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Elon Musk Became Meme After Quoting Bhagavad Gita - The Next Hint

Elon Musk, who loathed short-sellers on the stock trade is the stuff of mythopoeia, has just cited a quote from Bhagavad Gita, calling himself “destroyer of shorts” all over Twitter.

5 Organizations with Which You Might Need to Conduct Business - The Next Hint

If you have a business, you can’t operate on your own. You need to have a stable relationship with various entities. Without them, you won’t be able to handle the day-to-day tasks that keep your company running.

Rihanna Tweeted in Assistance with The Farmers - The Next Hint

US pop singer Rihanna, whose one tweet hurled the months-lengthy farmers’ protest into the worldwide spotlight, was testified given $2.5 million (Rs 18 crore) from a Public Relations enterprise with testified Khalistani links, The Print reported.

Scientist from Stanford Discover Stable State of Gas in a Quantum system - The Next Hint

Researchers from Stanford University in United States seems to have made a quantum form of Archimedes’ screw and did publish their research discovery in the month’s Science Journal. That paper was entitled “Topological pump of a 1D dipolar gas into rigidly correlated prethermal states” elucidates how the quantum form of Archimedes’ screw hauls breakable collections of gas atomic particles to higher and more range of energy states without breaking down.Either Archimedes’ screw or an Egyptian screw is basically a machine that is to be used for transferring water from a low-placed water-body into irrigation trenches.

Facebook Courier Update Makes it Simpler to Deal with Undesirable Messages - The Next Hint

Facebook is remembering the current year’s More secure Web Day by reminding everybody about the protection highlights prepared into Courier. In a blog entry, the organization adds that it’s amplifying the choices around Message Solicitations, making it simpler to mass-erase and block dubious records. Furthermore, the organization says that it’s chipping away at “better approaches to make it simpler for individuals to report misuse and provocation,” giving “better input” on the status of messages you’ve detailed. 

Spotify began testing its live lyrics feature in the US - The Next Hint

Do you miss  you used to spend moments in small karaoke rooms, belting out showtunes until 3 A.M? We do as well, however Spotify may have something that will assist with your offhand singalongs. 

Hunter X Hunter departing from Netflix in March 2021 - The Next Hint

One more big anime series would be leaving the steaming platform Netflix in the United States this March 2021 with all its four seasons of Hunter X.

Netflix Gets Chinese Dream Film 'The Yin-Yang Master' - The Next Hint

Netflix has gotten global streaming rights to Chinese dream include The Yin-Yang Master, one of the significant titles set for discharge during China’s impending Lunar New Year film industry gold mine. 

Cryptocurrency Payments To Be Supported By Mastercard Soon - The Next Hint

Crypto payments are taking their place in the financial market lately. Noticing this, Mastercard has stepped forward to support payments in form of cryptocurrencies later this year. However, the currency must be in strict compliance including Know Your Customers (KYC) to meet its criteria of reliability and security. Many other crypto cards failed to meet the market needs due to security issues. These digital assets were performing as an investment opportunity for quite a long time now. This action by Mastercard will bring cryptos forward as a safe and trusted method of payment.

Netflix to Feature "Wedding Season" with Tom Dey this year - The Next Hint

The recent announcement by the sources says that Director Tom Dey is teaming up with Netflix for his upcoming project “Wedding Season” to be filmed this year. The movie is expected to be a successful and progressive comedy production. According to the sources, it will be directed around April 2021. The characteristic movie will feature one of the galore drama diagnostic films coming down the enactment to Netflix.

The Legendary Series "Game Of Thrones" to be expanded as Casey Bloys - HBO and HBO Max Chief Explains - The Next Hint

Casey Bloys who has been working with HBO since 2004 has big plans for “Game of Thrones”. The show was a hit but the viewers were very disappointed with the ending. Bloys added that the expansion of the show will not focus on the quantitative increase of the quota of shows for the fans but on the qualitative stories worth telling. He indicated that the feature will be a mixture of DC Shows and Game of Thrones.

"Chappelle's Show" To Be Relaunched On Netflix As Per Dave Chappelle's Recent Announcement - The Next Hint

On Thursday, a 10-minute Instagram video posted by Dave Chappelle, the creator, star, and executive producer of announced the streaming of the “Chappelle’s Show” on Netflix again. The video said that he got millions of dollars after the contract negotiations.

Google Chrome To Make Private Web Browsing a Little More Secure For iOS Users - The Next Hint

A recent report by Google gave intense satisfaction to iOS users who have dozens of apps open at a time. Google is expected to come up with a privacy feature that can lock incognito tabs with Touch or Face ID for security purposes. This will make private web browsing a little more safe and secure.

Apple Has Big Plans For Its AR and VR Hardware Development - The Next Hint

Last week gave us numerous reports indicating Apple’s plans for virtual reality. There have been some changes in the hardware engineering departments as well.

Twitter Bans Project Veritas On Account Of Policy Violation - The Next Hint

Recent action by Twitter was the ban on project Veritas Account founded by controversial activist James O’Keefe. The New York Times and The Verge report that Twitter justified this action by stating the platform’s privacy policy violation on account of the threat of sharing personal information without consent.

Google Stadia Team To Add Over 100 Games This Year - The Next Hint

All the gamers are stunned after reading a recent post on Google’s community blog that the stadia team will release over 100 games this year in its cloud gaming services. Previously, Google has committed to releasing over 400 games in the upcoming years. However, these 100 that the company stated in the blog are Google’s plan for the year 2021.

CEO of Robinhood and Reddit is to appear for US Committee Hearing - The Next Hint

The Home Financial Services council will hold a digital hearing on February 18 as part of an investigation into the Reddit stock exchange group’s concerted efforts to make the GameStop stock a giant finger of honor for hedge fund managers.

Vivendi Plans An IPO For Universal Music Group By The End Of The Year - The Next Hint

According to the company’s announcement, Vivendi will list 60% of Universal Music Group on Euronext Amsterdam by the end of the year. The company’s minimum target is 30 billion euros (approximately $36 billion).

Apple's Next Generation iPhone might possess an always-on display - The Next Hint

Rumors have raised the excitement in the wind speaking about the 2021 iPhone. According to AppleInsider, the famous Leakers MaxWeinbach and EverythingApplePro have shared the leaks of the next-generation iPhone, as well as the phrase “always-on display.” The 120 Hz, battery-efficient LTPO (Low-Temperature Polysilicon Oxide) display at 120 Hz mimics your locking display and the “always-on display” without input, very similar to what you see on some Android phones. The battery and clock are the only things you will see at all times, but the “bars and icons” represent notifications. New notifications will appear, but only for a moment.

Astronauts confirmed - Farfarout is the most distant object in the solar system - The Next Hint

Astronomers have recently proved themselves wrong after confirming the farthest object to be Farfarout instead of Farout discovered two years ago. The report stating this said that the planetoid Farfarout is around 12.3 billion miles or 132AU far from the Sun.

The Superhero Movie - Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer Out!! Will it be a hit? - The Next Hint

Finally, we have a brand new trailer to look at — Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League earlier than the director’s lower hits HBO Max subsequent month. HBO Max and WarnerMedia launched the Snyder Lower’s first full trailer on Sunday, and it’s filled with preventing somber music and Darkseid.

What Foods To Eat During Addiction Recovery - The Next Hint

To keep a perfect recovery from drug addiction you should focus on a few things including your enthusiastic, mental, and actual wellbeing; this comprises your daily nutrition that you eat. By eating healthy foods, you are giving your body the fundamental nutrients and minerals that it requires. Through this, you can accelerate your drug addiction recovery, help your wellbeing, reestablish and look after energy, hoist your temperament, and keep your fundamental organs working appropriately. The following are different food sources that will assist you with boosting your general wellbeing; along these lines facilitating your recuperation from an enslavement.

Dota 2: Netflix's Most Awaited Anime Series Release In March - The Next Hint

Netflix is prepping to introduce a new anime worldwide based on the multiplayer online combat simulator game Dota 2 from Valve. The eight-episode series is called Dota: Dragon’s Blood and is set to be released on March 25 globally for streaming. It will tell the tale of a Dragon Knight, a long-lasting fighting combat hero armed with swords and shields in a game called Davion, dedicated to eliminating the menace from the earth’s surface. Davion meets up in his journeys with an ancient eldwurm (a race of dragons) and the noble princess Mirana. Davion becomes embroiled in events much more significant than he anticipated, as with epic tales like this.

Amazon's ‘New World' MMO Is Delayed And Will Be Rolled Out On August 31 - The Next Hint

Amazon has again postponed the release of its MMO, the ‘New World.’ The company now plans to launch its forthcoming MMO on August 31, 2021, which was earlier expected to come out this quarter in July after its previous delay. Game Director Scot Lane said Amazon Game Studios “listed a few really compelling features that just wouldn’t be able to make” within the release timeline, which the developer announced last year. The team believes these characteristics are “revolutionary,” so it takes the extra time it needs to ensure that they are ready for launch. It plans to begin alpha testing of the game in the meantime, with an open beta expected to launch on July 20.

Marvel Studio Launches Behind-The-Scenes Documentary On 'Wanda Vision' Only On Disney Plus - The Next Hint

Marvel Studios’ Assembled is a unique Disney+ documentary series that will take a behind-the-scenes look at the MCU’s shows and films. WandaVision, starring actors Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Teyonah Parris, and Kathryn Hahn, and the show’s creative team will be the priority of the first iteration of Assembled. On March 12, exactly one week post the release of WandaVision season one final episode, it will be aired on the Disney+ OTT platform.