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Updated by Joanna James on Jan 25, 2021
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5 Sweet Dishes to Try in Thailand – It’s an exciting food adventure

When you visit Thailand, it's a fact that you are then able to experience an amazing food culture. While admiring the main dishes such as Guay Teow, Tom Yum, and Khao Pad, you also get to enjoy different varieties of unique desserts when you are there. This article is all about these sweet dishes.


Mango and sticky rice

According to online information sources such as Travel Bangkok Now, Mango and sticky rice (Khao niew mamuang as per the local language) is a must-eat in Bangkok. Almost every Thai restaurant has this popular desert, and it is indeed one of the best sellers. They simply add coconut sticky rice and decadent coconut cream to the mangoes, and the result is a mouth-watering dessert that tickles your taste buds-over and over again. You may find the same dessert in Thai restaurants in other countries as well, but they won't taste as good as the ones you find in Thailand. What makes the difference is the quality of mangoes used. Some restaurants also sell the same dish, but with fresh durian in place of the mango, and that's also heavenly delicious.


Thai Pancakes

They call it 'Roti' and these roti vendors can even be found on streets in Thailand. But, the best place to enjoy roti in Thailand is the 'Roti Mataba restaurant' that has been in the business for more than 60 years, and you may also try the same when you are in Thailand. Here, you can order your roti with or without a filling. If it's just the plain roti, they call it 'tammada'. If you want a filling too, then you have choices of banana or pineapple flavours which are equally yummy.


Coconut ice cream

Yes, you have all sorts of western ice cream varieties available in Thailand, but what you'll fall in love the most with is coconut ice cream, also known as I-tim ma Phrao in the Thai language. Once you order a coconut ice cream even from a street vendor, you'll be offered a combination of ice, coconut milk, fresh fruits, sweet gelatin, and a few sweet-flavoured syrups.


Luk Chup

If you head to Or Tor Kor Market (located near the Chatuchak Weekend Market) or Baan Luk Chup Café, don't forget to order luk chup which are available in different styles and colours to attract the foodies. This amazingly sweet, bite-sized sweets were first introduced to Thailand by the Portuguese, but today, it has become one of the most popular sweet dishes among the locals too. You may see several shapes of Luk chup in Thailand, and some even look like tiny elephants and piglets.


Sweet sticky rice wrapped in banana husks

They call it Khao niew bing, and it is indeed a nice combination when taken with the morning tea. This sweet Thai food comes wrapped in banana husks, but when you are buying it from street vendors, make sure you confirm if it's Khao niew bing before you buy it. Some other Thai foods also come with the same wrapping.

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