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Updated by The Cleeng Team on Jul 16, 2013
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Digital trends to follow

Make sure you don't miss out on these in 2013

5 digital trends to follow in 2013

5 digital trends to follow in 2013 on Content monetization curated by cleeng

Mobile Device Battles - In Photos: Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends For 2013

In 2013, mobile devices will pass PCs to be most common Web access tools. By 2015, over 80% of handsets in mature markets will be smart phones.

11 Big Tech Trends You'll See in 2013

Writing prediction pieces is a funny thing because there is really no such thing as "next year." Time is a continuum, and the calendar is a human construct designed to help us keep organized. Things that will happen "next year" are already happening now, we may simply not take note of them until the sun rises and sets dozens and dozens of times.

20 Tech Trends for 2013

(Click to view frog's 2013 Tech Trends poster) Yes, it's already that transitional time when our current year ends and another begins, and today and tomorrow are quickly changing hands.

7 digital marketing trends to watch in 2013 -

Predictions can be fascinating, but let's face it. No one I know is in possession of a working crystal ball, and digital marketing and technology move way too quickly and too erratically to do much more than keep us guessing (not that that isn't half the fun). I'm an analyst, not a psychic.

6 trends that will shape digital in 2013 -

Digital marketing has already had its share of watershed moments. 2013 is not going to be "the year of the [fill in the blank]." Instead, 2013 is going to build on the digital accomplishments of the past. Our industry is going to continue its refinement based on consumer needs -- and not a marketer's desire to make something big happen.

Joi Ito's Trends to Watch in 2013 - Think Insights - Google

Joi Ito is a people person. Although he goes by many titles - entrepreneur, visionary, adventure capitalist, tech guru, and Director of that Willy Wonka's factory of technology, the MIT Media Lab - his real genius lies in translating the science-fiction breakthroughs of tomorrow into the mainstream today.

5 tips for a successful digital video strategy - Cleeng

Every minute YouTube users add 100 hours of new video material. Many of the published movies convey great stories, but only few of them show sufficient quality. And quality, along the gripping storyline, is what people are looking for. Keep in mind, that tablet or Apple-TV users won't put up with poor quality of your video.