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Updated by Joanna James on Jan 25, 2021
Headline for 5 Thai drinks you must try in Bangkok – Bangkok is not just about scrumptious food!
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5 Thai drinks you must try in Bangkok – Bangkok is not just about scrumptious food!

There are many guides out there about Thai dishes that'll please your taste buds when you are in Bangkok. But, only a few of them mention the unique Thai drinks. While you enjoy the dishes, do also enjoy its drinks and fall in love with all of them. Check this out!


Cha Yen

One of the most delicious and common Thai drinks you'll find in Bangkok is Cha Yen, which simply means Thai iced tea. When you are holidaying in a family room hotel in Bangkok the likes of Pathumwan Princess Hotel, a drink that you and your kids will fall in love with is Cha Yen, specifically because of its pleasing colour and the smell. Tourists often love the orange colour of this drink and the beautiful combination of milk and its sweetness. It's delicious, either you take it hot or cold. Yes, it's a perfect drink for everyone!



Oliang means Thai iced coffee, and it's also a popular drink when in Bangkok. The Thai version of iced coffee has a unique flavour depending on the recipe they use. Locals enjoy Oliang cold, and you may ask the brewer to add less sugar if you are concerned about your sugar levels. You'll also hear a word like 'Café Boran' and this is another separate version of Thai iced coffee. It's the ancient coffee version Bangkok enjoyed where they add more milk to Oliang and enjoyed it hot (often with porridge).


Nom Yen

If you are wondering what this Nom Yen means, that's iced milk with syrup! This is a fancy drink you find in Bangkok (often in street drink shops at very affordable rates) which is sometimes green or red. The colour depends on the syrup they use, and in addition to this syrup, they also add fresh hot milk, and finally ice. Kids and teenagers, and also those who don't like caffeine drinks often love Nom Yen and they may enjoy it with a set of steamed bread and a Kaya (coconut jam) dipping.


Thai beer

Yes, the western alcoholic drinks may drive you crazy, but never underestimate the power of local alcoholic drinks when in Thailand. Tourists love the strong change brought by Thailand's local beer brands- Singha and Chang and according to them, it's a must-try experience when you are in Thailand. In addition to the unique tastes, what you'll love about Thai beer is its price (very affordable!) and accessibility as they are available even at convenience stores.


Thai whiskey

If you ever have been a part of a full moon party in Thailand, you must have surely tasted one of the whiskey brands of Thailand. There are 2 major whiskey brands namely- Mekhong and Sangsom and, once tasted, tourists fall in immense love with these brands. They are made of 95% sugarcane and molasses and 5% of rice but named 'whiskey' instead of rum. If you are a backpacker enjoying the best of Bangkok, you simply can't miss out on this!