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Excellent Reasons : Why Canada Could Be a Great Choice to Study?

Excellent Reasons : Why Canada Could Be a Great Choice to Study?

Getting ready for your future could be a frightening, terrifying, and thrilling period or phase of your life. There are so many alternatives & directions to opt from. To know more

How do I improve spoken English in India? - Quora

The very best way to improve spoken English in India is to develop one’s self-confidence. It's easy to read, write and listen to English, but you can't speak English if you don't have self-confidence.

How can I improve my spoken English? - Quora

Even from scratch, it is not very hard to learn a language.

Only the best for you daffodils study abroad

Daffodils Study Abroad was established with an aim to provide expert and best-suited solutions to people interested in studying in different countries: -Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA. For more information check our presentation.

10000 students have got their visas under Daffodil’s guidance.

We are happy to announce that more than 10000 students have got their visas under Daffodil's guidance. Our guidance helped many aspirants to complete their online visa application forms. We provided all the required information regarding the financial evidence required for the application process and what documents are required as part of the application. We let the student know when is the right time to apply for a visa and helped them throughout the entire process.


Daffodils Study Abroad institute is now open in various cities across INDIA. Substantial experience in the field of immigration services has enabled us to provide our expert facilities in several major cities across North India with branches in Delhi (NCR), Jalandhar, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Moga, Patiala, Delhi, Jammu, Kurukshetra, Bathinda, Ambala and many more.

Why Study In UK: Know Why Indian Students Love Studying In UK

Your home country is an ideal destination to study or pursue higher education. If you wish to broaden your horizon and gain international exposure, you must consider the UK as a study abroad destination. The excellent academic infrastructure, top-notch teaching methodology, quality research, rich history, and cultural diversity make it a great place to study in UK.

Why Taking IELTS is Important to Study and Settle Abroad?

IELTS is the English proficiency exam intended for non-native English speakers. In short, IELTS is an English language test. Candidates who wish to work, immigrate or study abroad may be required to complete the IELTS test in order to evaluate their English language skills. The test is based on the ability to listen, read, speak and write.


Excellent Guidance can help you get started on your New Zealand study experience

Excellent Guidance can help you get started on your New Zealand study experience

Study in New Zealand
New Zealand is a country where sovereignty, inventiveness, and imaginativeness are more extremely considered than standards or norms & rules. As a student in New Zealand an individual is encouraged to be cross-examined, malleable, and to find their own answers by thinking for themselves.

The perfect guide that can help you get started with your experience of study in New Zealand

Select the course you want to study - Select your course, program, and college/university/institution. There are so many high-standard educational organizations in every district in New Zealand, so you have plenty of courses to select from.

Planning of budget- You need to make a plan for your budget, you may get a scholarship that will help your studies or you may plan to work for up to 20 hours a week.

Enroll in the course - As you have selected the course now it is time to enroll for the same, you may contact your institute to know about entry pre-requisites and check out the cost.

Start applying for your visa - You need to have a student visa to study in New Zealand for more than three months. You need to check your visa eligibility and then can start the online process.

The Bottom Line
Enjoy an unconquerable lifestyle in New Zealand while studying there.

Study in Canada: Boost Your Career For Multiple Opportunities In Life

Study in Canada can be one of the greatest opportunities in life, not just professionally but personally opening new doors to the best experiences of your life.

Study In Australia: Helping Indians Make An Informed Choice In 2021

Australia has rapidly become a favorite destination in terms of education for Indian students.

What are the benefits of hiring an immigration consultant?

There are a number of benefits of hiring an immigration consultant if a person is planning to settle or study abroad. So if you are ready to go abroad then the first thing you need is to apply for a suitable visa. You can do it on your own or you may hire a consultant. A consultant is someone who will help you throughout the process of having your visa.
It is important to know the best immigration consultants around you so that you can select the best one.

The major benefits of hiring a consultant are -

It saves your time - The consultant can save your time and money in knowing a suitable visa for you. The assistance of a consultant will be with you at every step of the process.

Consultants are well informed & updated - Consultants have important information regarding all the immigration laws in other countries and also know the exact course of action regarding applications.

Consultants follow strict ethical guidelines - Consultants follow a code of Ethical conduct that follows the proper course of action. They adhere to strict ethical guidelines and specify procedures for their practice.

The Bottom Line

The hiring of an immigration consultant totally depends on an individual. If you need assistance in filing your application then it is a good idea to hire a consultant that may help you by providing valuable service. If you are looking for a consultant in Amritsar, Punjab then there are a number of immigration consultants in Amritsar.
Click here to know more:'

How to study abroad after graduation from India

If you are confused about studying abroad after graduating from India, then visit Daffodils. Here you will know the benefits and reasons why you study abroad. For more information check the infographic and follow the given steps. Good luck with your higher education and your hopes of studying abroad.


Top 5 Postgraduate Courses In Canada

Top 5 Postgraduate Courses In Canada

Listed amongst the best and most preferred study destinations, Canada assures that the students be given quality teaching at inexpensive prices. While the cost of studying is relatively less in Canada, the scholarship opportunities offered here are relatively higher. Canada offers a plethora of both graduate and postgraduate diploma programs that are recognized internationally.
A graduate and postgraduate diploma programs offered by different Canadian universities are gaining a lot of popularity among the students internationally who intend to study in Canada because of the lesser fees and duration as compared to other leading countries. PG Diploma courses in Canada can be undertaken only after completing undergrad courses thus helping in multiplying your chances of grabbing good jobs in Canada.

One-two year PG Diploma courses in Canada offers students a choice where they can combine two one-year PG courses and achieve specialization of their choice. To complete the PG Diploma courses in Canada, students should get a certain set of grades and as a part of programs, students have to work on industry projects. The fees for PG diploma courses in Canada ranges somewhere around 7 to 15 lakhs.

Here are the topmost postgraduate courses offered in Canada which Indian students flock on:

1) Business Management: Considered as a destination for most sought-after management programs, Canada is becoming a hub for management studies. MBA courses in Canada are relatively cheaper as compared to the US and UK.

2) Hospitality Management: The field of Hospitality management is one of the fastest-growing fields across the globe. Hospitality courses in Canada provide students with the necessary skills and prepare students to work confidently in a global economy.

3) Information Technology: The IT industry is fast growing in Canada in terms of innovation and design. Canada offers great opportunities for IT graduates. Students can opt for post-graduation in IT from different Canadian universities and colleges.

4) Health Science: Health science programs cover a range of healthcare subjects. Canadian universities offer a plethora of health sciences and administration programs. Health science and management programs are gaining popularity as there is a rising demand for healthcare administrators.

5) Science and Engineering: Engineering degrees offered by Canadian universities are recognized worldwide. They give a much required competitive edge to students while looking out for jobs. The procedure for accrediting any engineering program is done by two major boards in Canada one is the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board and the other is a working Board of the Engineers Canada.


Best IELTS Coaching Institute in Chandigarh for Study Abroad

Best IELTS Coaching Institute in Chandigarh for Study Abroad

In India, a lot of institutes provide IELTS coaching services, anyway, which one to join depends on your requirements. Recently, I cleared IELTS with 7 bands. I'll share my personal experiences and strategies that worked for me, this may help you with your preparation.

  1. First, research for a good IELTS institute as I did. Don't fool yourself into thinking that self-study or online courses would help you pass the test. It doesn’t happen.

  2. Take at least one-day demo class before joining any institute.

  3. Ask a few questions about their course structure and teaching methods.

  4. Make inquiries about the professors and trainers.

  5. To get individualized attention, enroll in classes with limited batch sizes.

If you search for an IELTS coaching institute that completes all these requirements then you should join and go for classroom lessons. I had joined Daffodils and it proved to be the best institute for IELTS preparations. I had a great experience with all faculty members

IELTS is not difficult to pass, all you need is the right instruction, practice, and training.

Good luck with your bright future!!!!


Things to Consider while Choosing IELTS Centre in Ludhiana

Things to Consider while Choosing IELTS Centre in Ludhiana

Once you have decided to study abroad, taking the IELTS exam is the first and most important step towards your journey. You can enroll yourself in the desired program only once you score enough in your IELTS. Not all are proficient in the English language to score enough in IELTS, so they usually go ahead to take IELTS coaching to prepare for the test.

Most candidates, even though good with the English language, prefer taking coaching to know the structure and take a mock test to help them score well when it comes to an actual exam. Whatever be the instance, here are few factors you should consider before choosing the IELTS center in Ludhiana.

1) Check for the track records

Almost all the institutes make a bundle of claims on their success rate and rank holders every year. If you want the best for you, you must cross-check these claims by approaching current students and ex-students. Ask them about the parameters they found to be good and what they felt wasn’t good. If you get a chance to speak with an ex-student who has successfully cleared the exams and traveled to their desired country, it would be very helpful. Check with the kind of support that the institute offers in terms of mock tests, practice, and exercises apart from the classroom teachings.

2) Get the Qualification details of faculties

Higher the qualification and experience of the staff, better will be the quality of teaching. When you explore the standard of an IELTS center in Ludhiana, their faculty have a great role to play. Make sure that the trainers handling the classes have relevant credentials and good experience when it comes to IELTS coaching. Remember faculties of the institute are torchbearers for your victory.

3) Study material and mock tests

Systematic study material based on a logical approach will enable the students to study easily. Smart artifacts like PPT slides or flashcards help students to learn and memorize topics easily. Mock tests and practice exercises help students to easily adapt to the actual exam environment.