM Goodness: Never mind all the theory and industry debate about ITIL and Cloud and Mobile and BYOD and all that.
This session from Barclay Rae (ITSMTV's pundit, the Service Desk Inspector and ITSM consultant) is packed with lots of simple tips, ideas and reflections on how to be practically successful with ITSM.
Pies might also be mentioned.
Timezone: EMEA

Robert Falkowitz

"Beyond Firefighting: Advanced Techniques in Incident Management"
In an advanced organization, the resolution of incidents should be considered already in the service design phase and tested during the service transition phase. What are the techniques that allow you to resolve incidents quickly and within a predictable timeframe?

Robert Falkowitz has over 25 years experience in all phases of IT management, advocating a balanced approach to delivering and managing services that takes into consideration personal qualities, organizational structure and culture, technology and data management, as well as processes and case management.
Timezone: EMEA

Patrick Bolger

CREATE, INNOVATE, GET OUT OF THE CAVE: IT has evolved so quickly that the average consumer now has access to more online services and collaboration tools at home than they do at the office. Social media and collaborative technologies are setting expectations around delivery of IT services that most IT departments fail to meet. Business managers have already started to bypass their IT departments to obtain services faster and IT appears to be losing control. If IT is to maintain its reputation and deliver value, we need to change, and change fast. This session looks at the evolution of technology and corporate IT strategy over the last few decades, highlighting the lessons we can learn from the past and predicting how we need to change to remain relevant in the future.
Timezone: EMEA

Peter Lijnse

Just Enough
To improve IT services, no matter what the specific objectives are, we typically have to look at 3 main components: Technology, Process and People. We often see the focus on one of the components, not a balanced view. However; looking at these components alone is not sufficient for a well-defined improvement plan. The danger is that the improvements create a level of complexity and bureaucracy that is not aligned to the organization's requirements. The key to managing this is to focus on the "Just Enough" principle. This principle is influenced by roles & responsibilities, culture, governance, leadership , etc.
So what is just enough process? Just enough governance? In this presentation we will look at how to determine what is "just enough" to achieve your objectives for improvements.

TIMEZONE: USA (well actually Canada...)


Karen Ferris

Balanced Diversity - A Portfolio Approach to Organisational Change. This innovative new framework will ensure that your service management changes are successfully embedded into the fabric of your organisation. Do not become a statistic - 70% of organisational changes fail. Why? Because most of the guidance tells you what you need to do, but not how to do it. This framework is the 'how'.
Timezone: Australasia

40 Ways to Deliver Killer Blog Content

You’ve got a chance right now. While everyone else has their eyes on celebrating the holidays and doing all their year end rituals, you can make a commitment. You can make your New Year’s resolution almost a full month early. Here’s what you can commit to for 2009: you’re going to have a killer blog. You’re going to write the kind of blog people post, tweet, link, and even print to stick up on their office wall. Your blog in 2009 is going to be the kind of blog that people use to power their own change. This is your chance to get out there and kick ass.

The Hidden Dangers Of Social Media

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50 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic - Blogging Advice and Checklist of 50 Ideas

Most everyone I know wants to increase blog traffic and visitors to their site. However, getting more
traffic to a blog or website requires taking quite a bit of action in a variety of ways. Check out our blogging advice and 50 ways to increase blog traffic!

Why Nobody Likes You

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One Bullet Mentality: Hit Your Fluency Target like a Sniper

“Often he who does too much does too little.”