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Updated by The Pill on Feb 04, 2021
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10 Most Epic Health News you should not miss!

Whacky and FUN articles ready to blow your mind! Everything and every-single-thing about healthcare and YOU-related.

The Pill - Is quarter-life crisis really a thing?

In your twenties and struggling to find meaning in life? You might be going through a quarter-life crisis (it’s like a midlife crisis, except you’re only 25). But don’t worry, you’re not the only one!

The Pill - Feeling extra single on valentine's day?

People always tell us that money can’t buy us happiness — but not having money sure wouldn’t, either. Those bills ain’t gonna pay themselves! Research has identified a positive correlation between annual income and life satisfaction until a certain point, before it plateaus, then sizzles away

The Pill - Let's talk about transparency in healthcare

Doctors do not quite yet embrace patient reviews but patients are looking for them.. 93% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase. Reviews help brands and service providers understand what...

The Pill - NSFW: All about Kamasutra

Sex isn’t exactly an appropriate dinner table topic with your parents — mostly because of how it can get pretty uncomfortable...

The Pill - It's not all in your head. Zoom fatigue exists.

Picture this: you have a friend coming over in an hour. Your house is tidied and nice, and there is nothing left to prepare. You decide...

The Pill - How sperm samples can predict autism in children

Everyone wants to shed some weight and be healthier. Other than exercising, people have turned to diets to help them lose...

The Pill - Trans rights are human rights

Thankfully, being transgender isn’t considered a mental disorder anymore, but studies show that transgender individuals are more likely to develop mental health problems than cisgender people...

The Pill - A telltale sign of Covid-19

What a bland life we would live if everything we ate tasted like cardboard and had no scent. One of the most well-known symptoms of Covid-19 is the loss of our sense of smell...