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Best Photoshop Tutorials

This is a list of the both easy and challenging tutorials for anyone who is looking to expand their knowledge in Photoshop

Create a Mixed Media Style Design In Photoshop

Preview of Final Results Create a Mixed Media Style Design In Photoshop Resources Step 1 Let's create a blank document similar to these dimensions. Step 2 A subtly textured background works well than a plain one. Locate the paint texture and bring it into Photoshop. Drag and drop it into the composition.

How to Create Your Own Brushes

This tutorial about how to create your own brushes and set up individual settings for it. First of all, find some appropriate image to create the brush from it. I prefer to use this one. Actually, you can use different pictures for brushes if you want.

Building a Lego Bricks Photoshop Brushes set - Photoshop Roadmap

There is plenty of software to build virtual Lego models with your Mac or PC. These applications use properly defined Lego parts data in the form of 3d objects to help you create a lego scene or instruction booklet of a Lego model.

Create a Spectacular Style Text Effect

Create a Spectacular Style Text Effect May 25th, 2008 by ART-D Posted in Adobe Photoshop, Text Effects In this tutorial we'll create a cool looking 3D Style text effect. Begin your work with creating a new file of 1280×1024 px and 72 dpi.

Jelly Fish Delight - Photoshop Tutorial

Here is an inspiring tutorial that uses different techniques to create a soft background with glowing jellyfish. It finishes with a nice composition and some useful tips you can use in your design projects. Don't miss it! First we're going to open a document with dimensions: We're first going to create the background.

Ridiculously Realistic Scorching Fire Effect!

Are you a pyro? Even if you're not, this flame effect photoshop tutorial is awesome! We take you step-by-step as you learn how to color dodge, take flame images using channels and much more. This tutorial is sure to take your Photoshop skills to the next level! Enjoy and comment!

How To Give Your Photos a Vintage Polaroid Effect

How To Give Your Photos a Vintage Polaroid Effect Follow this step by step guide to giving your photos a cool vintage Polaroid style effect in Photoshop. We'll adjust the colours of the image with adjustment layers then use Photoshop brushes to distress the photograph for an aged appearance.

Create Cool Watercolor Effects in Photoshop | Psdtuts+

Some time ago I wrote an article on my blog listing some fashion-style illustrations from really amazing designers such as Bruno Fujii, Margot Mace, Raphaël of My Dead Pony, Stina Person, and others. The coolest thing in their design work is their use of watercolor effects.

Add quick effects to your personal photos | PSD Box

Hello, my name is Andrei, I was born in 1988 and I'm a self taught graphic artist (I don't consider myself an artist though, I'll have to check for the definition of that). I write Photoshop tutorials about all the techniques I know and I also provide my brushes and also stock images and other resources.

Quick Tip: Create a Realistic Broken Glass Effect in Photoshop

In this brief tutorial I will explain how to apply a realistic broken glass effect to a background image using Photoshop brushes. After publishing our last PS brush set I received a couple of tutorial requests via email about how to create the preview image. Let's discover it together!