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Updated by Emma Carter on Jan 26, 2021
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7 Games to make your daily commute entertaining

Commuting to work is an unavoidable reality and it could be not very pleasant with the traffic. Thanks to mobile games, they make it fun, entertaining and less miserable. Popular titles PUBG and Fortnite have given the less busy folks ability to play competitive and casual but what about the rest of us?

Tiny screens were although not made for competitive games however people are moving towards them quite fast. Fortunately for the rest of us, there are games full of fun for our daily office commutes.


Sling King

Sling King

If this doesn't entertain you, nothing else will. Sling King is inspired by Angry birds with a lot more to enjoy. The best part is the small size of the game with so many modes and features. Jack is left on an island to fetch for himself by his father, the Pirate King. The island magician girl Lucy helps him with her magic stones such as kaboom, speedy & splash to name a few. Download slingshot shooting game for Android and iOS.


Two Dots

This simple puzzle game will keep you hooked for your commute to work. The premise is simple: you just have to connect the same color dots for them to disappear & keep earning rewards. Each level gives a limited number of turns to reach a set goal. There are various difficulties such as beetles and fire. Two dots connects its leaderboards to facebook which lets you enjoy with your friends. Available on App Store and Play Store.


Rush to Crush

Rush to Crush

Action genre bike racing game hitting top charts on Play Store since its release in September 2019. Packed with Stunt Dirt Bikes, Scramblers and Harley Davidsons and much more. The objective is to complete the race while crashing your way in to fruit baskets to gain rewards. Up to 200 levels and 7 fantastic modes. Known for missile attack, sky high mode. Sounds exciting? Download bike racing games for kids and adults alike. For iOS: Bike racing games


Piano Tiles 2

Piano tiles is a sequel to the game “ Don't tap the white tile”. It's easy to play and a great time killer. The game tunes range from kid’s poems to Beethoven symphonies. The main objective of the game is to tap the black tiles in the order they are rolling in. As you move forward it becomes fast paced which is sure to test one’s reflexes. The leaderboard keeps you playing more to beat your friends. Available on iOS and Android


Turbo Drift Car Racing

Turbo Drift Car Racing

Looking for something that is more thrilling than our usual tapping the tiles and matching dots? Well this is the game for you. This game combines the great features of NFS and Asphalt 9 and offers much more than that too. Loaded with 15+ cars and 7+ tracks, it has all the elements to keep you busy and thrilled on your way to work. Download car racing game from Google Play.


Color Switch

Filled with multi colored geometric shapes, Color switch has been very famous since its launch. Its simple enough for kids to understand but can be quite challenging for adults. Players need to tap a bouncing colored ball through the shapes on the screen. With more than 25 levels in each mode, there are six levels each of them. Every 12 hours players are awarded with their daily rewards. Game center has been set up to encourage playing daily too. Game is available on Android and App Store.



This new game released on the eve of Christmas in 2020 will get you to play it. It's easy, trendy and fun. People of all ages have been enjoying it. The objective of the game is to help Santa get to children and distribute gifts among them. You have to pull the pins in the right order to complete the objective. Download Santa pin pull game and let's save Christmas