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06 Essential Equipment for Scuba Diving – Exploring the Depths

While snorkelling is a great way to witness marine marvels beneath the waves, for truly in-depth exploration, nothing beats scuba diving. Apart from getting the needed training and certification, those planning to try this thrilling activity should be familiar with the equipment that is used.


Wetsuit or Drysuit

As inviting as the ocean waters may be, when scuba diving, you need to wear a special wetsuit or drysuit that will give your body adequate protection. Remember that as you go deeper underwater, temperatures can drop, and such suits will help to keep you warm. They are made from neoprene rubber which provides that extra bit of padding and can be rented out from most dive centres.


Suba Diving Mask

While there is much to witness underwater, keep in mind that the saltwater will not be conducive for eyes to function naturally without protection. That is why having a good scuba diving mask is essential as it will provide clear views of the vibrant coral and marine life; before getting into the water, make sure this mask fits firmly and comfortably and offers clear visibility.


Scuba Tank

Thanks to trusty scuba tanks, humans can enjoy exploring the ocean as they get a steady supply of oxygen. Also referred to as a diving cylinder, this somewhat bulky equipment stores compressed air and generally has a 2,000 to 3,500 psi maximum pressure rating. You are not expected to take your own tank on diving holidays and generally, a resort dive centre will have tanks to use on excursions.



To help you breathe underwater you also need a regulator. The regulator first stage works by reducing the high-pressure air in the tank into more intermediate pressure which it then releases into a hose that connects to the second stage; in this stage, the air which has an intermediate pressure is reduced to an ambient pressure enabling the diver to easily breathe. Having a good regulator is vital and resorts like Adaaran Prestige Vadoo offer such equipment for rental to be used on dives.



When it comes to manoeuvring underwater, fins are an integral component of your equipment be you scuba diving in Maldives or Madagascar! They will not only provide more control over your movements but also offer more agility and speed which you can use to explore various areas of a dive site. You get two main types of fins available namely full foot fins which can be worn barefoot and open heel fins which generally are worn with dive boots.


Depth & Submersible Pressure Gauges

A depth gauge is another important piece of equipment that you will need for your underwater adventures. This device is used to record the current depth a diver is at and the maximum depth he / she reached. Also vital to have is a submersible pressure gauge; this key equipment shows just how much air is available in your tank and should be checked regularly so you can assess when to head to the surface.

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