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Top 12 Black Girl Names With Meaning

Name is the first-ever gift a baby receives when she comes into the world, and their meaning is as much important as the name is. The name is the first thing that someone knows about you. A name tells a lot about someone, the name is the first part of your identity and that's why it should be special. so here we are presenting the top 12 most popular and trendy names of black girls with amazing meanings that you want to give to your child



Imani is one of the unique and great names that is given to two hundred fourteen million babies. The meaning of the name Imani is "faith" and it is a common name among black women. In 2018, Imani was at position number 480th in the most popular female name. This is the most beautiful name with a beautiful meaning. It is also the name of a popular doll named 'Imani'



This is another popular name for black women. This name peaked in the 1980s and over four hundred eighty-five million babies were given this name during that time. The meaning of this name is 'black wood' which is not an English word but it comes from the Greek language. As I have mentioned, it is originated from the Greek word Ebony and its meaning is 'The Hard Dark Wood Tree'



The precious is a common name but it sounds decent and it gives the person a feeling that she is important as its meaning suggests. This name emerged in the 1990s and more than one hundred fifty-seven million babies were given this name. It is also sometimes used for men. It first appeared in the one thousand most popular names for girls in the United States in 1978 and it ranked at nine hundred eighty-ninth positions. The beauty of this name lies in its meaning which is 'The great worth' or 'The Valuable'



This name is also popular as the other names. One of the reasons for this name's popularity is that this is the name of a popular American actress 'Nia Long'. It didn't exist in the United States until the 1990s but the name peaked in 2006 this name is of Welsh origin and comes from Niamh and the Swahili language where it means 'Purpose' and in the English language it means 'Bright'. In this world, there are approximately one hundred nineteen million people with this beautiful name



Can you believe that Deja name is more popular than Nia, there are almost two hundred six million women in the United State who are named with it and it peaked in 1990. It is mostly used for a girl. It takes its origin from the French and the Spanish language. And its meaning is 'Already' or 'Remembrance'. It is more common among American women although its origin is french



You must be thinking that Asia is a continent but this is a name also. Asia is the name that is most popular among black women. We can clearly understand that where this name is coming from it is another sweet name for black girls and it is coming from Asia Continent. It is coming from the Akkadian word Asu whose meaning is 'East'. You can find over three hundred sixteen million other girls that have this name. It started appearing in the 1990s. This name was not used to be popular back then but now it ranks high on the list of the most popular names for black girls.

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