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Five impressive benefits of Ceylon tea – facts you didn’t know

Ceylon tea is the best tea in the world and anyone into tea would know that the taste of this particular tea coming from Sri Lanka is absolutely luxurious! Grown in the hills of the island where the climate is cool, this tea brings along health benefits with taste.


For Cardiovascular Health

Many suffer from chronic heart conditions these days and the best advice would be to have a cup or two of Ceylon tea each morning. Drink a cup of black tea in the morning and the potassium-rich drink will allow the tension in your arteries and blood vessels to ease off. The nutrients regulate blood pressure in the body which is very necessary every morning and of course, the flavonoids prevent heart diseases as well.


For an immunity boost

It is of utmost importance that you find ways to boost your immune system today with a pandemic on the rampage. One way to do so is to have a cup of tea of course. Black Ceylon tea with lemon or ginger is recommended to fight the cold and flu. With antiviral and antibacterial elements like Bioflavonoid Quercetin and Vitamin C, the body is well equipped to fight the cold and fever. Try this small remedy whenever you feel a little under the weather and see the difference for yourself.


For weight loss

Ceylon green tea helps in weight loss – this is a widely known fact and agreed upon by many who have tried it and seen results. Research states that this tea has components that break up fat in the body allowing one to lose abdominal fat faster. Elements like Catechins in the tea activate enzymes in the body that allow it to breakdown fat faster while increasing metabolism which leads to overall healthy life. Silver tea is a lesser-known yet very effective tea that is cultivated in the Uva province of Sri Lanka and aids the body with a boost of metabolism and prevents the formation of new fat cells.


For cancer prevention

Green tea is much more than just a metabolism booster, in fact, the catechins present in the drinking aid in prevention against prostate cancer. Because of the green tea has the benefit of antioxidants, drinking green tea regularly can help fight cancer and prevent the formation of brain tumours as well. Black tea can also help with cancer prevention.


For stomach health

The antioxidants in Ceylon tea allows the body to maintain gut health as well. Polyphenol present in Thearubigin maintains the smooth flow of the gut and helps with the digestive process. While all Ceylon tea aid in digestion, the best tea for discomfort in the stomach is black tea with mint. This tea soothes the stomach and gut and helps with bowel movement as well. However, if caffeine does not sit well with your stomach, you should probably avoid drinking tea to prevent more damage. If you are holidaying at a resort in Kandy the likes of Hunas Falls Hotel Kandy don't forget to try a cup of tea in the morning.

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