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Updated by Emma Carter on Feb 08, 2021
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7 Mobile Games that will sharpen your mind

Mobile apps have come a long way in the past decade. We love that as the platforms are developing from RPG, puzzle games to shooters games etc. There is something for every type of gamer. The recent boom of Esports has also played a role in the reception of games as a healthy medium of entertainment and possibly a career. From general social and problem-solving skills to helping people excel in their careers, video games have proved to improve people’s health and life over all.


First Person Shooter Games

First Person Shooter Games

1. Immortal Squad

If you are a fan of PUBG or COD mobile, you are in for a treat. This game is packed with the amazing features of both the games and more, imagine!!. The best part about Immortal Squad is that even though it has a plethora of features it’s only 55MB. Lightweight and power packed. First person shooting games not only improve vision and speed but also gives you epic coordination between your brain and hand and finger tips movement. The players get to exercise their decision making skills in different situations. The down sound is that first person shooting games are violent and may affect the mind of youngsters. To Download best shooting games head to the Play Store.


Call of Duty- Mobile

The game puts the player in powerful backgrounds in the future. The player is required to use advanced weaponry and new tactics to win in this high tech era of combat. Highly specialized drones and hoverbikes are a treat as well.
In a 2009 study done by Rochester University, shooting bad guys in games gives players better vision. Increase in visual aptitudes helps people develop attention to detail as well.
Game is available on Play Store and App Store.


Shooting and Action Games

Shooting and Action Games

3. League Shooters

Games that involve shooting at different things such as bottles, dart boards and other targets are known for their ability to challenge the player in skills such as aiming, steadiness and patience. League shooters is one such game also known as Bottle Shooting 3D. The aim is to shoot as many bottles as you can in the given time. As you progress through the game your vision, speed and focus is tested as by increasing the difficulty level. For best shooting games head to Play Store now.




5. Prado Parking

Games like Prado Parking play a role in teaching young adults basic life skills. Most people can learn to drive very easily but when it comes to parking, not a lot of people are good at that. The game’s objective is to park the car in the right place without crashing. This game tries to bring players as close to reality as possible. At the very least it’s helpful in learning navigation and car handling mechanics. Download parking games available on Play Store


4.Assault Riders

Assault Riders is a multifarious game including not only bike racing but also attacking the opponent at the same time. This game challenges the players to test their skill of handling multiple functions at the same time. It’s centred around the story of a runaway teenage boy whose parents, detective were killed by a Mafia warlord. We are required to help him avenge his parents. The bike attack game is available on Play Store.


6. Simcity

Simcity is an urban planning game. The game is about building your own city. Players own land for residential, industrial and commercial purposes. The land is used to provide public services, transport and utilities. You are given a limited amount of resources to use and build businesses and keep the city going. It helps teach players the effective management of resources and complex consequences of their decisions. Available on Play Store and App Store.


7. Open Heart Surgery

7. Open Heart Surgery

Open Heart Surgery makes the players take the role of a modern-day doctor treating patients in different departments and eventually owning their very own medical complex. The game is full of different departments such as heart surgery, orthopaedic department and general emergency etc. Simulation games are great at mimicking real-life situations. For some real-life surgery, games head to the Play Store.