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5 Reasons to Visit Seychelles - Why Seychelles is the Perfect Holiday Destination

Tipped to be one of the world's premier beach holiday hotspots, Seychelles is a dynamic vacation destination for the masses. Here are some of the best reasons why everyone should visit this island nation at least once.


The Beaches

As the main reason why most travellers visit the country in the first place, there is no disputing the beauty of the Seychelles beaches. Home to some of the finest seaside landscapes on the planet, beaches in this island paradise is often ranked among the top beaches world by travel magazines and other publications. Top Beaches in Seychelles include Petite Anse, Beau Vallon Bay, Anse Intendance and Anse Louis which are all located on Mahé Island. Praslin Island's Anse Georgette and Anse Lazio are equally spectacular while Anse Source D'Argent, Anse Cocos and Grand Anse are La Digue's finest beaches.


The Diving Possibilities

Seychelles has also been a scuba diver's paradise for decades. Frequented by divers from around the world, the main appeal of the country's dive sites are their secluded nature. Teeming with marine creatures, the underwater landscapes of the islands are simply breathtaking, especially in terms of its coral reef heritage. Tourists will find countless local tour operators and resorts the likes of Anantara Maia Seychelles Villas offering diving packages for all ages. As one of the best things to do in Praslin Island, those who are based in this part of Seychelles can also take place in the many reef rescue missions taking place under initiatives the likes of WiseOceans.


Creole Cuisine

Those who wish to experience authentic Creole cuisine will also find no finer alternative to Seychelles. As one of the globe's most fascinating culinary schools, Creole cooking can only be encountered in a handful of vacation destinations around the world. Renowned as a hub for traditional Creole fare include local delicacies the likes of fruit bats, fried catfish and Jambalaya, there's no better location to sink one's teeth into the many seafood dishes in the Creole canon than the restaurants in Seychelles.


The Excellent Weather

The country is also a year-round holiday Mecca as regardless of the nature of the weather, the islands are as pristine and as captivating as ever. Boasting a general temperature of 30°C, it's usually warm and sunny in Seychelles although the humidity level does not reach uncomfortable levels as in most Asian beach holiday locations. Even if one is visiting the island nation during the rainy season, the likelihood of experiencing a memorable holiday is high as the rains never last long and the sun peeks out from under the clouds after every shower.


The Vibrant Festivals

Although the local culture in Seychelles remains a mystery to most of the world, the colourful festivities that take place each year are another reason to visit this dynamic beach paradise. The Creole Festival is one such event which takes place every October to celebrate the customs, cuisines and culture of the islands' heritage while the Carnival is another red-letter occasion when the residents of the country and visitors alike revel to the beat of local drums at street parties equal to Mardi Gras festivities in New Orleans.