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Best Collaboration / Participation Blog Posts

Eight Dangers of Collaboration

Most of what is written about collaboration is positive. Even hip. Collaboration is championed enthusiastically by the Enterprise 2.0 experts, as well as leading thinkers like Don Tapscott, as the crucial approach for the 21st century. Collaboration creates once-elusive "buy-in or "empowerment," improves problem solving, increases creativity, is key to innovation at companies like Lego, Pixar, and Intuit.

The collaboration pyramid (or iceberg) ~ The Content Economy

The majority of the value-creation activities in an enterprise are hidden. They happen below the surface. What we see when we think of collaboration in the traditional sense (structured team-based collaboration) is the tip of the iceberg - teams who are coordinating their actions to achieve some goal.

Motivating People to Participate

Motivations for Participation on the Social Web

Ambient Intimacy

I find myself talking about quite a lot. I'm not the only one. The behaviours that Twitter has made more visible are tremendously interesting. I've been using a term to describe my experience of Twitter (and also and reading blog posts and ). I call it Ambient Intimacy.

Working for Praise

Social Media week9 Working for Praise last update: March 30, 2009 Trebor Scholz | LCST 2031 A | Spring 2009

Dan Erwin - Why Is Real Collaboration So Very Difficult?

Collaboration skills are very tough for people to learn. You'd think that teamwork, where people have shared values and objectives would facilitate collaboration. But no, put people from two different divisions or groups together--and it can be a really painful mess. Today's Times alluded to a terrifically cool piece of research, reported by Patricia Cohen, that explains the problem.

The Gadfly: Why Is Collaboration So Hard?

Starting a blog entry with a question is always an interesting approach. It probably implies to the reader that if they read on, there's an answer to the question. Well I have to be honest upfront.

Communication = Easy, Collaboration = Hard

Communcation is easy, collaboration is hard. Why online collaboration often fails.

Why Collaboration is so Hard

I'm in the process of writing a paper based on some findings about collaboration in wikis, from a large scale content analysis of 400+ wikis drawn from nearly 200,000 wikis. The core findings are that student collaboration only happens in about 11% of U.S., K-12 wikis, and most collaboration is simply posting individually created content on the same page rather than actually co-constructing some kind of performance of understanding.

Why Collaboration is so Difficult

Effective collaboration is to business performance what inaugural speeches are to the effectiveness of governments and presidents. Although both may promise big prizes, they are quickly overtaken by current realities, entrenched stakeholder positions and inadequate operational capabilities. For every Lincoln , there are likely to be many Carters , Bushes and Clintons .

Are We Asking Too Much of Collaboration Software?

In our last post, we talked about the busy, swirling market around social collaboration software. There are a lot of options in the market... but are we asking too much? tl;dr: Yes. We are asking too much of collaboration software. If you work in an organization of more than two people, you know the pain: [...]

Biggest Collaboration Challenge: Making It Central to Workflow

Execs Weigh in on Collaboration End users are looking to IT for tools that will help them increase productivity across what in many cases are sharply reduced work forces, but execs are expressing distrust of collaboration tools.

5 Tips: Overcome Corporate Collaboration Challenges

(click image for larger view and for slideshow) I recently received an infographic illustrating research by leadership development and training company Fierce on organizational collaboration. The research results, visualized by Rypple, didn't seem all that interesting, but there were a couple of nuggets that got me thinking about the ways in which social is changing the way we communicate.

8 Simple Tips to Encourage Student Participation During Group Discussions

Getting ESL students to participate during group discussions can be one of the most difficult things an English teacher has to do. For some students, nothing will give them the push they need to share in a group.

Opencollaboration's Blog

How to get people to participate January 23, 2010 by opencollaboration One of the questions that puzzles people creating open collaboration projects is that after you put out there that your project is participatory and relatively non-hierarchical, is that how do you get them to participate??