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How To Reheat An Apple Pie In An Oven

An apple pie is not just for a stomach because it hits direct to your heart and you fall in love with it right there. There is no confection that is better than a warm slice of apple pie with some cream or a scoop of ice cream. If there is some leftover pie in your fridge from yesterday and you need to warm it up, we can show you the best way to heat your tangy and sweet apple pie.


The Oven – The Best Way To Reheat The Apple Pie

There is no denying that an oven is the best apparatus for reheating apple pie. It is the appliance that is originally used to bake the pie, so it makes clear sense to reheat it in the oven. It will warm the pie evenly throughout, keeping it crispy on the outside and moist inside.

One of the downsides of heating apple pie in the microwave is that it takes a little longer than that of the oven, but it would make it up in taste and texture.

The Step-By-Step Guide On Heating Apple Pie In The Oven

Here is the rundown of how to reheat apple pie in an oven:

• Get the apple pie out of the storage.

• Set the temperature of the oven for preheating at 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

• Then, put the apple pie in the pre-heated oven for around 15 to 30 minutes. Make sure to check periodically during this time until the pie is as warm as you would like it to be.

• Remember, the point of heating is to enhance the original taste not to bake it all over again. So, do not leave the pie inside long enough.

• Make sure the crust remains tender and stiff as it was in the first place. Leaving it inside for long can burn the crust.

• Get the pie out of the oven and serve it with whatever you like. It goes well with both cream and ice cream.


How To Reheat Frozen Apple Pie In The Oven?

If you had tucked in some apple pie earlier in your freezer for a special occasion, you can reheat it even if it is completely frozen. Once again, the oven is the best apparatus that you can use for your task. Just follow our guide to get excellent results.

• This time, preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit because the pie is frozen.

• Put the apple pie on a quality baking sheet.

• Then, use the aluminum foil to cover the apple pie lightly.

• Put the pie in the pre-heated oven, again, for around 15 to 30 minutes. It is at your discretion to check on the pie periodically. It is because there are some ovens that work faster than the others.

• Take it out when it is warm throughout.

• Leave it for a while to cool off a little and then serve.

Pro Tip: Using aluminum foil while reheating frozen apple pie does the trick. It keeps the crust from burning until the bottom of the pie is warm enough. The result is that you get a pie that is still moist on the inside and crispy on the outside.


Reheating Apple Pie Using Microwave

There is no doubt that the oven is the best way to heat up apple pie in a way that it remains crisp and moist. But if you are not patient enough to let the oven preheat, you can always use a microwave. There is a fair chance that the crust of your apple pie can get soggy, nonetheless, you can use it to heat your favorite pie.

So, if you are ready to give up some of the qualities for quick heating, here is how to do it:

• In the microwave put the cold apple pie.

• Heat it for 60 seconds, then get it out of the microwave and leave it to settle for 30 seconds.

• Check the temperature of the pie. If it needs to be heated, put it inside the microwave and heat for 30 seconds more.

• Serve with cream or ice cream, what keeps you going.

Pro Tip: When you give 30 seconds to the pie to rest after getting it out of the oven, it distributes the heat evenly throughout the pie so that you do not have extremely hot and cold portions of the pie.


How To Reheat A Slice Of Apple Pie?

The most important factor about reheating any food item, especially apple pie, is that you do not do it more than once. Cook the food all the way through, then store properly, and in the end, dispose it of properly.

In the case of apple pie, if you want to have a slice of frozen or stored pie, it is better to heat a slice or two, or how much you can have a moment. It will retain its original character and taste if you do not reheat the whole pie over and over again.


Thawing Pie Before Reheating

If you have tucked in some of the leftover apple pie in the freezer, there are two things that you need to keep in mind:

• Thaw the pie before putting it inside the microwave or the oven. The best way to thaw is to leave it in the fridge for a couple of hours. Otherwise, there are chances of germ contamination that could lead to food-borne illnesses.

• You can either use a microwave or oven. But keep in mind that it is on your judgment to keep track of the time and temperature of the appliance or you would burn the pie or spoil its taste or texture.



Apple pie should always be taken as warm because this is how the saying goes. You can enjoy a slice of perfectly-heated pie after it was stored for a time being inside the fridge or in the freezer. Follow the guide given in the above lines to enjoy an almost fresh pie with retained taste and texture. Only you need to be patient and operate the oven. It will leave the crust crispy while the inside of the pie will be moist and warm.

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