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RCS Landscape, LLC

Since 2011, RCS Landscape LLC has been leading professional landscape contractor serving the Portland, Lake Oswego, Tigard, Beaverton, Tualatin, Wilsonville, West Linn, Milwaukee, Happy Valley and Sherwood. Our professional landscaping services include from landscape installation and redesigning to landscape maintenance & backyard improvement services. Our maintenance service covers lawn mowing, irrigation maintenance, cleaning, trash disposal, weed control and many more landscape care services.

How Much Does A Landscape Design And Installation Cost | Portland, OR

Designing a landscape needs immense knowledge of geography, geology, flora, and fauna, construction, drainage system, electrical, etc. If you don’t possess this knowledge, then hire a professional landscape design company for this job.


Professional Landscaping Services Portland

Professional Landscaping Services Portland

Weather have a big garden or small, everyone wants to live upcoming green living trend, Therefore, we at RCS Landscape, LLC provides a full range of landscaping services in Portland.

We have a team of professionals to serve all your landscape needs that can enhance the beauty of your backyard & garden space. We are offering every solution from landscape installation, landscape redesign & landscape maintenance for many years.

If you are in Portland, want to turn your backyard in new greener look, contact RCS Landscape, LLC. Call (503) 828-7095 Today!

Landscape Redesign Consultation Questions That You Must Know

Important landscape redesigns consultation questions that you must know before you hire a landscape designer. Read this blog to know these questions.

Things To Look In A Landscape Installation Company | OR

Want to hire a landscape installation company but confused about what factors to choose them on. Here are some directions on what to look for in pros.

If you’re seeking a locally based landscape installation service in Portland? Contact RCS Landscape, LLC at (503) 828-7095 and request a quotation.

What Should I Look For In A Tree Trimming Service | Portland

A tree trimming service is required by one and all as taking care of trees on your own is unsafe. But how to look for a pro? Let's find out here.

Tree trimming is a dangerous job that nobody should attempt on their own. Instead call RCS Landscape, LLC for tree services in portland on (503) 828-7095 and hire our excellent tree trimmers.

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As winter gives way to spring, it’s time to get your lawns and gardens ready for the new growing season.

Don’t put it off any longer because spring is the perfect time to plant your yard. Begin by sweeping up the debris and particles that have accumulated over the winter. Starts pruning trees and shrubs to increase tree and plant quality before new growth begins. If your garden has so much old mulch, cover it with fresh, otherwise, add touch up for better results.

When hydrating gardens, add fertilizer for improved growth and rich nutrients so plants can consume them quickly. Start planting or transplanting whether you intend to extend your garden or add a new crop.

Let's dive into more details provided by one of the best landscaping experts of Portland.

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Starting from $50 to $100 per hour, for small jobs like garden care, landscapers prices vary for several reasons. Similarly, for tougher jobs, they take into account per square foot which goes from $4 to $ 12 consistent with square foot.

Landscaping costs vary relying on the size and type of the work. However, beginning from scratch, maximum house owners will spend between $3,000 and $15,000 for landscaping.

Now you know it adds value to our homes, then let’s see how much it costs you by an expert landscaping company in Portland.


Landscaping Installation and Maintenance Portland

Landscaping Installation and Maintenance Portland

We Specialize In Beautiful Landscape Remodeling & Install Services.
High Quality Work.
Qualified Professionals Available.
Call Today Free Estimates Available: 503-828-7095
To know more about us visit our website today.

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What is the best way to separate your flower beds from the garden and still make them stylish?

Well, we have the perfect answer to your question.

Install concrete landscape edging all-around your flowerbed.

Concrete landscape edging is also used as a decorative border to keep the plants separate from the rest of the garden.

Don't know how to install it? Here RCS Landscape, LLC comes with a landscaping installation guide for you.


Professional Landscaping Services Portland

Professional Landscaping Services Portland

We are professional landscape contractors serving the residents of Portland and the nearby area. Our professional landscapers help to turn your dream landscape into reality with our landscape redesigning, landscape installation, and maintenance services. So, let us join your new journey along with you.

Do Tree Roots Die After Stump Grinding | Portland, OR

Stump grinding and root removal, none of them is a job that you can do on your own. Hire professional tree care services and reap the benefits. They won’t only remove the stump but also cut it into wood chips.

No need to look for the best tree trimming company in Portland, RCS Landscape, LLC is the one you should opt for. Our professional tree trimmers will help you get rid of your tree stump and roots effectively.

How To Maintain Landscape Edging | Portland, OR

Before you hire a professional, know what to look for in a landscape installation company. Conduct thorough research and only then settle down to hire a professional landscaper.

What Makes A Good Landscape Design | Portland, OR

Want to know what makes a good landscape design, then read this blog. Also, learn what are the 4 parts of the landscape that every backyard must have.

Landscape Redesign Portland | Custom Landscape Designers

Give your old & simple looking backyard a beautiful & modern look with our professional custom landscape redesign Portland. Contact us to request a free quote.

What Are The Benefits Of Pruning Trees | Portland, OR

Enjoy the benefits of pruning trees by hiring the top professional landscaper in Portland by contacting RCS Landscape, LLC. We offer all types of professional tree services to all our residential and commercial property owners.

How To Select A Landscape Design Company | Portland, OR

Know here how to select a landscape design company for your backyard. Read the blog to know tips and tricks that can help you select a perfect pro for you.

How To Prepare A Landscape Installation Plan | Portland, OR

Do you want to increase your home value with landscape designing? Then, learn here the key steps for preparing a landscape installation plan for your home.


Landscape Maintenance Portland

Landscape Maintenance Portland

It’s hard to maintain a big backyard with a full-time job and homes with kids and pets. In such cases, RCS Landscape, LLC comes to the rescue. We help such clients maintain the beauty of their backyard.

Contact us at (503) 828-7095.

Modern Landscape Contractors Portland OR

With the new trend of green living, we have seen people moving towards a healthy home environment. Therefore, the demand for professional landscaping has also increased. RCS Landscape, LLC is known for the best and most satisfactory landscaping in Portland OR.
We have changed the backyards of people from Portland, Lake Oswego, Tigard, Beaverton, Tualatin, Wilsonville, West Linn, Milwaukee, Happy Valley, Sherwood, and next will be your location. See this short video to know why you need to choose us.

Estimated Tree Trimming Cost | Lake Oswego, OR

Does your tree require immediate trimming? Don’t know how much tree trimming costs? Then, read this blog to find out the average pricing factors.

15 Beautiful Landscape Designs For Front Yards | Lake Oswego

Are you planning to renovate your front yard? Then, to choose the best design, read this blog to know the top 15 landscape designs for front yards.

Ideas About Selecting Trees For Your Lawn | Lake Oswego, OR

Selecting trees for your lawn can be a challenging task when you don’t know where to begin. In this blog, we have listed the top trees for you to choose from.

Simple Steps For Pruning A Tree By Yourself | Lake Oswego

If you are planning to trim your trees but don’t know where to begin, then this blog is for you. Learn in this blog steps for pruning a tree by yourself.


Landscape Redesign and Installation in Portland OR

Landscape Redesign and Installation in Portland OR

Start with pre-inspection of your backyard to see the terrain and know the soil type.

This helps the landscape designer and Installation in planning the landscape to meet the customer’s needs and budget.

Get the design approved by the client so that the landscape contractor can begin building the backyard.

Contact us at (503) 828-7095.

Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas For Portland Yards | OR

Portland is known as the city of roses and so the landscape beauty standard remains high there. Know here low maintenance landscaping ideas for your yards.