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5 at Home Workout Programmes – Keep Fit for Life

You don't have to do a sport (incase you don't have time with work looming over), invest in fancy workout equipment, or even join a gym to keep fit. If you have enough will power and determination, developing a home workout routine will prove to be much more effective and easier on your wallet.


High-Intensity Interval Training

HIIT, short for High-Intensity Interval Training involves short sessions of intense activity including few minutes of short rests in between. You don't need a special instructor to do this; do your own research before you start this exercise regime from internet sources such as YouTube as there's a lot of free resources available in it. With this type of training and workout, it is said that you can achieve faster results such as weight loss within a short span of time. And they are actually designed for exercising at home and you can easily adapt to a HIIT routine when you're living in one of the apartments in Sri Lanka.


Virtual Bootcamp and Training

Many people simply love the convenience and flexibility of a home workout routine. The costs will vary at various platforms and you should do thorough research before opting for a great workout resource. You will be guided along the required period and the encouraging words and coaching sessions will motivate you to keep continuing, even if you feel like giving up. Virtual Bootcamp is indeed a fun yet challenging workout session that will help you improve your stamina and get in that daily dose of cardio. You could also purchase live streaming sessions and even find out free ones as training together isn't just an option these days.


Strength and Resistance Training Exercises

A simple routine of push-ups, squats, sit-ups, lunges, and step-ups will help you stay strong, mobile, and avoid muscle injury as you grow older. Keeping active and incorporating these activities into your daily routine (considering that you're always on the go and have no time for a workout session) will also keep your metabolism active and keep you away from unnecessary weight gain as you age. Strength training and resistance training are vital for any person and they will prevent ailments and other annoying inabilities from springing up later in life.


Skipping with a Rope

Skipping rope is a fun and easy way of keeping your stamina in check – if you haven't skipped in a long time it would be tiring at first but as you work on it for a few days at your apartment at TRI-ZEN you will surely notice a difference. First, stick to 30-second sessions, gradually increasing the duration. Skip as you did as a child for a light workout and also do the alternate foot jump as you become confident with skipping. This activity not only improves your stamina and blood pressure, but it will also improve coordination, balance, and even muscle tone.



Yoga may sound complex, but try typing in 'Yoga for beginners' on YouTube's and you'll find a list of free videos that'll teach you about different poses for complete amateurs. All you need is a proper yoga mat, comfortable clothes for yoga, and a can-do attitude and you'll be well on your way to a healthy and active life.

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